Create Templates without Coding with Artisteer

Web design is something that you just cannot ignore as a webmaster or blogger.

Just think of a boring and outdated web design.

Would you like to visit such a website?

Your answer would be an emphatic “No”. Likewise, people don’t want to visit a website which has a poor web design. The appeal and attraction of your website is due to its web design. The initial pull is created by the web design of a website or blog. So, if the web design of your website is not appealing at all, you end up losing your visitors.

As a webmaster or blogger you should be aware of this hard but unavoidable fact.

So, what are the solutions for you?

Well, most of the time webmasters or bloggers tend to use a predesigned theme or template for their CMS platform. They simply download and use predesigned WordPress Themes, Joomla or Drupal Templates. However, this may not turn out to be a viable solution. There are obvious reasons for it. Firstly, if the website themes and templates are free, they invariably lack features. Secondly, if the website template and themes are paid, they come at a good cost.

Moreover, if you require changing them frequently, it cumulates to a good figure which is a considerable expense for you. Then more importantly, your website design is not a unique one and simply imitates the look and feel found in most of the other websites.

However, you have another more viable and competent solution that comes to you in the form of Artisteer, which is a fantastic, automated web design software solution.

In fact, Artisteer is an automated web designer that you can easily use to create awesome, feature-rich and beautiful themes and templates.

Artisteer provides all the tools you need to create instantly stunning and unique blog themes and website templates. Using Artisteer is absolutely easy and simple. Moreover, you don’t need to be a coding genius or a programming expert to be able to design beautiful website templates with Artisteer.

Create Templates without Coding with Artisteer
As far as its pricing is concerned, Artisteer has been reasonably priced which easily fits in your budget. Artisteer Home & Academic Edition is available for only $49.95, and its Standard Edition has been priced at $129.95.

Artisteer provides you a wonderful opportunity to become a web design expert, and that too without using any technical skills either. Using Artisteer you can easily create, edit or slice graphics, do XHTML or CSS coding, create Web Design Templates, and can go onto create stunning and awesome Joomla, WordPress, Drupal or Blogger templates all in a matter of few minutes.

Artisteer is truly an excellent web design tool, and I can safely say that nothing comes even close to Artisteer as far as features and design capabilities are concerned. Artisteer is a fabulous option if you want to create your own website easily. It guides you in a step-by-step fashion to help you come with a perfect web design template.

You can even use Artisteer to test new web designs and ideas. All your designing hassles vanish as soon as you start using the Artisteer software. It has been designed keeping in mind complete beginners and novices in web designing. Its UI supports ‘ribbon’ interface (as you get in Office 2007) which makes it easy for you to explore your web designing talents. Everything is right there in front of you.

In Artisteer, you never start designing from scratch and so never face the “blank canvas” problem. Rather you start with a complete theme where you just have to tweak and customize. Moreover, Artisteer provides varied design templates as well as numerous styling options. Clicking on the “Suggest Design” button, you get to have a randomized design which you can customize according to your requirements and creative genius. Artisteer provides as much as 10 design elements which include Layout, Menu, Articles, Blocks, Colors & Fonts, Background, Buttons, Sheet and Footer.

Create Templates without Coding with Artisteer
So, you can begin with a random design and then go onto change each of its elements until you get the design that you want. Artisteer also provides plenty of stock images, which you can be used in the header so as to give an attractive professional look to your website. It has a built-in collection of images in categories like communications, medicine, business, and much more. You are even allowed to import images (with gif format and transparent background).

Once you are through with your web design, you can then easily preview the design in your browser. Artisteer supports almost every browser such as IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Then exporting the theme is also easy. You can export the theme as a ZIP file or as a folder using either an FTP client or through WordPress theme upload function. Moreover, Artisteer takes care of all the coding technicalities so that your web design can be displayed in all the major browsers.

All-in-all, Artisteer is easy-to-use and powerful web design software. It provides you limitless possibilities so as to create stunning and awesome website templates.

However, it is not without shortcomings. In Artisteer you always begin with an existing idea, so getting to your desired result may take a lot of tweaking and customizations. Then Artisteer is good in building simple and professional themes, but if you want to implement wild, creative and out-of-the-box ideas in your themes, you might actual struggle with Artisteer. Moreover, Artisteer lacks in advanced PHP functionality with the effect that you are unable to alter any PHP aspects of your theme.

Having said that, Artisteer pros heavily outweighs its cons, and so I can safely conclude that it is one of the best software for building website themes and templates. It’s a fantastic and great web design tool for creating themes for WordPress as well as for other CMSs.

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