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The concept of selling ads on the website was designed for earning money. Previously you need to contact a mediator to sell your add, and they shared your earnings up to 40%. But now there is no need of giving your money to others. There are many ad manager plugins available now to sell the ad space on your websites. They too offer good functionality, but some of them are premium software, which is really, the best and offers functionality which no other plug-in offers and one of them is OIOpublisher.

OIOpublisher is an ad manager software, written in PHP that lets you control the ad space on your websites. It also offers a marketplace to help you engage with advertisers. With OIOpublisher people can truly control their advertising for themselves. You can, not only sell paid reviews and text links, but banner ads, custom products and so much more using OIOpublisher. Now there is no need of any networking site or rather mediator to sell your ads or to manage them.

oiopublisher ad manager
There are many benefits of having OIOpublisher to manage your website. OIOpublisher can be easily installed using the web installer. OIOpublisher also comes as WordPress Plugin. OIOpublisher can also work as standalone platform. It does not require any sort of manual file uploading, and it enables the selling of all forms of banner ads, text ads, and paid reviews. It is entirely automated. For example, operations like ad purchases, expirations, etc are entirely automated. It also tracks impressions and clicks and sends emails of ad reports to advertisers.

For bloggers who run a blog on WordPress platform, you will also get this software with WordPress plugin, which is very easy to setup and use. You can sell ads in your sidebar or any other place on your blog. OIOpublisher is fully automated software; it can create an advertiser account, accept payments and also pause ads once they have reached their target or time.

You can also show your own default ads until slots are purchased. Moreover, OIOpublisher ad manager can be used on any number of sites (provided you own them) and get an opportunity to earn commission of 50% on all sales of OIOpublisher, through their affiliate programs.

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