15 Useful jQuery Scrollbar Plugins

As a website designer, webmaster, or blogger, you need to structure your site so that it is liked by the visitors. Moreover, your sites need to be attractive and beautiful. Your focus should be on the layout of your website so that it looks perfect to the visitors.

In this context, the presentation of your website content also plays an important role.

If your website is content centric and has ample amount of content, then you must pay attention as to how the content is to be presented before the users or visitors.

If the content is presented in a nice way that makes it easy for visitors to read it, chances are that you will gain more and more visitors to your site.

So if, you have content that needs to be scrolled to be able to read then jQuery Scrollbar Plugins can come to your rescue. Here, I have presented a list of 15 Best jQuery Scrollbar Plugins which will make it easy for you to select the most appropriate Scrollbar Plugin according to your needs and requirements.

jQuery Scrollbar Plugins replace the default browser scrollbar with jQuery Scrollbar. jQuery Scrollbars are nice and attractive and perfectly easy to handle. So you can have a large amount of content fit the GUI space of your website without any problem. This makes it easy for your visitors to read the content without requiring clicking to turn the page.

You can have vertical jQuery Scrollbar as well as horizontal ones too. Even you have the choice to use a mix of both of them in your website. jQuery Scrollbar Plugins are lightweight and are highly customizable. You can adjust their size, position, color, and customize them according to your specific requirements with absolute ease.

Most of the jQuery plugins listed below are free to use. We have taken care to include such jQuery Slider Plugins which are lightweight, flexible, stylish and moreover, easy to use. Their popularity is increasing day by day as more and more designers, webmasters, and bloggers are using jQuery Slider Plugins in their website.

So have a look at the presentation of 15 USeful jQuery Scrollbar Plugins showcased below, and I am certain that you will find a jQuery Scrollbar Plugin matching your requirements.

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15 Amazing jQuery Scrollbar Plugins

1. Tiny Scrollbar

Tiny Scrollbar Plugin has been built with javascript jQuery library and can be used for scrolling content. Using Tiny Scrollbar you can enhance your website’s user interface and can present your content the way you like. It comes as a dynamic lightweight utility and can be easily built into your website. Tiny Scrollbar supports both horizontal as well as vertical scrolling.
jQuery Scrollbar Plugins

2. jQuery Custom Content Scroller

Custom Scrollbar Plugin supports vertical and horizontal scrolling as well as mouse-wheel support. It is fully customizable with CSS. It also supports scrolling buttons, nested scrollbars, auto-adjustable scrollbar length, user defined callbacks and many other features, as well.
jQuery Scrollbar Plugins

3. LionBars

LionBars comes as a free Scrollbar Plugin. It is thoroughly lightweight and transforms the default browser scrollbar to resemble like in OSX Lion.
jQuery Scrollbar Plugins

4. ShortScroll

ShortScroll comes as a jQuery UI Google Wave style scrollbar. It adds style and functionality to scrolling and is definitely provides more enriched and easy scrolling than the browser default scrollbar.
jQuery Scrollbar Plugins

5. jScrollPane

jScrollPane is another highly useful jQuery Scrollbar Plugin. Using jScrollPane you can have custom scrollbars in your website. Moreover, jScrollPane scrollbars are consistent across all types of modern browsers. You can customize the scrollbars by using simple CSS, and thy gracefully degrade where the JavaScript has been disabled.
jQuery Scrollbar Plugins

6. jQuery Scroll Follow

Scroll Follow is another simple yet useful jQuery Plugin. It works to enable a DOM object which then follows the page as the user begins to scroll.
jQuery Scrollbar Plugins

7. jQuery quickie

jQuery quickie is a jQuery plugin that supports unlimited scrolling employing the Twitter API. This is a useful technique of scrolling where instead of regular pagination; the next page is automatically loaded when the user reaches the bottom of a page. Thus, the user doesn’t require clicking in order to view the next page.
jQuery Scrollbar Plugins

8. VertiScroll

VertiScroll comes as a custom jQuery Scrollbar Plugin by roXon. VertiScroll can be used to design stylish vertical scrollbars. A major highlight of this scrollbar plugin is that you can also use it on a mobile device UI.
jQuery Scrollbar Plugins

9. jScrollbar jQuery Plugin

jScrollbar is another highly customizable jQuery Scrollbar Plugin. One of its notable features includes the capability to detect mouse wheel events. It is also skinnable using CSS.
jQuery Scrollbar Plugins

10. NiceScroll

NiceScroll is yet another very useful and handy jQuery Scrollbar Plugin that can be used for desktop, mobile and touch devices. It provides scrollbars which have very similar look as that of mobile/iOS style. It supports IFrames, DIVs, document page scrollbars and is compatible with iOS devices such as iPad, etc.
jQuery Scrollbar Plugins

11. Plugin ScrollBar

With this plugin, you are able to create a scrollbar in a desired item so that the content can be displayed larger than the visible space. By using Plugin Scrollbar, you get to see the browser’s default scrollbar. It also includes Management Scroll Wheel. It is highly configurable. You can configure its size, the button, the position of the scrollbar, and much more. You can also define multiple styles, as well.
jQuery Scrollbar Plugins

12. Scrollbar Paper

Scrollbar Paper Plugin does not actually replace the browser’s default scrollbar. However, what it does is to cover the default browser scrollbar with a custom scrollbar just like paper covers a wall. That’s why the name, Scrollbar Paper.
jQuery Scrollbar Plugins

13. jQuery slimScroll

jQuery slimScroll is a lightweight and stylish jQuery Scrollbar Plugin. Using jQuery slimScroll you can transform any DIV into a scrollable area.
jQuery Scrollbar Plugins

14. Perfect Scrollbar

Perfect Scrollbar is a simple and lightweight jQuery Scrollbar Plugin. It provides really nice and stylish scrolling effects.
jQuery Scrollbar Plugins

15. Overscroll

Overscroll is a nice, stylish and useful jQuery Scrollbar Plugin. Using Overscroll you can have the iPhone/iPad scrolling experience in a browser.
jQuery Scrollbar Plugins

I hope that you would have found the presentation of 15 Useful jQuery Scrollbar Plugins highly useful and beneficial. We look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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