10 Best PHP Chat Scripts Integrate Chat on Your Website

PHP Scripts are a welcome addition to your WordPress, Joomla, or HTML Websites. Using PHP Scripts, you can enhance the overall functionalities of your website.

Nowadays, Chatting System has become invariably important for your websites. It is such a feature that enhances customer interaction and gives an opportunity for better serving your customers.

Although online chatting is a feature adopted by social media sites, it is also equally important for e-commerce sites, as well.

For example, suppose, you are selling a software product online through your website.

Your visitors have some queries for you and want to get it clarified. Well, they can send you an email, but it is not instant. Your visitor can lose interest in your product and can look for some other website instead.

Well, with Chatting System installed on your website, you can establish an instant communication with your visitors and solve all their queries quickly. Your visitors can send you a question, problem or ask for a solution. As you are connected with a chatting system, you can send them answers immediately and instantly.

This is customer service par excellence which will help you to enhance your brand reputation.

Your clients will remember you for the instant, thorough and comprehensive support.

With PHP Chat Scripts, you can build a powerful and easy to use Chatting System for your websites).

You can install the PHP Chat Script on your web server and can administer them for running a live Chat Room on your website.

Here, we have showcased 10 Best PHP Chat Scripts that can help you to establish a Chatting System for your website. Some of these PHP Chatting Scripts are Free while the rest of them comes at a cost. These PHP Chat Software/Scripts are loaded with features which make it a child’s play to run and manage a (live) chatting system on your WordPress, Joomla, or HTML website.

You do not require any programming skills to run or manage these PHP Chatting Scripts. Just install them on your web server and login to the admin panel to chat with your clients or users.

So have a look at the 10 Best PHP Chat Software/Scripts and I pretty hopeful that you will find an appropriate PHP Chat Scripts for your Website.

10 Best PHP Chat Scripts

1. Facebook Live Chat for PHP

Facebook Live Chat is a PHP script which allows you to add Facebook live chat box on your website, your website visitors can chat live with you via Facebook Message. Facebook Live Chat is an easy way to support your customers.
Chat With your Customers Anytime
Unlimited History Chat
Unlimited Bandwith
Multiple Chat at same time
No setup Require
Easy to Use
Unlimited Colors

PHP Chat Script Facebook Live Chat

2. Video Chat

With Video Chat PHP based web application, you can easily build face-to-face video chat room. Video Chat has been developed using PHP, MySQL, jQuery with OpenTok API. Moreover, this web-based chat application helps you to send text messages during video conferences. Video Chat also enables you to share links as well as emails with your chatting client, customer or partner.
Main features of Video Chat
Face-to-Face Video Room
Responsive Layout
Notification System
Live Chat in Video Room
Choose between Flash and WebRTC Technologies

Best PHP Chat Scripts Video Chat

3. VisitorChat

VisitorChat is an enhanced and feature-rich PHP online chatting script for your websites. Its simple and clear web based administration enables you to have easy communication with your website visitors. Moreover, VisitorChat has Windows based Client, so you do not need to login to the VisitorChat’s admin interface to know the notifications or chat with your customers. You get notified directly from your Windows Tray and can chat straight away.
Salient Features of VisitorChat
Include on any Website – WordPress, Joomla, or plain HTML
Multiple Color Schemes
Unlimited Operators
Chat with Multiple Visitors
Windows Client Included
View and Manage Enquiries

PHP Chat Scripts VisitorChat

4. Easy Chat

Easy Chat is a simple yet powerful PHP based chat system. You do not require making any configuration effort. It even does not require any Database. It provides a chat system which will surely keep your website visitors happy with the live support. Moreover, Easy Chat is compatible with all PHP based websites such as WordPress, Joomla, and more.
Features Included in Easy Chat:
Incredibly Fast
You can easily chat with your website visitors from your computer or even with your Smartphone.
Compatible with all major browsers and Smartphones
‘Live Chat Online’ button appears automatically on your websites as soon as you access the Admin Section and disappears automatically upon closing of the browser window
‘Kill’ Chats if required
Free Updates and Much More …

PHP Chat Script Easy Chat

5. Square Live Chat

Square Live Chat is an excellent PHP chat system for your websites. It can use as a Group Chat Box, Live Support System, as well as for any other purpose. It comes with support for many custom themes. It even supports multiple languages, as well.
Features of Square Live Chat:
Works with all the on browsers
User System Integration
Track users by cookie or IP
Online Users List
Enables Group Chat
Live Support

Square Live Chat - PHP Chat Script

6. readyChat

readyChat is the latest PHP based chat system from DesignSkate. It is highly optimized, smooth, and enjoyable for administrators as well as for the users.
Easy to use Administration Panel
Powerful Moderation Features included such as you can warn, kick and ban users.
Lots of documentation available
Facility to add multiple rooms on your chat room
Automatically Kick inactive users
Add Flash Games to your Chat Rooms
Users can create a profile or disable profile entirely
“Getting Started” Guide Included
Free Future Updates
And Much More …

PHP Chat Script readyChat

7. 123 Flash Chat

123 Flash Chat is a powerful and yet easy-to-use PHP based Chat System. It enables you to add a chat room to any of your website that supports PHP.
Users Integrated
Avatar Integrated
Profile Integrated
Single Sign On
Multiple Skins available to fit in your PHP website
You can customize size as well as Interface Language so as to match your website
Hand Raising Feature is enabled
Video Conference
Professional Support
Chat Room List can be displayed. You can also display online users, chat user names, etc.
And Much More …

PHP Chat Script 123 Flash Chat

8. NedChat

NedChat is a free and lightweight server side Chat Script. It is quick and easy to implement in your website. Moreover, NedChat doesn’t require any database to run and can be used on any CMS system. It also provides a “ready to use” version for Dating sites based on osDate.

PHP Chat Script NedChat

9. WSN InstaChat

WSN InstaChat is an experimental new kind of chat where you can watch others typing rich text in real time. Installation is as easy as copying the files to your web server. You just require to Extract to your desktop, upload the contents to your web server and then visit in your web browser. If your server runs apache as a different user then your FTP user then you’ll also need to CHMOD the chatters subdirectory to 777.

PHP Chat Script WSN InstaChat

10. PHP Live Chat (PHP, WP, Joomla, Drupal)

Works with any website – static, PHP, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop (any website with PHP & MySQL back-end)!

Multiple operators and guests chatting
High-quality set of avatar images
Chat box with high-quality emoticons set
Operators know which page the guest is currently visiting!
Sound notifications (10 predefined sounds to choose from)
Conversations history with filtering
Unlimited usage — no monthly fees

PHP Chat Script PHP Live Chat

Hope you liked this list of 10 Best PHP Chat Scripts. Please do share your valuable opinion.

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