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Although there are quite a few Content Management Systems that you can choose to manage your website; however as a webmaster you really need a CMS that gives you control for managing your website.

You need a CMS that is flexible and scalable and has the ability to help you as your business grows with time.

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal are well known names in the sphere of CMSs.

Here I discuss an equally great CMS that can revolutionize your website management and that is none other than Modx Content Management System.

I safely presume that you must have heard of Modx Content Management System. Now is the time to explore and learn in depth of this powerful, amazing, and advanced Content Management Platform.

There are bulks of praises in store for Modx simply because it is truly an amazing CMS that you can use to manage your website.

My punch line for Modx – The most freeing and flexible Content Management System.

Modx removes the limitations and frustrations that you witness in other CMSs and gives the power, flexibility, freedom, and control to you so that you can create, and delivers content (that converts) to your target audience exactly the way you want and without any kind of limitations. This is one of the biggest highlight of Modx that is enough to thrill and excite you as far as choosing the right kind of CMS is concerned.

You will simply love the creative freedom that Modx delivers in your hand. Moreover, Modx supports you in building your brand in front of your target audience.

Modx CMS

Its creative freedom doesn’t end up with site owners and webmasters as Modx has been designed to meet the expectations of developers as well as designers.

Using Modx, developers and designers can safely turn their projects over to their clients. It provides the opportunity to developers to keep their custom code safely separated from content and presentation. That’s not all as designers can mark-up their trend smashing mock-ups in Modx, in no time whatsoever.

With Modx, you get a superb web development and hosting platform that’s simply incomparable. It provides you with a perfect platform to manage, develop, deploy and upgrade sites with absolute ease. Its Modx Cloud helps you to do all this with absolute ease. For example, you can take a snapshot of an existing site, make necessary changes, test and push back to production without any difficulty and time lag.

Modx has build its name in the world of CMSs. Today there are hundreds of thousands of people who trust and use Modx as their preferred Content Management Platform.

Modx is suitable for small-scale as well as large-scale websites. You can manage sites ranging from hobby websites to multi-lingual corporate extranets using Modx CMS.

It helps to release your creativity. It mixes perfectly with latest web technologies and gives the power to you for creating everything you want for your website. It’s awesome because it allows you 100% freedom over your code. It provides all the flexibility you want for moving your site over to Modx.

Modx Content Managment System,

Modx facilitates webmasters and developers to create a website which is designed according to their specific needs. Using the Modx editor users can input their own coding and content so that they can have a website that has been tailored according to their specific needs. Its Control Panel allows you to adjust and create settings for HTML files such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and more.

Once Modx is downloaded, its installation process is super easy. The installation process demands minimum effort from user’s part.
For example; you have to ensure that the database has been created using phpMyAdmin and have to set up a username and password.

Talking of the user interface, it is highly interactive and user friendly. However, this can turn out to be a subjective statement if you are using Modx for the first time or haven’t tried your hand at any of the CMSs before. Having said that, once you start using Modx, you would surely find its user interface well structured and user friendly. Modx user interface showcases descriptive drop down menus together with plenty of right-click menus. You will simply love to use plenty of its menu options.

As far as developer options are concerned, you get to have plenty of them in Modx right from the ability to create redistributable add-ons to smart error tracking with Core Logging. Modx provides various error levels and output targets including FILE, HTML, and ECHO. You can also create audit logs, error logs, or other logging needs.

Modx is highly customizable which is a good thing is for developers. In fact, it provides lots of customizing and tweaking options which makes it highly adaptable for a wide range of websites, including blogs. Users who desire great customization abilities and security options will surely prefer Modx over other CMSs.

Modx comes as a web based CMS. So if you have a browser and internet connection, you can use the system to create your own website. Moreover, Modx interface is accessible by all mobile devices through a web browser. As far as its pricing is concerned, let me tell you that this website management and editor system is absolutely free to use.


With the above overview, you get a detailed look into the features and capabilities of Modx as a Content Management System. Modx provides lots of tools which help you to come out with a flawless website design. It has been empowered with every such feature which truly makes it a great CMS. Moreover, Modx is really amazing for developers and users who have some sort of experience working with content management systems. All-in-all, Modx is a great CMS for developers. However, a new user can also make full use of it. He just needs to spend few hours learning its environment, before he is ready to use this awesome editor, Modx.

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  1. Modx seems to be fabulous editor, but its very difficult to make clients to learn the environment of these CMS’s. Client’s which are mainly new users and inexperienced in using these platforms feel more comfortable with WordPress and other simpler CMS.

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