10 Best Windows Screen Recording Software

In the world of computers and technology presentation of “how to videos” is one of the most common yet important tasks that users have to do some time or the other. If you are engaged in creating technology guides or tutorials screen recording plays an important role in making your presentation awesome and easily understandable for your target audience.

Moreover, with screen recording the technology guides become easily explainable which are then liked and appreciated by your target audience. So, you just cannot overlook the importance and relevance of screen recording. That’s precisely the reason that motivated me to come up with a post on Windows Screen Recording Software.

Herein I have showcased 10 Best Windows Screen Recording Software. All of these Screen Recording Software are advanced, powerful, feature-rich and easy to use. These tools enable you to easily create “how to videos” and save the recording as a video file. I am sure that you will find these software highly useful.

So if you are looking for best screen recording tools, this presentation of best Windows Screen Recording Software is just meant for you to record each and every action that you do on your Windows desktop.

10 Best Screen Recording Software

1. Ezvid

Ezvid is a powerful and feature rich screen recorder software. It comes with a powerful inbuilt video editor which enables you to easily create a slide show effect. The video editor enables you to split your recordings and allows you to add text in between two clips.

In Ezvid the export option is absent. However, the videos can be uploaded to YouTube. The screen recorder software comes with a ‘Gaming Mode’ which records the windowed mode of your game. The program provides few music clips and also has the option of “no music” with a “Silent Machine”. It also allows you to add in other pictures and video clips as well as add in your voice once you have finished editing your clip.
Screen Recording Software

2. Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder is a feature-rich and completely free tool for screen recording. A Windows based PC user will find this Screen Recorder Software highly useful as it supports Windows OS up to Windows 8. Its area selection feature and drawing panel are some of its features that you will find highly useful. Some of its other features that you will highly appreciate include hotkey support, clipboard feature, audio settings, screenshot to URL, project history, etc.
Screen Recording Software

3. Camstudio

Camstudio is one of the most powerful and best screen recorder software. It comes as free and open source Windows screen recording software. CamStudio offers Avi and Flash format as containers for the recorded videos. With Avi, you get better video clarity than Flash format while using Flash format will help you to decrease the size of the recorded video.
So with Camstudio, you have the options of high-quality screen recording and also smaller bandwidth friendly video size. It has an effects menu that lets you append video with comments and allows you to add a time stamp. Overall it is best for recording screen videos as well as instructional videos.
Screen Recording Software

4. Jing

Jing is a powerful and feature-rich Windows Screen Recording and Capturing Software. With Jing, you can easily record, edit, and share screen recordings directly to screenshot.com. Jing can be used to easily create tech support videos. You are just required to select any window or region that you want to record and Jing captures everything that happens in that area. Let it be mouse movements or a fully narrated tutorial, Jing is capable of recording everything you see and do.
Screen Recording Software

5. Snagit

Snagit comes as a superb product from TechSmith for screen recording and capturing. It has earned a great reputation with professionals and individuals by easily recording their PC screen for multiple purposes. Snagit is available as a premium tool although, for the ones who are looking for a free trial, the screen recorder software also provides the option of a free trial.

It comes loaded with powerful features such as smart editing tools, free tech support, ability to set hotkeys, integration with cloud-based services, etc. Overall, Snagit is a top tool when it comes to screen recording.
Screen Recording Software

6. Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is a premium screen recorder software. It comes as a powerful yet simple screen recording and video editing tool. As it is a powerful tool Camtasia Studio makes screen recording really easy for you. Camtasia is easy to use software, and you can easily record the screen of your Windows PC. Some of its new features will surely impress you such as cross-platform screen recording, integration with Google Drive and TechSmith Fuse.
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7. ActivePresenter

ActivePresenter turns out to be a superb companion for you when you have to dish out screen recordings, say educating or tutorials. ActivePresenter makes screen recordings more interactive which is one of its chief highlights. It allows you to insert interactive elements like callouts, voiceover, annotations, graphics, etc. It is available as a free version, professional and standard editions.
Screen Recording Software

8. Fraps

Fraps come as a paid screen recorder software. It is highly suitable for recording high definition content in the best quality possible. Fraps is aimed at gamers and other similar users. It records videos in lossless format. Its base version can be used for free. However, it will have time limits for recording screen videos.
Screen Recording Software

9. Smartpixel

Smartpixel comes as screen recorder software primarily aimed at recording video games footage. It is an all-in-one tool and offers an option for video editing, video recording and video uploading to sites such as YouTube. Smartpixel allows you to record entire screen and also a selected region.

So, it is suitable for creating both gameplay videos as well as instructional videos. It is studded with advanced video compression technology and creates high definition 1080p screen recordings. Smartpixel comes as free as well as paid version which unlocks more powerful features.
Screen Recording Software

10. Movavi Screen Capture

Movavi Screen Capture is another great screen recorder software. Movavi Screen Capture is lightweight and high-quality video recording software. Movavi allows flexible capture options with multiple audio sources, you can also capture keyboard and mouse cursor actions. You can save the video in popular video formats.
Screen Recording Software

Hope you liked these Screen Recording Software. Which Screen Recording Software you use, please share.

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