Graffito phpBB3 Style from RocketTheme

Well folks this time round you get to have a new phpBB3 Style from RocketTheme.

Yes, RocketTheme has released the new phpBB3 Style for the month of November 2012.

Named as Graffito, it is the latest addition in the phpBB3 Styles from RocketTheme. Graffito phpBB3 Style from RocketTheme has been loaded with a variety of advanced features which make it perfect for building a forum website according to your specific requirements and needs.

Moreover, Graffito phpBB3 Style comes with a Responsive Layout which makes it compatible to run on desktops, tablets and as well as Smartphones alike without throwing up any layout problem. So you can browse and work on Graffito enabled forum websites on your chosen device with utmost ease.

Talking about its design, Graffito phpBB3 Style provides a corporate themed design which makes it aptly suitable for a variety of forum websites as it is presenting a combination of visual character with subtlety.

One of its major features includes the use of RokBB Framework. Graffito phpBB3 Style has been provided with an updated RokBB Administrative Module to handle all the administrative and website maintenance tasks.

Another very important and noteworthy feature of Graffito is the use of RocketLauncher. With RocketLauncher packages you can deploy Graffito with ease and quickly too. You get to set up its configuration and customize Graffito according to your specific requirements to have a professional looking forum website in no time whatsoever.

Plus Graffito phpBB3 Style comes with LESS CSS Support, Integrated styling, Color Choose, and varied forum layouts to give you a dynamic and attractive website.

Graffito phpBB3 Style from RocketTheme

Let’s have a look at the rich features of Graffito phpBB3 Style from RocketTheme:

  • Responsive Layout
  • 7 Post Layout Variations
  • 5 Different Forum/Category Layout Variations
  • 8 Preset Styles
  • Tabs Responsive Layout
  • Display modules in Tabs
  • Extensive configuration options
  • Updated RokBB Administration Module
  • 8 Styled and 25 Structural Module Suffixes
  • phpBB 3.0.11 Compatible
  • LoadTransitions
  • Various Configurable Module Positions
  • FF, Opera, Safari 4, IE8+ Compatible
  • Customizable layout options

Download Graffito phpBB3 Style

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