Exquisitely Designed phpBB Style Requiem

The most important challenge in running a phpBB Forum website is to customize the appearance of your forum board. For this, you need a powerful, feature-rich and advanced phpBB Style that provides you the complete freedom to customize your forum the way you want it.

With a powerful and unique phpBB Style, you not only go on to enhancing the look and feel of your forum website but also can customize it to suit your specific set of requirements.

So, you require phpBB Styles that perfectly fulfills these goals. In this context, phpBB Styles from RocketTheme come out as the perfect choice for you as they are not only beautiful and have a powerful set of features but also provide you the freedom to customize your forum board exactly the way you want.

Herein, we showcase one of their latest, beautiful and powerful phpBB Style by the name of “Requiem”.

The Requiem phpBB Style from RocketTheme has been designed to be easy to set up, configure, and use. Its stunning design and intuitive features are simply awesome and make it stand among the best phpBB Styles in the world.

Moreover, Requiem phpBB Style makes full use of latest Web development technologies so that you get to have efficient, powerful and feature rich phpBB Style.

Requiem phpBB Style has a user-friendly and modern interface which makes it thoroughly easy for you to customize, style and configures your forum website. A close look shows up Requiem as a modern and beautifully designed style for the RokBB administration module.

Plus, it is a fully responsive phpBB Style which enables not only desktop users but also mobile visitors to experience the same brilliant design in a layout that is optimized for their devices.

Requiem also comes with an assortment of individual style options which allows you to make easy color changes such as text as well as background colors for the various sections. It features powerful Extensions such as RokBB which enables you to have extensive Admin Control over the styles.
These are only some of the main highlights of Requiem. It has many other powerful and advanced features, as well.

Requiem phpBB Style

So, let’s have an overview of Requiem phpBB Style:

6 Preset Styles
Image Editor
Google Web Fonts Support
Mobile Menu
RTL Support
Icon Based Layout
Preloaded Demo Values
Improved Responsive Layout
Various Module Positions
LESS Support
Resizeable Sidebar
Custom Favicon
Block Variations
Icon Based Layout
Modules Editor
And Much More…

Thus, from the above description, you can easily make out that Requiem is an awesome, beautiful, and advanced phpBB Style from RocketTheme that has all the elements of taking your forum website to new heights of success and glory.

Download Requiem phpBB Style

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