Fracture phpBB3 Style from RocketTheme

RocketTheme has come out with yet another fantastic phpBB3 Style. This time RocketTheme has released Fracture phpBB3 Style for the month of October 2012. Fracture phpBB3 Style from RocketTheme comes with a Responsive Layout.

It supports a responsive grid system which makes Fracture phpBB3 Style compatible with devices such as desktops, Smartphones and tablets. It is based on Twitter’s Bootstrap Framework which makes it highly flexible, the most important quality needed for a responsive design.

It is the first time when a phpb3 Style from RocketTheme is featuring RocketLauncher. Fracture phpBB3 Style has included RocketLauncher which makes you to deploy the Style in a really quick and easy manner. You can carry out customized configurations and other related settings to make it suitable according to your specific requirements and needs.

Fracture phpBB3 Style from RocketTheme also includes a fully updated RokBB Framework to give you a responsive layout and optimized coding too. The style also make an extensive use of LESS (which is a dynamic stylesheet language) to enhance CSS functionality and thus include dynamic behavior.

Fracture phpBB3 Style from RocketTheme focuses on a minimalistic design and provides a simple, clean and yet effective layout to the users. You can see the live demo of the style at RocketTheme website.

Fracture phpBB3 Style has a separate administration component from where you can configure and manage the style in a smooth and efficient manner. You can choose font-family of your choice, do color variations, set diferent menu options, etc. All of these style sections come grouped in the form of a module named as RokBB.

Fracture phpBB3 Style from RocketTheme

We have included the list of features of Fracture phpBB3 Style for your reference:

  • 8 Preset Styles
  • Responsive Layout
  • Tabs and Headlines Responsive Layout
  • Display modules in Tabs and Headlines
  • Updated RokBB Administration Module
  • phpBB 3.0.11 Compatible
  • Extensive configuration options
  • Various Configurable Module Positions
  • 9 Styled and 25 Structural Module Suffixes
  • Customizable layout options
  • LoadTransitions
  • FF, Opera, Safari 4, IE8+ Compatible

Download Fracture phpBB3 Style

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