Metropolis phpBB3 Style from RocketTheme

RocketTheme has come up with yet another fantastic phpBB Style. Named as Metropolis, it is the December 2012 phpBB Style release from RocketTheme.

Metropolis phpBB Style from RocketTheme brings forth an elegant designed theme perfectly suitable for your forum website. Metropolis phpBB Style supports different content set ups as it provides numerous color schemes and shades for its phpBB Style.

Moreover it is fully Responsive so as to adapt itself in accordance with the different digital devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets and Smartphones. Thus your visitors get to have a pleasant viewing experience for forum websites running Metropolis phpBB Style.

It has been built on RokBB5 Framework which provides Metropolis phpBB Style a powerful content functionality. It also comes with an enhanced RokBridge support which serves as a bi-directional bridge for phpBB and Joomla. Using RokBridge you get to integrate the two platforms very easily. You get to have features such as registration, syncing of login sessions and also user syncing.

You can even customize its layout so as to provide pleasant and unique look and feel to your forum website. Metropolis phpBB Style even provides extensive and enhanced configuration options too. As Metropolis phpBB Style supports css styling you get to apply variations so as to design a layout which is suitable for your requirements.

Metropolis phpBB Style from RocketTheme

Now let us have a look at its salient features so as to get a complete overview of Metropolis phpBB Style from RocketTheme:

• RokBB 5 Framework
• Responsive Layout
• Community driven RokBridge support
• Display modules in Tabs
• 10 Styled and 25 Structural Content Suffixes
• 10 Preset Styles
• Tabs Responsive Layout
• Demo settings applied automatically
• LoadTransitions
• phpBB 3.0.11 Compatible
• Various Configurable Module Positions
• Customizable layout options
• Extensive configuration options
• FF, Opera, Safari 4, IE8+ Compatible

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