10 Premium Real Estate Classifieds Scripts

To start any web business, you need a good website, which has all features you will need to run your business. If you are looking to start Real estate classifieds business, you need good Real Estate Classifieds Scripts.

Now days more and more business are done thru the help of Internet and online real estate business is also increasing. Real estate classified websites are getting very good response these days, and it can be a great business opportunity.

To start real estate classified website you need good software, which can fulfill your entire requirement. Here are 10 Premium Real Estate Classifieds Scripts, which can help you start your online real estate classified website in a day. All these scripts are paid, and you will get full support from their respective providers.

10 Best Premium Real Estate Classifieds Scripts

1. REstate – php Real Estate Script
REstate is easy to install, easy to use, provides lots of features and option details. REstate displays your listings featuring pictures, prices, availability, advanced searches and many, many more all being managed by you from the Admin Area via your web browser.


2. EasyEstateManag
EasyEstateManager provides you with all features you need to setup your own reality business website on your own domain name.


3. PG Real Estate
Highly customizable, PG Real Estate Solution can be easily set to satisfy your demands. Choose the look of your site from numerous design templates or we can create a customized look for you.

pg real estate

4. phpMyRealty
With phpMyRealty, you can easily and quickly set up and manage an extensively customizable and fully featured website for running a successful real estate online business. Moreover, you can have any language, any location as well as any currency for your phpMyRealty powered real estate website.


5. MYRE Real Estate
MYRE Real Estate Software provides a complete realty listing management solution. It is easily customized to reflect your creativity whether you are starting from scratch or integrating it into an existing web site.


6. Flynax Realty Classifieds Software
Using Flynax Real Estate Classifieds Scripts you can set up and manage fully featured properties selling website over the Internet. It is an all-in-one solution for running a real estate business online. Flynax Realty Classifieds Script can be used by self employed realtors, real estate agencies and even by any person who wishes to have a profit making real estate business over the internet. It supports multiple level of categories, comes with varied template designs and plugins, booking system, maps, as well as various localized versions.

Real Estate Classifieds Scripts

7. Worksforweb iRealty Real Estate Script
iRealty Classified Script is perhaps one of the best Real Estate Classifieds Scripts. iRealty brings a SEO-friendly and comprehensive solution for building a powerful and easy to use real estate website. Ideal for selling land, residential or commercial properties, iRealty comes with beautiful themes and designs and provides template integration and custom coding, as well.

Real Estate Classifieds Scripts

8. Zincksoft PHP Property Script
Zincksoft Property Script is another popular Real Estate Classifieds Scripts. It comes bundled with many great features such as SEO friendly, enhanced layout, CMS for Home Page, database management, image watermarking, supports Google Map, comes with Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter integration and lots of other useful features, as well.

Real Estate Classifieds Scripts

9. phpSQLRealty Real Estate Script
phpSQLRealty is easy to manage, SEO friendly Real Estate Classifieds Script. It supports listings for rental and as well as for sale of properties. phpSQLRealty provides easily manageable custom fields and can be used by an agent, company, and even by FSBO for setting up and running classifieds websites.

Real Estate Classifieds Scripts

10. Subrion Real Estate Classifieds Script
Subrion Real Estate Classifieds Scripts provides an all-in-one solution for setting up and managing a powerful and user friendly real estate classified website. You can keep the default configurations or can even customize its functionalities and features to suit your specific requirements. Subrion Real Estate Classifieds Scripts can be used by agents, companies and even by FSBO.

Real Estate Classifieds Scripts

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  1. I am sure phpSQLRealty.com script must be in this list, very good script and excellent support.

  2. You might be amazed by Subrion real estate classified script. Not a new player on the market, but they released a new version few days ago and it goes far ahead the competitors. I used it for two websites and their solution is the best now though their pricing policy is even better 🙂 Check it yourself!

  3. This all are the nice scripts to run your real estate classified business or website and this need of all real estate agent for getting maximum benefits from real estate business. For me I will choose MYRE Real Estate scripts for my website.

  4. I’m using Open Real Estate CMS right now,
    Be sure it’s simple and powerful at the same time.
    I recomment it to everyone.

  5. You advertise easyrealestatescript and qualify as a good script, I buy the script for his good advice and that that company is fraudulent swindler. Please you must be sure the companies you advertise.
    This script is really bad, do not support, and do not want to return the money.

    1. EasyRealEstateScript do not reply to your questions. I tried to find out where they are located, they always do not answer this question. I even asked them to talk to the manager, they did not give me the name nor the phone number nor the location (Country, city, etc..) Hiding their identity is a HUGE RED FLAG.

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