5 Best Free RSS Reader Software

As Internet is growing lot of news, information, resources etc float on many websites. We love to know latest news, rss-logoinformation etc and we like to get it quickly. To know that news we go to related website and read there latest news.

This is a time taking process and sometime we do not like latest news on that site. It is also important that we should connect to internet to go to those sites. RSS Reader Software is the best way to get that news quickly and without going to those sites.

These days many sites provide there news by RSS. RSS reader software download those news, post from your favorite sites to you computer and you can read those news any time. Ones that news is downloaded you don’t need to connect to internet.

5 Most Popular RSS Reader Software

1. FeedDemon – My favorite RSS reader software this is great software. FeedDemon is one of the best RSS reader software which downloads feed post to your computer and you don’t need to go to every site to read the post.


2. RSS Bandit – RSS reader that works with Google Reader and NewsGator Online using direct synchronization!


3. Feedreader – Feedreader is a FREE RSS news aggregation solution that provides robust, state-of-the-art features in an intuitive, user-friendly environment.


4. Omea Reader – Free and easy to use RSS reader, NNTP news reader, and web bookmark manager. It’s fast, it aggregates, and it keeps you organized.


5. BottomFeeder – BottomFeeder is a news aggregator client (RSS and Atom) written in VisualWorks Smalltalk. BottomFeeder runs on Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris etc.


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