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Joomla is a powerful and versatile Content Management System (CMS).

However, for fully realizing the power of Joomla CMS, you invariably have to use a flexible, feature-rich, unique and stunning Joomla Template for your website.

As a matter of fact, JoomlaShack is one of the most premiere developers of Joomla Templates.

It already has a rich and varied portfolio of Joomla templates to its credit, which includes templates like Tripod, Impacto 3, Mondrian Pro, ABC, Showtime, Salt & Pepper, etc. Every time, it comes out with a unique, stylish and feature-rich Joomla template.

This time it is no different as JoomlaShack releases yet another fantastic Joomla Template named as Civic.

Using Civic Joomla Template from JoomlaShack you get to have a robust, feature-rich, reliable, SEO friendly and easy to maintain websites.

Civic is a light, non-bloated, and simple to use Joomla Template from JoomlaShack.

Civic Joomla Template from JoomlaShack is a highly feature-rich Joomla Template. It has been developed with the sole objective of providing latest and advanced Joomla Template to Joomla users.

Civic Joomla Template
If you are looking for responsive and highly flexible Joomla Template, your search can definitely end with Civic Joomla Template from JoomlaShack.

Civic Joomla Template comes with a flexible, beautiful, and versatile layout. You can display full screen slider on the home page layout. Moreover, Civic Joomla Template from JoomlaShack provides versatile module positions so that you get to have stunning Joomla website. It provides as much as 12 color skins options so that you can impart a unique look to your website together with support for as much as 20 module positions.

So you get all the necessary freedom and flexibility to design a fully functional and professional website.

The Civic Joomla Template provides enough tools so that you can incorporate plenty of interactive effects to your Joomla website. With Civic, you can have full screen video page on your website. Your Joomla website becomes a fully responsive one with Civic Joomla Template allowing your users to navigate your website easily whether they are using a laptop, tablet or a Smartphone.

Civic comes with detailed documentation support so that you face no problem whatsoever in configuration and installation. Moreover, Civic Joomla Template from JoomlaShack is compatible with all major browsers and is a thoroughly SEO friendly Joomla Template from JoomlaShack.

All-in-all, Civic is an advanced, feature-rich, user-friendly, flexible, and stylish Joomla Template from JoomlaShack.

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