Sublime Text: A Premier Programming Text Editor

As a professional programmer, you are usually required to dish out tons of code. You are invariably required to work on varied projects involving different scripting languages. Moreover, each project comes with a specific deadline before which you have to submit your work.

If you want to become a successful programmer, you need to be skilled in coding and more than that you need to live up to the expectations of your client. So you need to deliver excellent work and that too within the timeframe that has been allotted to you. This means that you have to pay utmost attention to your efficiency. In other words, you have to deliver optimum efficiency to your clients.

As a matter of fact, efficiency is not an independent factor. Actually, your efficiency or more appropriately coding efficiency depends upon a number of factors. It depends upon the level of your expertise and skill-set, your coding style and also on the (much to your surprise) coding environment used by you.

Yes, the coding environment plays a significant role in determining your overall productivity as a programmer. The flexibility, ease of use, interface, feature-set, are some of the factors that you look in a coding environment which go on to have a significant impact on your productivity.

You primarily have two choices before you.

You can either use a text editor or else you can prefer to use an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). At first, the choice might look pretty difficult for you. However, if you look forward to simplicity, flexibility, ease-of-use, comfort, then choosing a text editor is an obvious choice for you. As a coder or a programmer, you can optimize your productivity by using a text editor.

So, using an enhanced and powerful text editor becomes a critical decision for you as a programmer or coder. Although there are quite a few text editors available in the market, getting a powerful and enhanced text editor is quite a challenge.

To make your task easy, we hereunder present to you one such powerful, enhanced and yet simple-to-use text editor. Sublime Text comes as a refined text editor which empowers coders with lots of functionalities and is also easy to use. If you prefer excellence and performance, Sublime Text is perhaps one of the best text editors that you can use to ease your coding task.

Sublime Text: A Powerful Text Editor

You will certainly feel impressed once you start using Sublime Text. There are many good things about Sublime Text that you will love and adore as a programmer or coder. If you think of any feature in a text editor, you would certainly have it in Sublime Text.
That’s the advantage of using Sublime Text.

Sublime Text: A Premier Programming Text Editor

One of the excellent features of Sublime Text that comes forefront is its simplicity and leanness. The interface looks pretty clean and avoids complexity. It does not show up toolbars and configuration dialogs. However, this does not mean that Sublime Text lacks in functionality as a text editor. You just need to explore a bit, and you will find yourself being immersed in features. You get to see plugins, many auto-completion tricks and much more.

Using it is extremely easy. Just run it and start typing in a notepad-style. It has a simple layout and provides a tabbed interface which helps you in opening multiple files. Sublime Text supports the project sidebar on the left side and comes with what is known as “Minimap” which provides a zoomed out view of the currently opened file. This feature makes navigation of files pretty easy, and if you don’t want to use this feature, you can go on to hide it.

Moreover, you get a whole range of options once you explore the context menus. It also enables you to set color coding (of code) depending upon the language you use. As a matter of fact, Sublime Text supports almost every programming language. You can make code changes easily. You get features like code completion, warnings, and the facility to make “Multiple Selections”. The text editor comes with many color schemes and themes which enables you to customize the editor according to your needs.

Sublime Text has been designed to work on multiple platforms. It can be used with all the major operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Sublime Text comes as a thoroughly lightweight text editor. It avoids unnecessary clutter. However, you can extend its functionality and can go on to add features and tools that you may require through its Package Control feature (which allows you to add plugins and extensions).

It also comes with Distraction-Free Mode, which allows you to work exclusively on your main coding area without getting distracted with other things. Sublime Text also provides auto-complete feature, which makes coding a lot simple and fast. It provides a list of possible words based on the words which you have already used. Sublime Text also supports Syntax highlighting for many languages such as HTML, CSS, Java, PHP, C++, SQL, Lisp, XML, etc. It comes with regular expression search and replace feature. You also get Spell Check as you type along.

On the whole, Sublime Text is a powerful, simple-to-use and feature rich text editor. The above review is not exhaustive in any way. Sublime Text actually supports many more features and capabilities. However, the above description has certainly highlighted the major features of Sublime Text. Now, you can very well comprehend that Sublime Text is a powerful, sophisticated, advanced, and feature-rich text editor.

So if you want to optimize your coding efficiency, Sublime Text is one such tool that you should possess as a programmer or coder. Its price may be on the higher side when compared to other text editors. Sublime Text comes at a price tag of $70. However, after seeing its usefulness, benefits, simplicity, rich and varied features and ease-of-use, Sublime Text can easily be ranked as one of the best text editor and comes as an obvious choice for programmers or coders.

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