Download Xenon Joomla Template by RocketTheme

If you are looking for cool and modern Joomla Template than Xenon is for you. Xenon is beautiful designed Joomla template by RocketTheme. RocketTheme is the developer of premium Joomla, WordPress, Magento, and phpBB template/themes.

RocketTheme releases a new template every month for each CMS. RocketTheme’s templates are not just beautiful, but they are powerful too. With easy to setup and customize templates RocketTheme’s templates are the first choice for any webmaster.

The latest Joomla template by RocketTheme is Xenon, which is a beautiful designed and responsive template. Xenon Joomla Template is powered with Gantry 5 Framework, which gives lot of and easy to implement customization options to your template.

Xenon Joomla Template comes with some amazing Extensions that increase the power of this template. Xenon comes with RokBox extension which is a fully responsive pop-up plug-in. RokBox can display images and videos, all from a three-dimensional display.

RokAjaxSearch another extension comes with Xenon Joomla Template, which is a search module for Xenon template which use AJAX to load results in real time via a styled popup.

RokBooster extension another powerful plug-in that is used to speed up your website by combining CSS, Javascript, Font and Image files.

Xenon Joomla Template comes with 6 Preset Styles, Unlimited Positions, and custom typography which gives you the power to customize your template as per your requirement and you can give a totally new look to your website.

Mobile Friendly: As the internet is moving towards mobile and people are surfing website more from their mobile device it is necessary to have a mobile friendly website. Xenon is a responsive template which means it can adapt the viewing device’s width, such as mobile, tablet or desktop. Xenon also comes with Mobile Menu means if someone is viewing your website on a mobile device a mobile friendly menu will be displayed instead of the normal menu.

Xenon Joomla Template

Xenon Joomla Template Features

Responsive Layout
6 Preset Styles
Unlimited Positions
Popup Module
Social Icons
Gantry 5 Framework
Mobile Menu
Layout Manager

Download Xenon Joomla Template

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