6 Benefits of Favoring A Mobile Friendly Responsive Drupal Website

As per the latest statistics, the graph of the internet users across the world has risen up to the mark of 84%, consisting 2.3 billion Smartphone users. No doubt, there must be a closer association of the multiplying web users with the changing trends of the digital marketing.

“Mobile commerce” is the new pulse of the global E-commerce market. With the increasing demand of internet-enabled devices all over the world, there has been a boom in the number of e-customers across various commercial platforms.

The increasing popularity of internet usage and the quest for brand establishment among the business owners, entrepreneurs, and advertisers have led to the introduction of device-agnostic websites i.e. responsive websites. Such websites have significantly turned up as the most appropriate solution to cater the commercial needs of ever increasing population of the Smartphone users.

Since the world around you is getting mobile, so the trick for every newbie or an established business owner to be adaptable to this change is to add responsive functionality to their websites. Afterward, they will be uniformly catering the vast audiences connected through some mobile devices.

Responsive Drupal Website

Benefits of Responsive Drupal Website

1. Cost-effective: Responsive websites save your money! Yes. It is true. As a matter of fact, it is known that creating a single website compatible to all the devices is a better and affordable option as compared to opting for multiple websites specific for different devices and features. This ultimately reduces the time which is required for the maintenance of these websites later on.

2. Enhanced SEO: Search-engine friendly experience! The responsive websites are easily recognized and hence, ranked high by the Google and other search engines in SERP.

3. Expands your clientele: Turn your visitors into prospective clients! With a responsive website, which is compatible to almost all the devices, you can engage a wide range of customers connected through varied screens. For a business owner, every customer is priceless and hence, with the help of responsive websites, these businessmen can easily turn their visitors into long-term buyers.

4. Drive in more traffic to the website: Attract more users to the website! The responsive websites encourage to drive in more desired traffic to the websites, thus generating more revenues. All this is easy to do with responsive websites as such web sites have single URL common for all devices.

5. Attractive themes & layouts: The visibility is equally important along with the performance. The responsive web designs are highly attractive and eye-catching capable of attracting the visitors in one go by providing them the best user-experience. The themes and layouts are perfectly designed and customized to fit in the multiple screens.

6. Boosts the ROI: Nowadays, more number of people are getting engaged with the internet-enabled devices for their commercial needs such as shopping. Hence, these responsive websites efficiently function for all the mobile-shoppers to make sure that the visitors of your website are now turning into long-term buyers. This will generate more revenues for the business and hence, will boost the ROI.

Now comes the question, as to why choose Drupal for developing responsive website!!

Drupal is a leading and most preferred content management system among the top 220+ CMS for web development. It is widely chosen among the top web development platforms for its flexibility and extensive functionalities. This powerful open source CMS allows the developers to build robust and highly secured websites for various purposes. From educational institutions to government organization, all of them use websites based on this open source platform which simplifies the management of the website. The intuitive framework of this CMS allows the expert developers to implement multiple functions ranging from customization to migration within the website. Drupal is a highly flexible platform which is accessible on different browsers and that is why almost all the private and non-private organizations prefer Drupal powered websites.

A wide range of businesses across the globe are opting for the websites designed through Drupal as these websites are capable of performing the multiple functions assorted with enhanced features and performance. Also, to meet the demand of the exclusivity in the marketplace, you need to adorn a business website which assures a long-run in the market with some unique facets.

Whom to Approach for getting the Responsive Websites!!

This obvious question has the simplest answer i.e. an expert Drupal developer.

Or you can also opt for a web development company that provides world-class Drupal services to the clients. Such a firm renders outstanding web development services practicing perfect methodologies to augment the brand credibility.

These expert developers are well-versed with the advanced web development methods and technologies. This helps them to carve a stellar niche for their clients’ business in the digital market. No matter if you own a small community business or an established e-commerce store, your strive to create the brand credibility can be fulfilled with the help of these skilled developers. You can begin with the revamping process of your website by including perfectly designed themes, layouts, shopping carts, and so on.
You can uniformly serve the iPhone, android, Blackberry and other Smartphone users with responsive Drupal websites.

Author Bio: Clyde Ray is a skilled web developer & blogger at PSDtoDrupalDeveloper, which provides world-class Drupal web development services. He is passionate about writing & sharing blogs that help in resolving various issues.

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