Integrate Live Chat on Website with Olark

Customer satisfaction is one of the prime motives of every organization whether it’s selling a product or a service. When customers are buying a product or a service online they go through some difficulties which they are unable to solve, and the result is the seller lose his customer due to lack of communication or interactivity. There is a solution to this problem integration of live chat on your website for customer support.

Olark is chat software, which you can integrate on your website for online chat with your customers. Either you or your customer can initiate online chatting. Customers can clear their queries regarding the product or service and help in boosting the sale.

Olark made this possible by adding a couple of line code to your website, which is very light in weight and enables you to access chat client. A small bar appears on your website through which customers can clear there query about the product or a service.

Integrate Live Chat on Website with Olark

How to install Olark on your web page?

If you want to install Olark on your web page, it’s very simple task and will take just few minutes to install it on your web page. It works through a simple Javascript file.

Some simple steps that you need to follow, and you will be done:

  • Sign up for an Olark account on Olark Website.
  • You will get a code when you log in at the install page of the Olark, copy that code from there.
  • Paste this code on the script panel on the landing page of your website or CMS platform. One can add Olark on all pages of their website or CMS so that visitors can find live chat option on every page.
  • Make your own Olark Box and customize it the way you want.

How does Olark Work?

It is very easy to work on Olark. After you are done with your installation part, in the Script panel of your website landing page and making an Olark box the way you want you have followed some simple steps to make Olark work on your web page

Sign in any IM chat client as per your preference.
Link your IM account with your Olark account.
When you link your account Olark will automatically ask you to chat from a number of different names.
Re-publish the landing page of your website.
Start your conversation with your users and increasing your sale or conversion rates.

How does Olark look at your web page?

As there is full customization facility available you can make a box of your choice in the same way, there is also a choice where you need to place your box. The default and the most common place is the bottom right of your website. Visitor can easily minimize or maximize Olark chat box on the website.

When you are online you can see all the activities of your website the number of the user that are online, the duration of time they stay on your website, contact (if they initiate chatting with you), city, page views and it also have an API that help or has the ability to integrate with your website data.

Integrate Live Chat on Website with Olark

You can also initiate chat from the visitor if you want. If you have a full team that will deal with the clients, each operator can log-in from various chat clients from multiple locations at a time. There are two ways of distributing the chats among the operators are either by first response or round wise. Visitors can be easily routed or transferred to the other operator which is saved a transcript.

Moreover, these can be sent to CRM system also.

If there is no live support, available visitor can leave a query on Olark chat box. This is a very useful feature which helps to take visitors questions when no support operator is live.


The price of this easy integration of live chat on your website for customer support Olark ranges from $15 per month to $219 per month.

Bronze– Lowest Price of Olark is $15 per month in which one operator can operate at a time with CRM integration.

Gold– $44 per month in which four operators can operate at a time with CRM integration and SSL security (this is the most popular plan of Olark)

Platinum– $116 per month in which eight operators can operate at a time with CRM integration, SSL security and group chat

Ultimate– $219 per month in which fifteen operator s can operate at a time with CRM integration, SSL security, group chat and phone support.

Olark is an easy to set up and use live chat software that you can integrate on your website for customer care. Installing Olark on your website will merely takes few minutes, and you can customize your chat box as per your need and preference. With different value packs of Olark, you can change the number of operators, group chatting and phone support option. Even the operators can operate their IM account through their Smartphone, which comes for all the platform Android, iOS and Blackberry. Another quality of Olark is the easy to use interface which helps the customers by getting quick solution to their problems.

Olark also traces the IP address of the visitor who is visiting your site and operators can also initiate the chat as they can see the visitors who are currently on their websites. One more benefit for the operator who uses Gchat is that when they are not logged in or busy it will not give visitors the option to chat with you.

The only drawback with Olark is its high prices, but looking at the features and benefits it is providing it is not that expensive.

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