10 Best Free HTML Editor

Well, an HTML editor is a tool that helps you to develop a website. However, you can also use the Windows Notepad for building a website, but that would not be convenient, pretty, or comfortable, for that matter. So, if you are looking for a free HTML Editor, then this is the perfect place for you.

Herein, we have featured 10 Best Free HTML Editors.

In fact, a good HTML editor essentially does two things very well. First, it carries out syntax highlighting, and secondly, it does auto-completion.

It also offers a spell checker, page preview, line numbers, and a visual & text editor.

The HTML editors that have been showcased below are useful for both professional as well as beginners in web designing and web development.

Moreover, we had evaluated quite a number of HTML editors and had selected the ones that stood above the rest. So, you can be sure of getting the best free HTML editors.

What is an HTML Editor?

An HTML editor essentially comes as a standalone tool that does code editing and also goes on to compile, interpret, and debug code. Sometimes an HTML editor is also a part of a larger integrated development environment (IDE).

So, with an HTML editor, you can track your code.

An HTML editor ensures that your code is written well.

An HTML editor comes with syntax correction tool or spell-checks tool for the code. It also offers syntax tracking whereby the different parts of your code are highlighted.

This facilitates easy reading as you can separate different parts line by line. Plus, and HTML editing tool allows you to insert or auto-complete common HTML elements.

So, in case you have forgotten to close a bracket, the HTML editor can do it for you. That alone would be wonderful for you.

Why should you use an HTML editor?

An HTML editor offers you with complete peace of mind when you have been writing code all day. Even a master coder can make a mistake.

With an HTML editor, you can easily catch errors and don’t have to go through hundreds of lines of code manually to detect where you had made mistakes.

Moreover, other than handling HTML, many editors can handle other languages as well, like PHP or CSS. So, by using an HTML editor, you can easily branch out with your web designing skills.

Types of HTML Editors

HTML editors are of two types that are suited to developers having varying levels of experience.

The textual HTML editor: It shows your code line by line, exactly the way you have written it. They are suited for experienced coders who want tight control over their code.

The WYSIWYG HTML editor: WYSIWYG stands for “What You See Is What You Get.” So, when you design your webpage in a WYSIWYG editor, you are aware of what it will look like before you go on and upload it or test it.

These HTML editors come with drag-and-drop design functionality, so they are very easy to use. The WYSIWYG HTML editors are suitable for less experienced coders.

So, let’s get on and check out the ten best free HTML Editor Tools. We have featured both textual as well as free WYSIWYG HTML Editor Tools. We have also listed free online HTML editor.

Here’s the list of you:

10 Free HTML Editor


1. NotePad ++

Notepad++ comes as a free source code editor and Notepad replacement supporting several languages. It runs in the MS Windows environment, and its use is governed by GPL License. Notepad++ is available only for Windows users out there. It is written in C++.

Notepad++ offers UI that is completely customizable.

Users get to decide how syntax is highlighted and folded. Moreover, Notepad++ goes on to use pure Win 32 API and STL that gives you a higher execution speed together with small program size. It uses less CPU power and ensures fewer carbon emissions.

NotePad ++ Free HTML Editor

2. CoffeeCup

CoffeeCup is a free HTML text editor. It functions as an all-round HTML editor and offers complete editing powers on any website within a test environment. CoffeeCup can be used for designing a cool website or responsive HTML Newsletter.

If you love the WYSIWYG setup, then CoffeeCup also offers a “Visual Editor” for an additional cost. CoffeeCup can be used for creating both HTML and CSS files. You can also edit existing website files. Moreover, you get to update content across pages with their Components Library.

CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor

3. KompoZer

KompoZer is a free WYSIWYG HTML Editor.

In fact, KompoZer comes as a complete web authoring system that facilitates web file management and easy-to-use WYSIWYG web page editing.

It is extremely easy to use, and so is an ideal HTML editor for non-technical users who want to create a professionally looking website without knowing HTML or web coding.

KompoZer comes with the CSS Editor. So, you can create style sheets easily and can also manage the styles attached to your documents.

It has a newly extended color picker. So, you can choose the color you want.

KompoZer also features automated spell checker, FTP Site Manager, and much more.

KompoZer Free HTML Editor

4. HTML Online

HTML Online is a free online HTML editor.

It allows you to edit your source code online without having to download any application.

HTML Online is one of the best visual webpage builder software out there.

It facilitates simple HTML editing without having to register or download any software.

Some of its key features include:

• Interactive source editor
• Word to HTML conversion
• HTML cleaning
• Find and replace
• Table to DIV conversion
• Lorem-Ipsum generator

HTML Online Free HTML Editor

5. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code comes as free and open source HTML editor.

Its IntelliSense feature lets you go beyond syntax highlighting and auto-complete.

It offers smart completions based on variable types, function definitions, and imported modules.

You can debug code right from the editor.

You can launch your running apps and debug with call stacks, breakpoints, and an interactive console.

Visual Studio Code makes working with Git and other SCM providers very easy. So, you can review diffs, make commits, and stage files right from the editor itself. You can even push and pull from any hosted SCM service.

Visual Studio Code is thoroughly extensible and customizable.

You can install extensions for adding new languages, themes, debuggers, and for connecting to additional services.

Visual Studio Code is available for Windows, Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Fedora, SUSE and Mac OS.

Visual Studio Code Free HTML Editor

6. Komodo Edit

ActiveState’s Komodo Edit is a powerful yet simple HTML editor. It is open source and free to download. It comes as a text web editor. It has lots of great features for HTML and CSS development. It can be used for editing HTML, XML, as well as Text files.

It supports both HTML5 and CSS3. Plus, there are many great extensions available for adding on languages and other features. In fact, there are two versions of Komodo available – Komodo Edit and Komodo IDE. Komodo Edit is the trimmed down counterpart to IDE.

Some of its main features include:

• Auto-complete
• Multi-Language Editor
• Multiple Selections
• Toolbox
• Projects & Places Manager
• Skins and Icon Sets
• Minimap
• Track Changes

Komodo Free HTML Edit

7. Aptana Studio

Aptana Studio comes as a customizable open source IDE.

It can be used to edit HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Rails, Ruby, and Python. The present version of Aptana Studio (3.6.1) is regarded as one of the best and comprehensive IDEs for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The major highlights of Aptana Studio are its Git integration, customizability, and the built-in terminal. It even supports the newest web standards like HTML5 and CSS3. It also comes with an integrated debugger for JavaScript and Ruby.

Aptana Studio Free HTML Editor

8. Bluefish

Bluefish is yet another powerful HTML editor targeted towards web developers and programmers. It offers many options for writing websites, scripts, and programming code. It supports many programming and markup languages.

In fact, Bluefish comes as an open source code HTML editor that runs on Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, Solaris, OpenBSD, and FreeBSD.

Bluefish supports many protocols such as FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SFTP, CIFS, and WebDAV protocols. Moreover, Bluefish also supports large projects as it can open more than 500 documents simultaneously. It can automatically recover changes done in modified documents if the system crashes while you are editing. It can edit other languages as well including C++, Google Go, Python, Perl, PHP, Java, and R.

Some of its noteworthy features include code-sensitive spell check, auto complete of many different languages (such as HTML, CSS, PHP, etc.), project management, autosave, and snippets.

Bluefish Free HTML Editor

9. NetBeans

NetBeans comes as a free and open source IDE.

It can help you to develop in HTML5, PHP, C++, JavaScript, and several other languages.

NetBeans comes with code templates, project management tools, as well as generators to help you in organizing larger projects and teams.

NetBeans helps you in building robust Web applications.

However, NetBeans has a steep learning curve like most IDEs, but as you get used to it, you will find NetBeans quite useful.

NetBeans offers a large plugin marketplace. It also encourages developers to write and share their plugins.

NetBeans Free HTML Editor

10. Visual Studio Express

Visual Studio Express is a fully-featured and extensible IDE.

It allows you to develop for WPF, WinForms, Universal Windows Platform, ASP.NET, Win32, iOS, Android, and many other platforms all from one IDE.

Visual Studio Express facilitates code editing, navigation, and debugging with features such as improved IntelliSense, enhanced code refactoring, live code analysis, XAML Edit & Continue.

It even allows you to create apps and games for Windows. It comes with powerful new platform features such as UI analysis and debugging DirectX graphics tools, and Windows 10 mobile emulators.

Visual Studio Express Free HTML Editor

We hope that the post 10 Best Free HTML Editor proves immensely useful to you. Please share the post with your friends and colleagues. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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