5 Best Social Bookmarking Scripts

Social bookmarking sites are simply flourishing. I am sure you must be aware of Digg, Reddit, and Stumbleupon.

These are some of the top and most popular social bookmarking sites. Using social bookmarking sites, you can enable users to submit their links and rate the submissions. They can be a fantastic resource for driving huge traffic to your site or blog.

If you are thrilled by the idea of starting your Social Bookmarking Site, there is no need to hold back. You can go ahead and start your social bookmarking site by using a powerful social bookmarking CMS Script (Digg Clone).

Yes, you simply need to use a Social Bookmarking Scripts.

Here, I have listed some of the most popular and powerful Social Bookmarking CMS Script which will enable you to create your social bookmarking site.

If you are a successful blogger, it makes a lot of sense to start your social bookmarking site. It enables you to provide quality news and best of topics from around the web to your followers. Plus, you can make money from ads.

Users can create an account and submit links to social bookmarking sites. The submissions are shown to other users who can vote and promote the story on the homepage. It is a good medium for getting traffic to blogs.

So, if you have made up your mind to start your social bookmarking site, you need to use Social Bookmarking CMS Script (Digg Clone).

The Social Bookmarking CMS Script that I have listed below comes with extensive features which enable you to have a powerful social bookmarking site. Using these scripts, you can have social bookmarking site with features such as groups, private messaging, user profile, commenting system, templating, and modules. They are also SEO optimized. Moreover, they are easy to install, easy to use, and easy to modify. They have all the salient features that you need for starting an ideal bookmark website.

So, now let’s explore these Social Bookmarking Scripts. You would surely find a suitable one for starting your social bookmarking site.

5 Best Social Bookmarking Scripts

1. Telescope Nova

Telescope Nova is a free and open source app platform which can be used for creating powerful social bookmarking sites. It provides building blocks for having posts, comments, forms, and models. It can be customized for building modern, social, web apps. Its front-end is built using React’s modular, maintainable components. Meteor powers its back-end with the powerful real-time data layer. However, it’s aimed at intermediate-level developers.

Telescope Nova

2. Markit

Markit is a powerful social bookmarking script that enables you to create an effective social bookmarking site in any niche. It is empowered with extensive feature set which enables you to utilize the bookmarking service by tagging, sharing, and saving all your favorite sites. Using Markit, you are bound to give a good experience to your users. It is useful for building a social bookmarking site for real estate, professionals, web design, educational field, any community, health field, travel, photography, celebrity gossips, etc.

Markit Social Bookmarking Scripts

3. Bookitt Social Bookmark Script

Bookitt Social Bookmark Script enables you to start your social bookmarking website easily. You can also use it for other business verticals such as social news networking service, social bookmarking. It is bug-free and fully tested for deploying it on your server.

So, it is safe to run your social bookmarking business. It handles the whole process of bookmarking the URLs. Along with the URL, it allows you to add title, description, and picture along with your post. It provides free maintenance support for an entire year. It also provides installation and deployment service. Its Enterprise Edition comes with one year of free web hosting. It provides On-Page SEO and marketing modules. Plus, it is thoroughly customizable.

Bookitt Social Bookmark Script

4. E-soft24

E-soft24 is a powerful social bookmark script that enables you to start your social bookmarking site with ease. It is a full featured PHP Social Bookmark Script which is easy to install and easy to use. It enables users to save their favorite links at your site, access their bookmark, and share it with other users.
Some of its key features are:
SEO friendly URLs and Meta Tags
Bookmarks can be made private or public
Ability to browse top bookmarks
Search for bookmarks on every page
Browse bookmarks by tag
Browse bookmarks by URL
Browse bookmarks by user
Captcha verification enabled for preventing bookmark spam
Automatic Thumbnail Feature
Allows uploading of user avatar
And lots More


5. Ocim Social Bookmarking Script

Ocim Social Bookmarking Script enables you to create your link sharing sites such as Digg or pligg.
Some of its salient features include:
Allows users to submit their links
Provides 2 Theme
Share Links
User-friendly Interface
Reporting System
Powerful Admin Area
Category System
AJAX Liking System
User Profile System
And Much More

Ocim Social Bookmarking Scripts

I hope that you would have found the presentation on, Social Bookmarking Scripts, immensely useful. Do share your comments with us.

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  1. Very awesome, I’ve use Ocim which is the No.1 social bookmarking script. thanks for sharing useful script.

  2. Its very useful, I really need start 5 bookmark websites, hope buy.
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