Aurora Business Joomla Template

Are you looking for an elegant, simple and feature-rich business Joomla Template?

If “Yes” then you better check out Aurora Business Joomla Template from RocketTheme.

Here, we have featured a short but insightful overview of Aurora Business Joomla Template that will help you to know and understand this corporate Joomla template better.

In fact, RocketTheme is well known for its masterfully crafted Joomla Templates. Its Joomla templates are not only versatile and feature-rich; they are created with the specific purpose to make your Joomla site stand well above the crowd.

And, we are sure you want to make your Joomla website unique and beautiful so that it instantly catches the attention of your visitors.

Well, Aurora Business Joomla Template fulfills all these objectives, and it comes as the latest offering from RocketTheme.

So, let’s go ahead and explore the Aurora Joomla Template.

Well, Aurora is surely a masterpiece of RocketTheme.

It’s a Joomla template created specifically for business, professional, and corporate websites.

Aurora has been empowered with an abundance of versatile particles that help you to have an exceptional website quick and easy.

In fact, Aurora provides a rich selection of elegant typography so that you can focus on varying content types.

Plus, Aurora is fully responsive Joomla template.

It adapts to the viewing device’s width and is perfect for desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Aurora makes the use of Gantry’s new inheritance system.

So, it becomes easy for you to manage and configure your website through sections, atoms, layouts, and synced particles. This lets you save much of your time by using inheritance to avoid repetitive changes.

All in all, Aurora comes as a perfect business Joomla template when you want an elegant, simple, yet feature-rich template for your Joomla business website.

Aurora Business Joomla Template

Here’s a list of Aurora features for you:

• Responsive Layout
• 5 Preset Styles
• Block Variations
• Custom Typography
• Unlimited Positions
• Popup Module
• Custom Particles
• Social Icons
• Mobile Menu
• Coming Soon Page
• Font Awesome Icons

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