Why Magento For Mobile Commerce Is Best For Your Business

While considering the ongoing user behavior, it has been observed that the mobile usage is rapidly augmenting as a whopping number of users prefer their mobile devices over their desktops for accessing the Internet. The analytics have even depicted that this number will gradually increase and soon it will pass over the desktop usage. Thus, if you are looking for an effective and sustainable business solution, mobile presence offers a surefire result.

Whilst the mobile adoption rate is consistently accentuating since the last few years, the retail business has also hopped a notch higher with e-commerce. The online marketing has garnered a great popularity and is admired by both the retailers and customers. This is because, it allows owners to efficiently and effectively promote their services and products to a wide audience base, and facilitates consumers to shop at the convenience of their home.

Indubitably, Magento is an ultimate eCommerce platform that allows owners to manage their store with a great precision. However, creating a Magento store does demand expertise in the Magento development, but, once it is developed, even an individual from non-tech background will be able to conveniently handle the store. It is an open source CMS that offers great scalability, flexibility, and security. The huge community support of this platform further adds to its credibility, as it supports the Magento development and helps users to efficiently implement it.

The eCommerce market is expanding at an exponential high pace, which makes it more than imperative for retail businesses to opt an invaluable mobile presence to further augment their presence and foreseeable future. Although, the eCommerce over mobile platforms has already generated great momentum, this will only further enhance and rev up in the coming future.

With the advanced mobile technology and the speedy network availability, the mobile devices are further garnering an edge. This ultimately entices more and more customers to shop on the go. Thus, observing the facts and analytics reports, it is advisable to optimize your eCommerce business for mobile devices and ensure a sustainable and surefire future.

Why Magento For Mobile Commerce Is Best For Your Business

The aforementioned compelling reasons make the Magento for mobile commerce a viable solution. Therefore, it is advisable that every eCommerce company must consider an optimal mobile presence in order to stay ahead of its competitors.

For the folks, who are interested in further expanding their eCommerce business with a remarkable mobile presence, here are a few of the prolific guidelines and tools to accomplish the task. Let’s explore them.

1. Responsive design approach – To embrace an optimal presence over every device, the responsive design offers a great solution. It determines the attributes of the targeted device and accordingly adjusts the visual appeal of the Magento store to ensure an attractive look and feel. Moreover, search engines like Google consider the responsive designs and prefer crawling over responsive products. Therefore, responsive design helps create a mobile optimized as well as search engine optimized eCommerce solution.

2. Shopgate – This is an advanced toolkit that offers an astonishing mobile eCommerce solution. You can create an impressive mobile version of your Magento store and a native app. There are several popular e-stores (like Barcode, Order Tracking, Daily Deals and a lot more) that have created a ravishing mobile presence with this tool.

3. Mobify – Mobify is another incredible tool for creating a mobile-optimized Magento stores. It embraces responsive design and ensures an impressive visual appeal by appropriately tinkering with the presentation layer of your e-store. It will improve the UI design and help deliver a great UX.

4. Crunch – You can use this for creating a powerful mobile presence. It offers blazingly fast applications with Image Optimizer, JS Acceleration, Adaptive Theme and HTML Simplifier. It can deliver instant solutions and optimize a Magento store for numerous touchscreen devices. This tool supports Content Delivery Network (CDN) that further adds to its credibility and make it an amazing tool.

By creating a consummate mobile presence for your Magento e-store, you can efficiently leverage your business, as, it will help improve conversions and sales. However, it is also advisable to consider the other crucial aspects of an online store for mobile users as well. These aspects include the secure checkout, fraudulent detection and more. The security of the user’s sensitive information that is used while making an online payment is the paramount, thus it must be dealt with utmost precision.

About the author: Lucie Kruger is an application developer working with Mobiers ltd, which is the leading Android application development company. She provides concrete information on latest technologies like iOS, Android mobile apps development.

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