25 Best and Free Tumblr Themes

Tumblr stands out as one of the most popular blogging platforms helping users to share various types of content, including visuals, media, or short-form content. Herein, we have featured 25 Best and Free Tumblr Themes.

Tumblr has always been a popular platform for posting visual things. Moreover, it is easy to set up and requires no professional help.

Tumblr allows you to do many interesting stuff like posting pictures, sharing videos, audio and that too without any kind of professional help.

The best thing about Tumblr is the availability of a wide array of themes for your blog. There are numerous free themes as well as paid ones.

Picking up the best theme for your blog allows you to customize your blog and make it look the way you want.

Herein, we have listed free Tumblr themes.

These beautiful free Tumblr themes go on to improve your Tumblr blogging experience. They come powered with infinite scroll, responsive designs, flat look, grid designs, and have exceptional customization features.

There are single column themes with infinite scrolling as well as multi-column themes with infinite scroll. All of these free Tumblr themes deliver premium look for your blog.

For instance, the grid styled themes is most suited for download websites and photographers. Then, single page themes will be best for personal blogging experience.

So, if you want to augment your Tumblr blogging experience, then you should definitely think about changing your theme.

We want to reiterate and emphasize that these 25 Free Tumblr Themes are definitely worth checking out. Here, you get themes with responsive designs, grid layouts, infinite scroll, flat styles, and more!

By using these themes, you can surely grow your community of followers and attract them with a fresh and sleek design for your Tumblr.

So, make your blog design outstanding by using these best free Tumblr themes. These are the most popular free Tumblr themes for you.

Let’s have a look!

25 Free Tumblr Themes


1. Live 2.0

Live 2.0 is a cool and clean Tumblr theme for everybody.

Basically, it’s a gallery theme.

However, it supports all kinds of posts.

The theme has a simple design and offers amazing custom colors. Live 2.0 is incredibly easy to use and can be downloaded free without any hassle.

Live 2 Free Tumblr Themes

2. Egg

Egg is a simple and responsive free Tumblr theme.

It is very easy to use.

Egg has some very interesting features.

It supports icon navigation. It offers search bar, 100% tall sidebar, like button, reblog button, 12 custom colors, 4 custom sidebar links, together with 3 customizable social media icons.

Plus, you don’t have to go into the code for adding your icons. You can easily do it in the text boxes that are at the bottom of the customization page.

Egg Free Tumblr Theme

3. Ten Toes

Ten Toes is a very beautiful and easy to use free Tumblr Theme. Ten Toes supports a sleek and minimal header design. The best part it supports all post types.

It offers infinite scroll and even works on mobile. You can upload your own logo. It supports all Google and Typekit fonts. Plus, there are many more features, as well.

Ten Toes Free Tumblr Themes

4. Gradient Tumblr Theme

Gradient comes as a very colorful and vibrant portfolio Tumblr Theme. It’s a totally feature packed theme and thoroughly customizable. It allows you to build a beautiful, colorful Tumblr blog with just a few clicks.

You can make your own gradient background, change colors, typography, and design details. A slider of featured images and links. In fact, there’s a lot to expect with Gradient.

Gradient Tumblr Theme

5. Medium – A Responsive Grid Theme

Medium is minimal yet fully functional Tumblr theme. It is responsive and has over 60+ customize options. It allows optional infinite scrolling.

The best thing is that it supports all post types. The columns adjust along with the screen size. It supports social icons of almost all major social networks. Plus, it has lots of other features as well.

Medium Free Tumblr Theme

6. Norman – Responsive Grid Theme

Norman comes as a grid-based Tumblr theme having a post filter, parallax header, and responsive design. It supports all post types and is thoroughly customizable.

Plus, there are other interesting features as well, such as cover upload, social icons, optional infinite scrolling, post searching, Disqus integration, and Google Analytics.

Norman Free Tumblr Theme

7. Elite – Modern Grid Theme

Elite is a cool, clean and minimalistic grid Tumblr theme. It has been built with over 50 customize options. Elite comes out as a fantastic theme for photobloggers. However, it is also suitable as a portfolio. Elite has a responsive design and supports infinite scrolling.

Other features include filter posts, social icons, slide-out sidebar, Disqus integration, and Google Analytics. Plus, it is thoroughly customizable too.

Elite Free Tumblr Themes

8. Seven Pro Tumblr Theme

Seven Pro is a powerful and most complete Tumblr theme. It comes packed with layout options, widgets, and functionality. It enables to create your own layout, mix and match various widgets, combine different color skins, and go on to create a beautiful Tumblr site.

Seven Pro comes with a powerful slider with text and link overlays. There are featured categories/tags on the homepage. It offers custom logo support, social widgets, and much more.

Seven Pro Free Tumblr Themes

9. Flora – Elegant Blogging Theme

Flora comes as a simple and elegant Tumblr theme which is perfect for creative bloggers. Flora comes packed with more than 90 customize options. So, it becomes very easy to give your blog a truly professional look.

It is backed by solid documentation to guide you with detailed how-to for installing and customizing it.

Flora Free Tumblr Theme

10. Catalog Tumblr Theme

Catalog is a simple, elegant yet thoroughly complete Tumblr theme. Catalog shows all your text, photos, audio, and videos in a catalog-like format. The posts are displayed as thumbnails, and you get to see more just by clicking them.

Moreover, Catalog is a responsive theme and works perfectly well in different screen sizes. It supports all post types. Catalog offers editable color schemes. It provides boxed or wide layout. Plus, it has plenty of interesting features too.

Catalog Free Tumblr Themes

11. Lagniappe

Lagniappe Tumblr theme is packed with unique features and customization options. It has dashboard style captions and globalization options. It supports localization. Plus, you get plenty of other features too. There are 24 color options.

You get like button, reblog button, and hover tags. It also offers Jump Pagination. There is slide–in the menu with 12 custom links.

Lagniappe Free Tumblr Themes

12. UltraZen

UltraZen is an ultra-simple and minimalistic free single column Tumblr theme. It offers basic color options, a wide view option, infinite scroll, and logo upload.

However, there is no support provided with this theme.

UltraZen Free Tumblr Theme

13. The Default Network

Popularly known as TheDN, the Default Network is a fluid width, ultra minimal free Tumblr theme. It has been optimized for high-resolution images and big video.

The Default Network Free Tumblr Themes

14. Quite Big

As it might be evident by its name, Quite Big Tumblr Theme is perfectly suitable for big photos, and big videos. It supports big photosets (700px) or displays photos one after the other with captions.

It supports custom colors, header image upload, center content option, and panorama photos. Plus, there are plenty of other features available with Quite Big.

Quite Big Free Tumblr Themes

15. Laser

Laser is an elegant and beautiful free Tumblr theme. Laser supports all post types. It offers smooth horizontal scrolling. You can use the tag x2 for displaying photos bigger. You get slideshow for all photosets.

It has infinite scroll. You can change colors, including text color, header background, and sidebar color. Plus, there’s lot more in Laser!

Laser Free Tumblr Themes

16. Ethanol

Ethanol is a fully responsive Tumblr theme. It offers support for Google Analytics. Plus, there are many optional things such as menu, top bar, social links, baseline, infinite scroll, custom logo, modal boxes, etc.

Ethanol Free Tumblr Themes

17. Elise

Elise is another fully responsive Tumblr theme with four different posts layouts. By default, the posts are arranged in masonry layout. However, you can change it to the grid, one column, or two columns.

The best thing is that it supports all post types, including text post, picture post, link post, chat post, quote a post, audio post, and video post.

Elise Free Tumblr Theme

18. Blocked Out

Blocked Out is another very simple, elegant, and fully responsive free Tumblr theme. It supports all post types. Plus, it is highly customizable with colors, links-out, fonts, and much more.

Blocked Out Free Tumblr Themes

19. Notes

Notes Tumblr theme comes inspired by studyblrs and the bullet journal/notebook aesthetic. It is a minimalistic theme for Tumblr blogs.

Notes support all post types. You get Google Font options, 8 custom links, custom colors, and link hover/highlight effect, like button, reblog button, jump pagination, localization, and more.

Notes Free Tumblr Themes

20. Minimal Tumblr Theme

As it might be evident by its name, Minimal Tumblr Theme is a minimalistic theme for Tumblr blogs. It is simple, elegant, and easy to use. Best of all, Minimal supports all post, types.

Minimal Free Tumblr Themes

21. Pop Gallery Lite

Pop Gallery Lite comes as a Tumblr theme for galleries, visual portfolios, and handcrafts shops. It has the unique feature to present distinct thumbnails in the front page. It has a clean, elegant, and beautiful design making your Tumblr site to stand out from the rest.

It has a responsive web design with editable color schemes. It supports infinite scrolling, Google Analytics, and circular thumbnails. Best of all, it supports all post types. Its premium version is also available.

Pop Gallery Free Tumblr Themes

22. Ashley

Ashley is a readable and fully responsive theme for Tumblr blogs. It’s simple, elegant and supports a minimal design. The best part, Ashley supports all post types. It is customizable too. Plus, you get many more interesting features.

Ashley Free Tumblr Themes

23. Manhattan Vibes

Manhattan Vibes is another very elegant and beautiful theme for Tumblr blogs. It supports all post types. Manhattan Vibes has responsive layout.

It offers social network icons, customizable giant header, dynamic slide menu, customizable grid layout, customizable parallax images, and much more.

Manhattan Vibes Tumblr Themes

24. Observer

Observer is a free Tumblr theme designed to focus on your photos, text, and music. It allows you to customize fonts, colors, and header image. It comes with support for Google Analytics. Best of all, Observer is suitable for all post types.

Observer Free Tumblr Themes

25. Elemental

Elemental is a beautiful, elegant, and flexible theme for Tumblr blogs. It’s easy to customize allowing you to change absolutely everything. It is a responsive Tumblr theme for mobile and tablet.

You can showcase a beautiful header image. Best of all, it supports all post types.

Elemental Free Tumblr Themes

We hope that the post, 25 Best and Free Tumblr themes prove immensely useful to you. If you liked these Themes, please share it with your friends and colleagues. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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