Squarespace Website Builder Review

Finding the best website builder can be a daunting task. This is because you need a powerful yet simple tool for creating professionally superior websites. Moreover, A Perfect Website can be a game changer giving you the winning edge for your online business.

So, patronizing a website builder can turn out to be a crucial decision. You essentially require a website builder which is easy to use and equips your website with all the elements for an enhanced user experience. At this note, I present you a detailed review of Squarespace Website Builder with the intent of providing you an excellent solution for creating a beautiful website.

From the very beginning, I need to stress the fact that a Squarespace website fulfills your expectation from more than one angle. That’s precisely the reason why I have chosen Squarespace Website Builder. I have done extensive analysis and have found Squarespace websites to be simply fantastic. My analysis is based on high expectations and Squarespace websites have not let me down.

With Squarespace, you get a beautiful website and that too without messing up with codes. Whether it is simple pages, striking galleries, online stores or a professional blog, all of them can be created easily using Squarespace Website Builder. To let you know, Squarespace came into existence in 2004 and was essentially a drag and drop website builder. Using Squarespace has distinctive advantages that you get to notice once you start using it for website building. It has been created to deliver rich imagery and highly polished experience for users. From the very start, you get to have highly professional and visually stunning websites that your users will surely admire.

Squarespace Website Builder Review
The first-hand review of Squarespace brings out a critical feature of this website building platform and that is they are design oriented website builder platform. So the ones who are running a business which is design oriented will find Squarespace highly useful. Designing tweaks are easy and you can have best designs for your websites without getting into codes.

And if that’s not all, Squarespace give you an opportunity to come up minimalistic and clean designs for your websites. Its usability and website designing capabilities have let them power more than a million websites. Here, I mention some of the top attention grabbers and features of Squarespace Website Builder that will surely impress you.

Reviewing Squarespace brings out a core feature of this highly impressive website builder. Its designer templates are minimalistic in design and come with a sophisticated vibe. You will simply appreciate their quality which shows off highly clean lines. This is a winning feature of Squarespace, which is absent in most of the other website builders. Squarespace also offers Cover Pages which are used in the standalone website and are instrumental in taking your website to a new level of sophistication. The best part is that you don’t require working with codes. So, on usability criteria, Squarespace scores high when compared with other website builders.

Another noticeable feature of Squarespace Website Builder is the fact that its templates are responsive which enable your visitors to have an optimized viewing experience irrespective of the device they are using. So your websites are mobile ready right from the go and equally work fine on different browsers whether it is PC, Laptop or Smartphone.

Squarespace also provides extensive styling options that are almost absent or hard to get through in other website builders. With Squarespace, it gets very easy to customize your website design without dealing with codes. So if you are not a coding ninja, this option is just made for you. Squarespace styling options allow you to adjust fonts, sidebar width, colors, image opacity, background images, sizes, spacing, etc. for your website.

So with Squarespace, you get to have a visually stimulating website irrespective of the industry you are in. It comes with rich template designs which are heads-and-shoulders above when compared with other website builders. It is ideal for bloggers, designers, portfolios, musicians, online shops, etc. Its design templates are beautifully crafted which make your website look as if it is custom built.

Squarespace Website Builder Editor

On usability count, Squarespace is fairly easy to use. You simply require to drag and drop content onto your website. Building websites with Squarespace is thoroughly enjoyable and easy to use.

On SEO front, Squarespace scores at par in comparison with other website builders and comes out as SEO friendly website builder. It has been empowered with capabilities to optimize all the basic SEO functions. It allows you to customize your webpage address/URL.

So, with this review, you get to know all the basic and essential features of Squarespace Website Builder which will surely enlighten you on its usage and other capabilities. To sum up, Squarespace is one such website builder that you just can’t overlook when you are searching for a user-friendly and powerful website builder.

Squarespace price starts from $8/mo which includes software uses and site hosting. This plan includes 20 Pages, Galleries, and Blogs with Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage, and 2 Contributors.

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