Build Music Website with YouTube Music Engine Script

Well, if you are looking for a PHP Script that lets you play music from YouTube Videos then you are perfectly at the right place. Today we will showcase to you an awesome script named YouTube Music Engine Script that lets you play music from YouTube Videos.

It’s always a welcome addition to your music site or radio site when you have such a script with YouTube Music Engine Script. You can fetch YouTube Videos and can play music of your choice. YouTube Music Engine Script becomes a must have script if you are planning for sales of albums or single mp3 files. The script comes with awesome features and is easy to use for site visitors.

With YouTube Music Engine Script installed on your website, your visitors get an opportunity to hear unlimited music. Moreover, its dashboard has been empowered with administrator module that lets you do all the necessary settings for a fantastic music site which can play music from YouTube Videos. The script comes loaded with Ajax Technology, which greatly amplifies user experience. With this online script, your visitors get to have intelligent results on the screen.

The YouTube Music Engine Script allows your visitors to hear selected song. They can even add to the playlist of the selected song. That’s not all, as the users can see top tracks, discover artist’s bios, and more. They are also able to save a playlist in the local browser. With its “Radio Mode” technology, your users can create an automatic playlist. They go on to discover new songs and artist in intelligent mode.

YouTube Music Engine Script
The YouTube Music Engine Script has been developed using bootstrap and codeigniter which lets administrator escalate the application using this framework. Furthermore, it requires a web browser which supports Flash Player to be able to reproduce the songs. The YouTube Music Engine Script has been SEO optimized and comes with Template support. You get full Ajax interface, and it is very easy to use and install.

On the whole, YouTube Music Engine is an excellent Script for playing music from YouTube Videos.

Let’s have a view of features of YouTube Music Engine Script in a nutshell:

Responsive Design
Easy To install and use
Full Ajax interface
Free Skin and Templates
Playlist support
Playlist Export and Import
Radio Mode
Lyrics Mode
SEO Optimized
Template Support
Admin Panel
Custom Setting
Artist Top Tracks
Artist Bio
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