11 Best Image Compression Software

To boost up the load time and reduce bandwidth of your website, one of the best ways is to optimizing images on your website and reduces the sizes of images as much as possible.

With low size images, website can download fast and gives a great surfing experience to visitors, and that can be done by compressing the images. Image compression is not just used for the web, but one can compress the image to send it over the internet without taking much time or reduce the disk space on their computer.

Have you ever tried optimizing image sizes without affecting image quality and clarity? Here, we are representing 11 Best Image Compression Software. These image Compression Tools are excellent in their own ways.

We have collected different types of image compressing programs. Few of them are Windows-based lossless image compressing applications and also Web services and Mac programs. So, you can choose among these mentioned image compressing tools as per your requirement.

These Image Compression Tools can edit and compress images of different file formats and also can convert them into different image formats like JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, SVG, GIF and many more. All these Image Compression Tools have varying characteristics and image formats.

Among these photo compressing programs, few are free, and few are paid versions. You can download Windows based image compressing application on your PC and use them for free, for example, Kraken. Without downloading any program or registering yourself on any website, you can use image compression tool in an extremely timely manner just by drag and drag option, for example-PUNYpng.

By using these image compression applications, one can enhance their website speed. Few of these applications works in batch processing also. So, in this manner it saves your time and energy, which you can utilize in some other work.

So, as per your requirement choose among showcased user-friendly, appropriate image compression tools. These programs are chosen due to their superb loss ratio, meaning they do not reduce image quality and clarity. The resultant image is generally impressive in each of these programs, and the loss is negotiable, which cannot be recognized by an average eye.

Below is the list of 11 Best Image Compression Software. Take a trial of them and we are sure that you will love to use them. Feel free to give your suggestions and recommendations about image compression tools.

11 Image Compression Software

1. FileOptimizer

FileOptimizer is an excellent image compression tool. Not only FileOptimizer compresses PNG, JPG, GIF files but also it can work with archives, executable files, PDF files, Microsoft office documents etc. It also compresses JPEG files without affecting the image quality. It compresses other downloaded files on your system.

File Optimizer is a Windows based image compression software. To get started working with FileOptimizer, you have to drag and drop your images that you want to compress on the interface. Right click and select optimize option and the image is compressed. Before and after file sizes of the image are displayed.

But a drawback with this compressor is that the original document goes to recycle bin, and the nicest thing is that it can be recovered.
Image Compression Software

2. Caesium

Caesium is simple open source image compressor. It compresses BMP, JPG and PNG formats.

This tool is free to download. It can be used on Windows PC and you can upload compressed images on the web instantly. This is very easy application; in few simple steps it can be executed. For this, you just need to do is Add program, choose your image source and select an output folder and click compress and you will get the desired result. You can also view the original file as well as the resultant file side by side and can view by zoom-in and zoom-out.

This amazing image compressor tool compresses files in the batch also. So, Caesium saves space on the web; loads faster, sends photos by e-mails quickly, compresses up to 90%.
Image Compression Software

3. PunyPNG

PunyPNG is one of the best lossless JPG compressors.

It provides lossless compressions to GIF, PNG, JPG files. For this service, you would not require to get yourself registered, you can use this service without login. The only thing you required is Flash player on your computer and create an account with PunyPNG to compress more images and image size.

It shrinks up to 10 images at a time with a maximum of 100KB each. In the advanced version, you are allowed to work with 15 images with a maximum size of 150KB each.
Image Compression Software

4. JPEGmini

JPEGmini is a wonderful image compression application. You can compress images without losing quality of images. It compresses photos online without bothering you for downloading any program or registering with any website. You can use your Facebook or Gmail account to sign up with JPEGmini.

JPEGmini Diet is desktop version of JPEGmini it is available fo Mac and Windows. It allows you to compressed files up to 5x. But, the only drawback with JPEGmini Diet is that it takes longer time to process batch files. It works with GIF, PNG and JPG formats.
Image Compression Software

5. PNGGauntlet

PNGGauntlet is one of the best image compressing tools. This combines 3 open source programs like PNGOUT, DeflOpt, and OptiPNG. PNGGauntlet always justifies the quality image. It converts GIF, JPG, TIFF, PNG and BMP files. It runs on Linux, Mac and Windows (requires .NET 4.0).

PNGGauntlet combines amazing features like configuration option, clean interface etc. and the result is always impressive. It also do the batch processing and delivers great PNG compression and optimization power for the least efforts added.
Image Compression Software

6. Kraken

If you wish to save the bandwidth of your website and improve its load time, then Kraken is the best option. It is an ultra fast image optimizer. This image compressing tool supports PNG, JPEG, SVG and GIF files.

Kraken has a very sleek and clean interface. You can use Firefox and Chrome, download API. It has world best Image compressing features, lossy optimization option, SSL protection, exceptional user support.

It optimizes the images, speed ups the websites and various applications. Kraken also optimizes Tablets and Smartphones so as to reduce image weight from these devices.
Image Compression Software


PNGOutWin is an easy to use image compressing software. It creates small images, saves time, and speeds up load time of files and of your website. It creates more potential customers and reduces the bandwidth. With this PNG Optimizer, you can compress and convert PNG files from GIF, BMP, TIFF and other formats and also optimizes your existing files.

PNGOutWin is easy and familiar to use. You just drag and drop your images onto the program window, and it will automatically start compressing the images with the help of multiple threads to execute different tasks on different images and saves time. It decreases bandwidth, lessen the load of the website, free space on your hard drive and provide smart background processing.
Image Compression Software

8. Compress PNG

Compress PNG is another user-friendly image compression application. To use this program, you not need to install any program or register with any website. You can simply visit the website, upload the image file, folder or anything and get it compressed. This is very easy to use tool.

The uniqueness in this compressor is its combination of colors. This tool use similar colors and use them in a mixed pattern, and the result is amazing.
Image Compression Software

9. PNGOptimizer

PNGOptimizer is one of the smallest applications among the listed programs here. It has a very basic interface. It cleans up client’s PNG files of wrong information. PNGOptimizer reduces weight of PNG format images. It converts images of different formats like GIF, BMP and TGA into PNG format. It also supports Animated PNG (APNG) also creates easily available PNG screenshots.

It can remove interlacing; keep, replace or remote the background color of image and also removes text from images. It supports high resolution PNG photos and do not affect the image quality. PNGOptimizer supports Windows seven/XP/Vista/7.
Image Compression Software

10. Advanced JPEG Compressor

Advanced JPEG Compressor is an image editing tool, which compresses your images or photos across a wide range of parameters. It also converts image files of different formats into JPEG.

An advantage of using this compressor is that it keeps the original image as it is without even doing a supplementary change. It provides excellent tools for editing and correcting images. These tools can do amazing changes. To sum it all up, Advanced JPEG Compressor provides converting and editing tools and user-friendly interface.
Image Compression Software

11. Smush.it

Smush.it is a Yahoo’s web-based application. Smush is available for Firefox extension and online addition. It makes optimization of photos a breeze. To use this image compression tool you no need to get yourself registered, or make any account or sign-up with anyone. One can download crunched images in a ZIP file.

Smush.it can convert most of the image formats into GIF. It is one of the best GIF compressors among all the listed image compressor tools.
Image Compression Software

Hope you liked the above illustrated 11 Best Image Compression Software. We are waiting for your valuable feedback.

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  1. I was using Riot before I met FileOptimizer. FileOptimizer is a great tool. I’m impressed by this tool 😀

  2. Since you’re using WordPress, you might be interested to know that EWWW Image Optimizer achieves better results than Kraken and PunyPNG (and probably most of the other tools listed). It even features JPEGmini and TinyJPG/PNG for lossy compression.

  3. Seems like the list can be improved. Some of these are really useless and good tools like EWWW, TinyJPG, TinyPNG and compressor.io are missing.

  4. Hello,

    Thank you for the recommendations. I have been using caesium since months but the quality of images drop by a great percentage so that’s why I am shifting off to some other. Gonna try some out of your recommended products.


  5. Awesome Post Ravi..!
    You really rocked it..
    I wanna suggest one more image compression tool with you which I usually use to compress images for my blog, is ‘compressor.io’ , it’s really very easy to use in one step. You should check it out once…
    Thank you have a great day 🙂

  6. Hi Ravi,

    Thanks for this round-up of image compression tools.

    We have recently launched Slim n Trim – an online image compression service. While we are continuing to improve the features and functionality, we hope it will be of some use to all here.


  7. I haven’t became aware of image compression and optimizer tools before reading this post. Most of the times I used to publish the image on my blog, but I was no thought about image compression and optimizer that is why I was posting big size image.

    Optimizing images & using a CDN has become necessary for online publishing. And we all know that large sized image is not good to the fast loading of any page. I was concerned about to compress my images before I upload, it sucks blog load speed. But now I have got a solid solution from this post. Image compression is a must task to accelerate blog speed. This is a great and handy article for those who are using more images on their blog or website. I am excited to work on these tools for sure.

    I am thankful that you created this blog for bloggers. I am new to the internet world, and surprisingly I found you to guide me in a right direction…

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