15 Best Online Help Desk Software

Customer care is most important part of any business. If you don’t care for you customer problems, you can’t survive. Solving customer’s problem as soon as possible will build a good relationship with you customer.

Here, we go on to showcase 15 Best Online Help Desk Software which you can integrate with your website and run a help desk system.

With prompt and adequate customer care, you can increase the level of trust of your customers. It eventually leads to customer satisfaction and customer retention. Quality Customer Service helps to establish your business.

Help Desk software is the best way to solve your customer’s problem. Online help desk software are mostly employed for customer service and support in the e-business scenario.

To solve your website visitors or buyers problem you need to integrate help-desk software on your website. With the help of support system visitors can ask questions directly from your website.
Support manager can reply to visitors query with live chatting or thru support ticket.

From back-end, you can reply to your customers or visitors query and solve their problems. To add a help desk system to your website you need good help desk software.

Here, we showcase 15 Best Online Help Desk Software (Some company offers downloadable help desk software) that will greatly help you to serve your customers in an effective and efficient way. Some of them are available for free while others come as premium Help Desk Software solutions.

With online help desk software, your customer can ask, or request any information from anywhere. They can have a live chat with customer care department or send messages while they are offline.

With Online Help Desk software, customer care can solve their problem, instantly or by replying customer messages. Online Helpdesk software is easy to use and much cheaper way to solve your customer problems.

So, let’s explore these Online Help Desk Software. I am pretty convinced that you will get a suitable Online Help Desk Software according to your requirements.

15 Top Online Help Desk Software

1. Kayako

Kayako is amazing help desk software which comes with great features what a help desk system needs. Kayako comes with three systems Kayako Resolve for ticket and email management, Kayako Engage for live chat and Kayako Fusion which offers Kayako Resolve and Kayako Engage.
Help Desk Software

2. Smarter Track

Smarter Track is another very powerful help desk and customer service software solution. It assists in different aspects of customer support, which includes tasks, such as reporting, tracking and managing. Smarter track brings together multi-channel support in the form of Live Chat, tickets and knowledge base and many other features, as well.
Help Desk Software

3. Hesk

Hesk is a PHP based help desk software from SysAid Technologies. It comes in free as well as paid versions. Improve your online customer support services by using Hesk help desk software. You can categorize and resolve customer issues by level of their urgency and even by department. Moreover, Hesk is extremely easy to use, secure, fast, lightweight and user friendly too.
Help Desk Software

4. LiveZilla

LiveZilla is an advance and powerful live chat help desk software which enables you to do live chatting with your website visitors. It provides real time visitor monitoring. Easy to set-up, LiveZilla is highly customizable to suit your unique set of requirements. It supports unlimited operators together with operator to operator chats. It enables file transfer furnishes detailed reports and statistics too. With LiveZilla, you can be sure of giving superior service and support to your customers and website visitors alike.
Help Desk Software

5. Live Help Messenger

Live Help Messenger is a powerful and useful customer service software solution. It can be instantly installed on to your website and enables you to chat with your potential customers or website visitors. You can also view whom all are browsing your website and can also invite them to chat.
Using Live Help Messenger helps you to build up your sales and increases your customer satisfaction. It can be used for Windows as well as Linux servers. It is compact, simple to use and offers many advantages. With Live Help Messenger, you can easily engage and help your visitors before they leave your site.
Help Desk Software

6. PHP Live

PHP Live is help desk software which offers live support to customers. With PHP Live you can give easy live support right from your website and visitors or customers can ask there query live. PHP Live comes as downloadable and on demand (Hosted) version. You can buy PHP Live by paying onetime fee or pay monthly (you don’t need to setup PHP Live on your server).
Help Desk Software

7. LiveAgent

LiveAgent is a multi-channel help desk system. It is an all-in-one online customer support and service solution. You can render all kinds of customer support such as live chat, answer to voice calls, Facebook support and Twitter feedback, email replies, tickets, and forum posts. You can do all this through LiveAgent multi-channel integrated environment.
Help Desk Software

8. PHP Live Helper

Provide real-time customer support and visitor communication directly on your site. With PHP Live Helper you can provide human interaction to visitors allowing you to close a sale , provide customer support or simply answer a question they may have. With no need for extra software, you can provide this from any computer, anywhere.
Help Desk Software

9. Support Trio

Powerful help desk software that organizes and balances your emails and ticket requests. Users can email any number of email addresses or submit their tickets from the web based help desk software interface.
Help Desk Software

10. h2desk

h2desk help desk software is one of the best online customer service solutions. You can use predefined replies to quickly answer support tickets and provides a well developed web based customer support system. H2desk is powerful yet easy to use and interactive help desk solution. Using h2desk you can manage customer problems in threaded form and lets you post replies to customers right from your email itself.
Help Desk Software

11. osTicket

osTicket is one of the most popular and trusted online help desk software. It’s an open source and completely free online help desk software. It routes customers’ inquiries into a simple, web-based customer support platform. It is easy to install, easy to configure, and easy to use. osTicket is simply brilliant!

12. Desk

Desk enables you to provide superior customer service and support to your online visitors and customers. It provides everything you need to offer fast and helpful customer service. Desk offers intelligent tools with which you can close cases in record time. It enables you to bring all your support channels in one place so that you can deliver fast customer service. Desk is available for 14 days free trial.

13. Zoho

If your focus is on creating customer happiness, then you cannot just afford to miss out Zoho Online Help Desk Software. It enables you to handle customer interactions from multiple channels such as phone, chat, email, social media & more. It automates frequent activities so that your support team stays productive. Altogether, Zoho is a great support tool. It offers a free plan.

14. FreshDesk

FreshDesk is a powerful Online Help Desk Software. It is available in free as well as paid versions. It helps to streamline customer support service. It is secured, fast and easy to use. It makes sure that you can resolve customer issues with powerful ticketing. It enables you to categorize, prioritize and assign tickets. It is also easy to set up. It’s shared inbox feature enables your support team to collaborate and resolve issues easily.

15. Zendesk

If you are looking to offer superior customer service to your online customers, then Zendesk Online Help Desk Software can be a good choice. It offers a 30-day risk-free trial. Zendesk helps to streamline customer support functions with its superior tools such as triggers and automation. It helps to build better relationships with your customers. Zendesk is a combination of simplicity and power. It offers incredible features which make customer support a pleasure for your support agents.

We hope that the above presentation on 15 Best Online Help Desk Software proves immensely useful to you. It will surely assist you in selecting the most suitable online help desk software according to your needs. Do share your comments with us.

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  1. Each help desk software has unique features more or less. But every business people needs aren’t same. I’m using Apptivo, they provide help desk solution. It fulfil my needs so completely converted to it.

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