10 Best School Management Software

School Management Software offers the opportunity to utilize the unprecedented power of technology and also allows you to cut down on the overall expenditures.

So, if you are on the look-out for the best ones, here’s a post that’s rightly meant for you.

Here, we list out the 10 Best School Management Software. We have chosen the best online school management software for you. We have listed out free school management software, as well.

The options that feature in this list of best school management software come studded with all the standard capabilities that you would surely look up to in a school management software.

For example, you get attendance tracking, class timetable creation, as well as a host of other modules that are just so critical for best school management. It enables you to carry out the administration of school smoothly. So, you never need to mess with tedious and time-consuming paperwork.

The school management software offers every module so that you can carry out and manage your school activities and administrative functions in the best possible way. Plus, it helps staff and teachers to coordinate with each other easily.

Further up, the school management software allows different departments and functions to be integrated into one system thereby enabling all the relevant data to be available in one place.

Moreover, these online school management software is all easy to use without sacrificing any of the functionality.

Here’s a short but eye-opening snapshot of benefits that you can derive by using School Management Software:

  • Total transparency in school functions and operations
  • You can capitalize on real-time and up to date information by using school management software
  • Smoothen out your school academic process & administration
  • You get a centralized system where you can have all the reporting concerned with the management of your school
  • Helps parents to be updated on their ward’s progress at school
  • Bulk SMS Software has been integrated for sending specific SMS Alerts
  • Highly secured with three levels – application level, user level, and program level
  • Multiple Campus Management
  • Flexible pricing
  • Almost nil training required
  • Error-free
  • Quality proved

So, you can see that’s there is a huge advantage of using School Management Software.

Let’s check out the best school management software that we have compiled especially for you:

10 Top School Management Software


1. Ekattor School Management Software

Ekattor School Management Software is one of the most powerful and yet affordable school management software that we have featured in this list. It’s a complete solution for the smooth administration of your institution.

So, be it web or your phone, Ekattor has you covered in every platform. Ekattor is running successfully in more than 2000 schools globally. Ekattor has become a preferred choice for a number of reasons to its credit:

Ekattor happens to be a complete backend ERP. It can be run on the frontend school website, and even as a native Android app or Native iOS app. It handles functions related to administrative department of the school, related accounting operations, student database, and management functions, parent information system, teacher duties, and responsibilities, and even library-related activities.

As far as Student Management is concerned, you can handle operations such as:

  • Student admission
  • You can create and manage student profile
  • Student promotion

Exam management allows you to manage the following activities:

  • Question papers
  • Customizable grading system
  • Intuitive marks management
  • Tabulation sheet of marks
  • Send exam marks by SMS

In Class management, you can manage the following activities:

  • Multiple sections under a certain class
  • Ability to upload an academic syllabus
  • Section-wise class routine
  • Distinctive study materials
  • Class-wise subject selection
  • Student’s daily attendance
  • Student’s attendance report

The other modules on offer include fee management, library, school management, etc.

Ekattor School Management Software

2. School Management System – SMS

SMS – School Management System Software is a useful solution for all institutions such as schools and colleges. One of the most notable advantages with this School Management Script is that it offers as much as eight types of user accounts such as Super Administrator, Administrator, Human resources, Librarian, Teacher, Student, Parent, and Visitor.

Other salient features on offer include:

  • Fully configurable system: You can easily configure the school management system
  • You can choose multiple or just one school system
  • Easy to translate into any system over the globe
  • You can add elements such as input texture, checkbox, radio button, select box, and date picker
  • Setup list of subject
  • Set up school library management
  • Student migration system allows you to migrate student from one school year to next
  • Multiple students can belong to one parent
  • Log teacher salary and payment log directly into the system
  • Configurable grade and attendance type
  • The teacher can set up an online exam
  • Facility to get multiple reports for students

To get a glimpse of its capabilities, here we list out some of the activities that can be performed by a super administrator:

  • Add / edit / delete schools
  • Add / edit / delete school Admins
  • Add / edit / delete school years
  • Add / edit / delete semesters
  • Add school exams
  • Add / edit / delete directions
  • Add / edit / delete subjects
  • Add / edit / delete mark type
  • Add / edit / delete mark value
  • Add / edit / delete notice type

SMS School Management Script

3. Smart School: School Management System

Smart School is a comprehensive and modern school automation software that we have featured in this list of best school management software. It’s a school management software that proves very useful for every school or educational institution out there.

The software efficiently handles school functions such as student admission, a student leaving, fees collection, exam results, and more. The school management software features more than 25 modules.

It supports as much as eight inbuilt users such as Super Admin, Admin, Accountant, Teacher, Receptionist, Librarian, Parent, and Student. It’s one of the fastest growing school ERP available at the moment. The software has carved out top-rated customer satisfaction at the moment.

The software features state of the art student admission form. It has the most powerful fees collection module. It has brought the most flexible examination module. It offers one-click attendance details.

Its front CMS is capable of managing your school website. It features a complete HR module with payroll. You can print student certificates, letters, and student ID cards in most commanding ways. You get feature rich business intelligence reports. You get full control over staff user roles and permissions. There are the host of features in parent panel for student monitoring and lots of other useful additions.

Smart School Management Software

4. EduAppGT Pro – School Management System

The EduAppGT Pro – School Management System offers everything you need to manage your school. It makes school management processes as easier as possible. It comes with a beautiful design and clean code. The software makes it possible for you to coordinate easily and manages different school actives. For example, it manages effective communication between the various set of users such as admin, staff, teachers, and parents.

So, it’s a fantastic way to collaborate. You get beautiful & intuitive message system. You get easy users management with admissions. You can prepare a beautiful mark sheet. You can set up an exam schedule. You can set up SMS notifications as well as Mail Notifications. It is fully customizable and offers six beautiful themes.

EduAppGT School Management PHP Script

5. MySchool Top School Mangement Script

MySchool is an online school management software featured in this showcase of best school management solutions. It’s a feature-rich and secure web-based school administration script that comes with great support. It features a powerful and intuitive interface that allows you to do away with most of the efforts in training and get the work done easily and efficiently.

The software offers fast implementation and painless data migration from most platforms. Using for less savvy users is easy. Moreover, most of its aspects can be configured easily to fulfill your needs. It comes with great and friendly support. This web-based school management software encompasses a different set of users such as school administrators, head of school, teachers, admin staff, and parents. It includes all the necessary tools you need for carrying out school admin tasks with ease.

It allows you to manage:

  • Attendance: It makes it easy for you to take and easy to manage
  • Grade Reports: You can have attractive and customizable reports
  • Invoicing & Payments: Its invoicing solutions are fully capable of handling school requirements
  • Homework & Assignments: You can assign and grade exercises that are accessible to parents and students
  • Questionnaires: Collect and confirm information from students

On the whole, MySchool is well-trusted school management software that is being used daily by schools around the world. Its clients include niche schools as well as translational networks. It’s a completely flexible and customizable solution. It’s one of the most reliable and efficient online school management systems. Moreover, it’s getting better and better each year.

MySchool School Management Software

6. Fedena School Management Software

Fedena is a powerful and comprehensive school management software solution. It offers you the opportunity to automate every school management functions allowing you to make better and faster decisions. It is being used by thousands of schools & colleges around the globe. It is being used in over 200 countries. The software comes studded with features that you will ever need to fulfill your school or institution requirement.

This school management script comes studded with over 50 modules to handle all your school or college management requirements efficiently. For example, it can handle functions such as fee management & online payment.

Fedena is a powerful yet simple school management system. It is simple as well as easy to use for your teachers. It provides user-friendly dashboards (with login functionality) for your teaching staff, non-teaching staff, students, parents, as well as management personnel of your institution. It takes care of all school management processes of your institution right from the admission of new students to the generation of transfer certificates when students go on to complete their studies.

Its various modules manage Attendance, Time Table, Examinations, School Calendar, Events, Hostel, Library, Transportation, and many other functions as well. Its human resource module handles payroll and employee pay-slip exceptionally well. You can plan the fee structure for students. It’s an excellent collaboration tool with its discussion, poll, task, blog, and video conference plugins.

Fedena School Management Software

7. Fekara School Management Software

Fekara is one of that school management software that allows you to manage your school as you want. It’s an online school management software for managing school activities and administration. It allows you to handle every function related to school management right from admission to attendance and exams to result in cards.

It goes on to automate daily tasks and other operations related to your school. You can manage all elements of your school such as students, courses, exams, teachers, and employees. This school management software efficiently manages all forms of educational institutions such as schools, kindergartens, colleges, universities, and tuition & training centers.

Fekara comes as a web-based application. It’s a free online school software. It can be accessed on your phone, laptop, or computer from anywhere you like. It requires no additional setup when you when you use it on your school premises. There is no need for taking backup or data security. You simply need to sign up for a free account and start using it.

Fekara has been built developed keeping end-users in mind. It makes it utterly easy for you to get familiar with its features. Its basic version is free for all educational institutes. All in all, Fekara is committed to offering you a better school management solution. It is being used in small to medium-sized schools in more than 40 countries across the globe. It allows administrations, teachers, parents, and students to share information.

Fekara School Management Software

8. School Time Best School Management Software

School Time happens to be one of the best school management system software solution for perfect school administration. Thousands of institutions trust it all around the globe for its top performance. It maintains proper communication between all stakeholders including students, parents, teachers, staff, donors, and management.

Its proper analytics dashboard provides you the opportunity to interpret complex data of your institution easily. It captures and manages loads of data from your school’s everyday operations. You get detailed insights through the use of visual graphs and charts. Its detailed accounting system offers you a visual interpretation of your school’s income and expenses. It offers real-time information about your school’s financial performance.

School Time School Management Script

9. Gibbon

Gibbon is free, flexible and open source school management software. It’s a school platform built by teachers that successfully solves real problems faced by educators every day. It’s a powerful and usable open source school management software. It has been built with the aim to help out teachers to do their job easily. It’s useful for all sizes of schools such as small, medium as well as large-scale schools helping them to provide effective school management.

Gibbon comes with a comprehensive set of core modules to offer you with functionality that is commonly used in different schools. For example, you can display individual timetables for any student or teacher. It cuts down your planning time in half. You can plan lessons using rich multimedia and share them out with students and parents. Assign homework and collect student work online.

Gibbon School Management Software

10. OpenSIS School Management Script

OpenSIS works with the ideology that every student is a promise and brings out the best school management software so that you can nurture the future of a child most effectively and easily. It’s a school management software that helps you to increase student achievements & teacher performances. It’s a commercial grade, secure, scalable, as well as an intuitive student information system. It’s a cost-effective and suitable solution for every kind of school.

The software fulfills the need for K-12 schools, trade schools, hybrid and online (virtual schools). OpenSIS offers cloud-hosted products:

  • OpenSIS Surge: It’s a single tenant, cloud-based, a high capacity product which is suitable for district-wide, state-wide or nation-wide use
  • OpenSIS Pro: It is studded with many premium features, that’s suitable for small to medium districts
  • OpenSIS CE: It’s a lightweight, SAAS product designed to run administrative functions via a web browser and native iOS and Android Apps. It is ideal for teacher, students, and parents.

Overall, it works out to be the best online school management software.

OpenSIS School Management Software

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