Add Voting on your Site with ThumbsUp PHP Voting Script

User Engagement is the key to success in the online world.

With ThumbsUp PHP Voting Script, you can readily enhance user engagement for your website by running an easy-to-use and powerful voting system on your website or blog.

Nowadays, Webmasters and bloggers are always on the lookout for finding ways to increase user engagement for websites or blog. Whether you are running a blog, community based websites, review sites, or even e-commerce websites; you invariably need to install and run tools and techniques which facilitate user engagement on your website or blog. This will ultimately help you to come out with unique and valuable content for a blog. It will also help you to improve your products or services so as to match user expectations.

For this, you can have a Comments section in your site through which you can take user views and response.

However, there is yet another very popular user engagement tool that comes to you in the form of voting and rating system.
Yes, you can easily integrate rating and voting system on your website and can thereby enhance user engagement for your website.

Using ThumbsUp PHP Voting Script you can easily run a voting system on your website and can so help users to access objects and thereby get an opportunity to engage users on your site or blog.

In fact, ThumbsUp is one of the most preferred PHP Voting Script. It is a flexible, powerful and yet easy-to-use PHP Voting Script. With ThumbsUp installed, your website visitors can easily vote for anything that has been shown on your website or blog.

Moreover, ThumbsUp is a premium voting script which has all the features you need to run and manage an enhanced rating system for your website project. Its admin area is also very flexible and easy to use.

ThumbsUp PHP Voting ScriptThumbsUp PHP Voting Script provides as much as six different templates. As far as system requirements are concerned, you basically need to have PHP5 with PDO, SQL database and jQuery 1.4 or higher.

Let’s have a look at some of the major highlights of ThumbsUp.

Features of ThumbsUp PHP Voting Script

Easy Installation
Separate config.php file
Can be easily integrated with your existing user system
AJAX-powered Admin backend.
ThumbsUp provides a number of flexible templates. You easily get to choose a template of your choice. Moreover, you can change the template anytime you wish while the vote results are maintained as such.

To prevent double voting, ThumbsUp provides an IP check option. ThumbsUp sets up cookies. Cookie and IP lifetime are both configurable.

ThumbsUp provides functions for sorting and filtering items. For example, you can have items ordered by vote balance.

Using ThumbsUp PHP Voting Script

Although ThumbsUp can be easily installed; however knowing technical awareness can further go onto to reduce the overall installation time. In this context, you should know how to set up a database. You should further know how to upload files through FTP. Then you should also be well versed in editing edit PHP and HTML files.

Now let’s see the basics of creating ThumbsUp items.

Actually you can easily create ThumbsUp items on your webpage. For this, you need to add PHP code like: <?php echo ThumbsUp::item(‘item_name’) ?>

Here, you can choose the “item_name” of your choice; however, it should be unique.

When you create an item, “mini_thumbs” default template is used. However, you can choose a different default template. For this, you have to change the “default_template” option in config.php As shown below: <?php echo ThumbsUp::item(‘item_name’)->template(‘thumbs_up’) ?>

With ThumbsUp, you can even customize the results for each item as shown below:

<?php echo ThumbsUp::item(‘item_name’)->template(‘mini_thumbs’)->format(‘{+PCT_UP}%’) ?>

However, you need first install ThumbsUp PHP Voting Script. So, initially set up the database. Create ThumbsUp tables and configure database. Then you have to upload ThumbsUp to your site. With the help of FTP application, you can upload “thumbsup” folder to your website. And finally, go onto include ThumbsUp in your website, which involves including ThumbsUp PHP Script, CSS and as well as ThumbsUp JavaScript.

ThumbsUp PHP Voting Script

So you see that by using ThumbsUp PHP Voting Script you can build a powerful, and flexible voting system for your website. With ThumbsUp your visitors can easily vote for anything that you have on your website including content, reviews, product, services, videos, images, and much more. ThumbsUp ultimately helps you to enhance the user engagement for your website.

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