5 Beautiful JavaScript News Tickers

News Tickers are the unique way to display news and content from different sources on your website. The current online scenario demands that you have to be utmost serious about user engagement and using News Slider or Tickers provides you a good medium to enhance user engagement and enables you to provide them with multiple news sources at one place.

Employing JavaScript News Tickers Plugin you can surely achieve this objective in an easy way.

These Plugins are fast, efficient and easy-to-use. They are highly customizable and are capable of displaying news from multiple sources such as RSS Feed, Facebook Pages, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, and much more.

Here, I have come up with 5 Beautiful JavaScript News Tickers Plugins. These are thoroughly outstanding Plugins for displaying news from different sources using RSS Feed. So, take a look at these awesome and beautiful JavaScript News Tickers Plugins for displaying news on your website or blog.

5 Beautiful JavaScript News Tickers Plugins

1. Fancy News – jQuery Plugin

If you are looking for an outstanding news ticker for your website or blog then Fancy News is one such jQuery Plugin that you can surely go for and use on your site. Fancy News lets you to have an outstanding news ticker on your website. It comes with numerous powerful features which make it a superb news ticker.
First of all, what you would like the most about the plugin is its easy usability. It is a highly easy-to-use jQuery Plugin. Then it is thoroughly customizable and allows you to customize news slider according to your requirements. That’s not all, as you can have unlimited news with thumbnails. It supports vertical as well as horizontal scrolling. Moreover, it is responsive and touch-enabled and makes possible for you to load your own RSS Feed. It comes with many more outstanding features, as well.
JavaScript News Tickers

2. JNewsticker jQuery News Ticker

jNewsticker is another powerful jQuery News Ticker Plugin which seamlessly integrates into your website. It comes pre-loaded with three news ticker styles and three skins making it absolutely easy to create your own skins. So, if you are on the lookout for a superb News Ticker jQuery Plugin, then jNewsticker can come as a smart and sensible choice for you.
Using the plugin, you can have an absolute smashing news ticker on your website. jNewsticker has been designed with the center idea of giving you choice as far as having news ticker on your website is concerned. It provides three styles of news ticker. One is – fade between news items, another one is – continuously scroll between news items and the third one – reveals news items, one character at a time. It allows you have news items directly from RSS Feeds, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Last.fm. And that’s not all, as you can set how many news item you want to have from each source.
JavaScript News Tickers

3. Modern News Ticker

As it name implies, Modern News Ticker is a fully modern jQuery News Ticker Plugin. It has been designed to function as an easy to use, fast, flexible, and customizable plugin. It is a perfect plugin to come up with eye-catching news sliders on your website or blog. It has been empowered with numerous powerful features which make it a top class jQuery Plugin for having News Ticker on your site.
Some of its key highlights include:
Highly easy to use.
Empowered with 15 different themes.
Provides 4 different effects such as scroll, type, fade, and slide.
Comes with 4 different layouts.
Allows data to be loaded from Twitter, RSS Feed or Atom Feed.
And Much More….
JavaScript News Tickers

4. SmarTicker – jQuery Rss Feed & News Ticker Plugin

SmarTicker is a smart RSS Feed & News Ticker Plugin. It is a thoroughly easy-to-use jQuery Plugin. It provides Responsive Layout and is fully customizable. It supports Multiple RSS Feed and comes with different Animation Effects. Some of its other notable features include unlimited colors support, +6 Styles, horizontal scroll for long sentences and much more. It uses Google Feed API and updated built-in PHP RSS Reader Script to fetch RSS Feeds.
JavaScript News Tickers

5. Swift Box – jQuery News Slider and Viewer

Swift Box comes as an innovative jQuery News Slider Plugin helping you to display news from different sources on your website or blog. It displays news in an entirely unique environment which is thoroughly eye-catching for your audience. It allows you to group multiple contents and you can even sort them on the basis of date. It comes as a highly easy-to-use jQuery Slider Plugin. It is fully responsive and is capable of adapting itself to different screen sizes. It can display news from different sources including RSS Feed, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube and many other sources as well. It is fully automated, fast and efficient and allows immediate set up. You just need to have bunch of code lines to create your first box. It is also customizable providing you with more than 40 options to set it for your needs.
JavaScript News Tickers

Hope you liked these JavaScript News Tickers, please do share which plugin you liked most.

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