Chapelco phpBB Style from RocketTheme

A unique, stylish, feature-rich and superb phpBB Style can transform an ordinary looking forum site into a great experience for your visitors. So if, you too want to have a fantastic phpBB forum website that is liked by your visitors, you would invariably have to use an advanced, powerful, and feature rich phpBB Style for your forum. RocketTheme aptly fulfills your requirement of creating superb phpBB Styles and this time too it has come up with yet another fantastic phpBB Style named as Chapelco.

Chapelco phpBB Style is the April 2013 release from RocketTheme. It has been empowered with rich features to make your forum website unique, beautiful and stylish too. Using Chapelco you can be sure of having a professional and great looking forum website for your visitors. Chapelco phpBB Style includes subtle elements, which provide depth to your phpBB powered forum website.

Chapelco phpBB Style from RocketTheme comes with numerous wonderful features. Seeing it’s features and capabilities you definitely would like to have Chapelco as your preferred phpBB Style for your forum website. Chapelco comes with eight preset styles, various module suffixes, supports configurable module positions, and much more.

Moreover, you get to have a responsive layout for your forum website, when you use Chapelco phpBB Style from RocketTheme. It’s responsive grid system makes Chapelco thoroughly compatible with various digital devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, as well. You can even customize it’s layout to suit your requirements. Chapelco phpBB Style is based on the RokBB Framework, which is a powerful phpBB Framework and supports an array of powerful and useful features and functions.

So with Chapelco phpBB Style from RocketTheme, you can run and manage a unique, excellently designed and feature-rich phpBB forum website for your visitors.

Chapelco phpBB Style from RocketTheme

Chapelco phpBB Style Features

  • Responsive and Fixed Layouts
  • Updated Google Web Fonts Support
  • 8 Preset Styles
  • Tabs Responsive Layout
  • RokBB 5 Framework
  • LoadTransitions
  • Extended configuration options
  • 9 Styled & Numerous Structural Module Suffixes
  • Community driven RokBridge support
  • RokNavMenu Exporter Support
  • Demo settings applied automatically
  • Display modules in Tabs
  • Customizable layout options
  • Various Configurable Module Positions
  • phpBB 3.0.11 Compatible
  • FF, Opera, Safari 4, IE8+ Compatible

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