5 Free Offline Blog Editors

Many of the bloggers search for a tool which can increase their blog publishing speed. Publishing blog post from online takes lot of time and reducing that time can help us to do lot’s of other works.

When we publish blog post online it takes time because you have to do text formatting, uploading images and inserting images one by one, creating links etc this consumes lot of time. If your internet speed is slow then it can take more time. So what you can do to reduce post publishing time? The best solution can be using offline blog editor software.

Offline Blog editors help you write blog post without using another editor you have to setup your blog ones and you are ready to go. After setting your blog start writing on blog editor, you can edit text style, insert images, insert link etc in just few clicks and in just one click you can publish your post without going to your blog admin page. There are many blog editors available from free to paid. I am listing five most popular free blog editors which can help you to speed up your work.

5 Free Offline Blog Editors

1. Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is one of the most popular free offline blog editors. Over the time, it is improved a lot. It supports WordPress, Blogger, TypePad etc. It’s very easy to edit blog post on Windows Live Writer you can easily change font size, font style, heading, inserting images and in one click you can publish your articles. This is WYSIWYG editor and you can see source and preview right on your desktop. Windows Live Writer Offline Blog Editors

2. BlogDesk

Another popular offline blog editors which is easy to use WYSIWYG editor. With BlogDesk Image Wizard you can insert images to your posts and you can crop, resize, rotate, shadow etc to those images. You can easily inserted and edited files like MP3 or PDF, BlogDesk will automatically upload them.


3. Thingamablog

Thingamablog is a cross-platform, standalone blogging application. Thingamablog does NOT require a third-party blogging host, a cgi/php enabled web host, or a MySQL database. With Thingamablog, you can set up a blog in minutes via an intuitive wizard, maintain multiple blogs, dynamically update blog content, publish your blog with a single click, publish remotely to your blog via email and much more. Thingamablog

4. Qumana

Qumana is another free blog editor which let you publish post quickly and also save all your post in your hard drive. Qumana lets you easily insert tags into to your posts. One click, type your keywords, and that’s it. Increase your traffic from Technorati and other search engines, instantly. Publish your post, and then repost it instantly to another blog.

5. w.bloggar

w.blogger is easy to use, multi-blog support editor. It is also WYSIWYG editor software which let you easily publish the blog post. With many options in toolbar, you can complete your work quickly.


Hope you liked these Free Desktop offline Blog Editors. Please share which blog editor you use.

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  1. I have used Windows Live Writer for the longest time. But now I am switching over to Mac and am wondering whether any of the Mac editors are just as good or better than WLW.

  2. For a long time, I used to know WIndows Live Writer and Blogdesk. Thanks for your post, I know 3 others offline blogging app

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