Acronym Photography Joomla Template

As a photographer, you want to showcase your work in the best possible way.

If you have a Joomla website, things become pretty easy for you.

However, it still requires you to have the most suitable Joomla Template so that you get the much needed stunning look for your website.

Here we present Acronym Joomla Template from RocketTheme so that you get the best for your Joomla website.

Acronym Joomla Template is studded with fantastic features which make it one of the most suitable Joomla Templates for your photography website.

Nowadays, photographers can’t simply live without a website.

In fact, a website provides the much-needed exposure and serves as the perfect platform for showcasing your work.

With Joomla website, photographers get the much-needed flexibility to come up with a website that fits their requirement set.

However, at the end of the day, they still need to have awesome website design so as to attract and retain the attention of visitors. A visitor can choose to abandon a website if the website design does not appeal to him.

It means a lost opportunity.

And it is the last thing that any artist or photographer would want.

So, you can’t simply ignore your website design.

With Acronym Photography Joomla Template, you get the perfect fit for your website.

It’s a template straight out of the future.

Let’s get to know why Acronym can turn out to be the perfect choice for your Joomla website.

Acronym features a customizable animated background.

It provides beautifully bold Headerlicious particle and the exclusive Owl Cards.

Acronym lays a due importance to typography which is so crucial in how your content is portrayed and utilized by visitors.

With Acronym Joomla Template, you get a rich selection of elegant typography whereby you get focus to varying content types.

Acronym is a completely responsive Joomla Template.

It adapts to the varying screen sizes such as mobile, tablet, or desktop.

So, you get a perfect visual experience for your visitors.

Its mobile modes come with a unique menu to aid usability.

Support classes have been provided which can be used to display or hide various types of content for each device.

Acronym has been studded with Gantry’s new inheritance system which makes it easier for you to manage your website through atoms, layouts, sections, and synced particles.

All in all, Acronym Joomla Template comes as a perfect fit for your Joomla website for artists, and photographers.

Acronym Joomla Template

Acronym Joomla Template Features

  • Responsive Layout
  • 6 Preset Styles
  • Block Variations
  • Custom Typography
  • Unlimited Positions
  • Popup Module
  • Custom Particles
  • Social Icons
  • Mobile Menu
  • Coming Soon Page
  • Font Awesome Icons

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