Mega Slider a Responsive Slider Module for Drupal

As a webmaster, the first thing that you want to do is to attract and hold the attention of your website visitors. Well, for this you can do a whole lot of things but primarily you can have a slideshow for your site. Nowadays slideshow has formed an integral part of any website. The main reason for this being that they can attract and hold the attention of your website visitors.

Slideshow attracts the attention instantaneously when you visit a website. You just can’t take your eyes off it. It is large, and its cool transition effects simply hold you onto the website. You simply can’t ignore a slideshow, and that’s the main reason that webmasters are overwhelmingly using it in their website.

Hereunder I showcase one such powerful Drupal slider module named Mega Slider. I have chosen Mega Slider because of its high usage, active development and support for Drupal 7. It is easily one of the most-popular slider modules in Drupal. It is highly customizable and can run slideshow of any content. Most importantly, Mega Slider is a premium slideshow module in Drupal that is it is not available for free. However, seeing its features and capability, Mega Slider is worth every penny.

With this slider, you can define every element to pop in and pop out and can give as much as 20+ effects. Mega Slider comes as a responsive slider module and has been empowered with touch-swipe navigation. Mega Slider enables you to add text, image or video to your slider. Its admin panel is highly easy to use and enables you to make slides simply by selecting, dragging, and dropping.

All-in-all, Mega Slider is a powerful, advanced, and feature rich slider module in Drupal.

Mega Slider a Responsive Slider Module for Drupal

Let’s have a look at the features of MegaSlider slider module for Drupal:

  • Touch navigation for both mobile and desktop
  • You get responsive slides
  • YouTube and Vimeo Videos can be added in slide
  • SEO optimized
  • Preloads Images
  • Custom Effects for each object
  • Compatible across browsers such as IE8, Opera, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome
  • Works with Drupal 7
  • Easy to use Admin Area
  • Set Custom effects via timeline manager
  • Option to create styles
  • Font can be added through Google Webfont
  • Duplicate Object and Slide Function

Download Mega Slider Module for Drupal

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