WHMCS a Client and Billing Management Software

Client Management is an important aspect of any online business. Client Management involves various tasks such as billing and support functions. Although there are various software, which can help you to get these tasks done; however WHMCS is one of the most powerful and useful client management tool that you can have for your online business. It is an advanced and powerful business automation tool.

So if you are looking for a powerful tool that can handle client management, billing and support functions, WHMCS provides a perfect answer to all of these requirements. In the following post, we have described WHMCS in detail so that you can get a thorough overview about its usage, features and functionalities. Here under we have discussed all about WHMCS, its features, whom all can use WHMCS, and last but not the least we have outlined the ways to get WHMCS.

So, let’s get started with WHMCS.

WHMCS is an advanced business automation tool that handles client management, billing and support functions. It is an all in one solution handling every task from sign-up to termination. It provides you access so that you can set up packages as well as shopping cart on your website.

WHMCS also helps you to set up auto provision hosting accounts on hosting control panels such as CPanel, Ensim, plesk, DirectAdmin, etc. You can also handle domain registration through domain registrars such as OpenSRS, ENOM, Register.com, etc. Through WHMCS, you can handle everything related to Domain Management, Automatic Provisioning, Billing, Reminders, Welcome Emails, and many more things, as well.

WHMCS a Client Management and Billing Software
Through its integrated Domain Management Functionality, your clients can order and manage domain purchases with you in a full automatic way.

The WHMCS client area provides all the tools to your users so that they can handle all the tasks related to registrations and advanced domain management. It facilitates Automatic Registration and Transfers. Clients’ domain order data is submitted to a domain registrar of your choice. WHMCS also supports Real-Time Domain Availability Checking. As for the domain management, WHMCS also provides Automatic Renewals, Domain Locking and Nameservers Management.

WHMCS handles the billing functionality very efficiently. You can send professional looking and high quality invoices to your clients. WHMCS supports PDF versions of invoices. Through WHMCS, you can send invoice related emails to your clients. You can even customize the invoices through templates. Moreover, the billing functionality is multi-currency enabled which allows you to invoice and bill your customers in different currencies according to their country.

You can send quotes and estimates to clients which can be converted into invoices through a click of a button. It also supports one time and recurring invoicing. And that not all, as WHMCS supports both exclusive as well as inclusive taxing. You can have tax exempt statuses as well can perform tax enabled per product. WHMCS supports regular billing, one off customer invoicing and payment plans.

WHMCS supports automatic set up and management. You can include as much automation as you want. WHMCS is equipped to handle automatic set up, password changes, welcome emails, suspensions, upgrades, and much more. It brings all the services to you in an easy to use combined single user interface. Using WHMCS you can run a fully automated online store. It provides varied order form styles along with many product configuration options.

WHMCS a Client Management and Billing Software
WHMCS comes with various support tools integrated with it for social integration, announcements, support ticket system, knowledgebase, email piping, attachments, network issues, support departments, etc. WHMS has a vivid reporting and statistics system which provides options such as graphs, pie graphs, income forecasts, detailed logs, etc.

WHMCS has several in built modules, which automates account creation, suspension, termination; DNS name servers update, SSL certificates, upgrades, etc. It is thoroughly easy to use, easy to set up, fast loading, simple and intuitive. Moreover, you get to have iPhone and Android Apps for WHMCS so that you review and process orders while you are on the move. It also comes with a Mobile Edition for non iPhone and Android users so that you can manage and process orders easily.

Now let us see who can use WHMCS.

As a matter of fact, WHMCS can be used by web hosting companies for automating their web hosting business. It can also be used by online marketers who want to automate the billing cycle of their clients. Moreover, WHMCS can be used by anyone who runs an online business and want to automate their billing procedure. WHMCS can send automatic invoices to your customers and thus can save a lot of your precious and valuable time.

You can get WHMCS right from its website at http://www.whmcs.com. You can also purchase it from WHMCS license resellers. You can even get WHMCS from website hosting providers (like HostGator and Reseller Rocket) which give free WHMCS with their reseller hosting package.

So with this, you now know all the three areas of WHMCS. I have detailed you about WHMCS, its features and functionality, WHMCS users, and where to buy it. You now have the required know how of WHMCS and so can very well use WHMCS to your advantage. So if you have an online business, or have a web hosting company, and want to do client management with billing and support functionalities, then WHMCS is the tool to look out for.

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