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The online world is booming like anything. Every day thousands of new websites are born and envelope the ever expanding online hemisphere. Today the Internet offers huge possibilities for webmasters, and website owners in general. Moreover, the Internet has acquired the status of a parallel economy as the number of Internet users keeps on growing day after day. It is a state that can be best described as “website boom”.

However, this has also created a state of awe and mystery among general Internet users and as well as Webmaster’s and Website owners as to Website Statistics and Valuation. Although initially, you might feel that such information is not important for you at all, but if you analyze and think is again, this is absolutely vital for you as webmasters or general Internet users.

When you have all the statistics of a website, you can safely judge its overall positioning in the online world and are instilled with confidence to further your relationships with such websites, whether for business purpose or otherwise. You get to know how secured a website is, its social engagement, traffic report, page speed, web server information and as well as overall valuation and related information. All this goes on to demonstrate the actual worthiness of a website.

Well, as a matter of fact there are various tools of the web that help you with website statistics and valuation report.

However, finding a genuinely useful, easy-to-use, and comprehensive tool is much of a task.

Having said that, you don’t need to be distressed and go onto to search the web for a powerful and comprehensive website statistics and analysis tool on the web.

We always endeavor to make things easy for you and so in the ongoing presentation we showcase to you one such highly popular, powerful, comprehensive and advanced web tool for Website Stats and Valuation.

Well, a well known web service for retrieving information related to website statistics and valuation have brought a powerful PHP Script, which will enable you to create a dedicated site for providing Web Stat and Valuation Services.

The Website Stat and Value Calculator Script is known as CuteStat Lite.

Using CuteStat Lite PHP Script you can easily build a website section dedicated to retrieving comprehensive information on website statistics and valuation.

The best part is that CuteStat Lite is easy to install and easy to manage PHP Script for Website Value and Status retrieval script.

Moreover, its pricing is really affordable, so you don’t have to think twice for using this awesome piece of website value and statistics script. If you go onto face any issue using CuteStat Lite PHP Script, then its support team is always there to sort out things for you.

CuteState Lite

That’s not all as it also delivers CuteStat Lite Tutorials for your assistance and guidance. CuteStat Lite latest version has been recorded from scratch so as to deliver full flexibility and comprehensive set of features. Simply put, CuteStat Lite is a very powerful and professional script for retrieving website status and valuation. It’s a full website analysis tool which helps to retrieve lots of valuable domain information.

Let’s have a look as to what all domain information you get to retrieve using CuteStat Lite:

  • Full WHOIS Lookup Including Domain Information
  • Domain Nameserver Information
  • DNS Record Analysis
  • Alexa Traffic Rank
  • Google Page Rank
  • Alexa Search Engine Traffic
  • Domain Authority
  • Website Inpage Analysis
  • Social Engagement
  • HomePage Links Analysis
  • Web Server Information
  • Safety Information
  • Traffic Report including daily unique visitors and daily page views
  • Estimated Valuation which includes Income per day, as well as estimated worth
  • Website Ranks and Scores
  • And Lots More….

Moreover, its feature list is extensive which makes CuteStat Lite one of the best Website Stat and Value Calculator Script.

Main Features of CuteStat Lite include:

  • Easy Installation
  • Professional Template
  • Dedicated Admin Panel
  • Powerful Page Caching
  • Extensive Browser Compatibility – Supports almost all popular browsers
  • Works perfectly well on almost all shared web hosting providers
  • Sitemap Automation
  • Free CRON Job File
  • Free Support and Updates
  • Affordable Pricing
  • And many other features, as well

So, you see that using CuteStat Lite PHP Script you can easily run and maintain a dedicated website for retrieving comprehensive information related to Website Statistics and Valuation. It will be highly cherished by Webmasters, Website Owners, and Internet Users. So, if you have your own website, adding a section on Website Statistics and Valuation with CuteStat Lite PHP Script you go onto to assist and provide valuable information to your users and other webmasters related to website statistics.

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