News Style Joomla Template Plethora

One thing that can be certainly said about Joomla Template from RocketTheme is that they are dynamic, flexible, and configurable. If you too are looking for such a Joomla Template from RocketTheme, then its latest release can surely fulfill your aspirations.

Yes, RocketTheme has come up with is latesst Joomla Template release named Plethora.

RocketTheme has successfully demonstrated that it can build world class Joomla Templates with the likes of Osmosis, Vermilion, Lexicon, Epsilon, AnacronParadigm, and many other Joomla Templates.

With Plethora Joomla Template, RocketTheme is carrying on its tradition of world-class and extraordinary Joomla Templates.

So, if you have a vast amount of content to be displayed on your Joomla website, then Plethora can easily do it. Plethora is ideal for content driven websites of the likes of news, and magazine websites. Plethora Joomla Template is suitable for showcasing vast amount of content in a coherent and integrated manner. Its functional flexibility renders it perfect for running other types of websites too.

Plethora has been empowered with lots of powerful features which easily makes it one of the most advanced Joomla Templates in the world. Its extensive Color Chooser renders it perfect for managing intricate controls such as text color, overlay type, background color, and even accent colors. You can also edit preexisting presets and can also create new presets.

With its subtle, and visually stunning content animations you can create inviting, engaging and vibrant content for your readers. Plethora facilitates in the creation of engaging content. Moreover, Plethora is a responsive Joomla Template from RocketTheme, which adapts to the viewing device width of desktop, tablet or mobile without requiring separate layout or content. Plus: Plethora has many featured Extensions which make configuration easy. Extensions include RokSprocket, RokAjaxSearch, RokBooster, and others.

All-in-all, Plethora is a dynamic, feature-rich and elegant Joomla Template from RocketTheme.

News Style Joomla Template Plethora

Let’s have an overview of features of Joomla Template Plethora:

  • 8 Styled Module Suffixes
  • 89 Module Positions
  • Responsive Layout
  • 6 Preset Styles
  • Content Animations
  • 1200 Fixed Option
  • Structural Module Suffixes
  • 960 Fixed Option
  • Dropdown-Menu and Split-Menu
  • Custom Typography
  • Custom Logo Option
  • Mobile Menu
  • Social Buttons Option
  • Coming Soon Page

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