RocketTheme phpBB3 Style Diametric

RocketTheme has recently come up with a new phpBB3 style. “Diametric” is the May 2012 phpBB3 club release from RocketTheme. Diametric has a built-in powerful and robust Color Chooser System to its credit. It creates a beautiful layered style and has a unique panel-based design.

Diametric phpBB3 style is empowered with RokBB3 Administration module which helps to provide full control over the forum layout such as color and menu options, administrative settings and more. It delivers a wide range of configuration settings for controlling the layout and content of your forum website. It lets you to customize with just few clicks.

Diametric offers a whole range of popular RocketTheme interfaces such as RokTabs, RokNewsPager, RokNewsFlash giving the users a more comprehensive visual and structural flexibility. It supports a wide list of versatile and functionally rich features which are briefly listed below for your reference.

RocketTheme phpBB3 Style Diametric

The Diametric features include:

• Color Chooser
• 12 Preset Styles
• RokBB3 Administration Interface
• Extensive configuration options
• Fluid Width Support
• RokTabs Styling
• RokNewsPager Styling
• RokNewsFlash Styling
• phpBB3 3.0.10 Compatible
• 15 Styled and 26 Structural Module Suffixes
• Fusion Menu (with RokNavMenu Exporter)
• Loading Transitions
• Configurable Module Positions
• Customizable layout options
• FF, Opera, Safari 4, IE7+ Compatible
• W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional

Download phpBB3 Style Diametric

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