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Joomla is one of the most admirable CMS powering hundreds of thousands of websites all around the world. It is an award-winning open source multilingual CMS ever supporting to make digital visions a reality. So, if you too are a Joomla admirer and use it to power your website or blog then it’s surely the time to have a look at the awesome and newly introduced Salient Joomla Template!

The Joomla Template comes with a whole new approach to power your website and make it truly awesome for your users. If enhancing user experience is one of your highest priorities, then with Salient Joomla Template you get a splendid opportunity to make this a reality. It is a fully customizable Joomla Template and provides a clean and admirable design for your website.

It has been integrated with the modern Gantry 5 Template Framework which goes onto make it an incredibly powerful Joomla Template. With its truly remarkable and powerful features, Salient can rightly be termed as a Next Generation Joomla Template. One of its salient features comes in the form of Offcanvas position which adds additional space for content outside of the main template arena making it absolutely easy to showcase advertisements or extra bit of content.

Salient comes with numerous pre-built presets which can be customized according to your requirements. Their individual style option gives you the ability to easily set text and background colors of your choice. Moreover, Salient’s Responsive feature makes it perfectly suitable for various viewing devices such as desktops, mobiles, and tablets. It has been loaded with various powerful Extensions to give it an extra edge over other Joomla Templates. Some of its powerful and noteworthy Extensions include RokBox, RokAjaxSearch, and RokBooster.

With all of its remarkable and powerful features, Salient Joomla Template can be your perfect choice for powering your website design.

Salient Joomla Template

Let’s have a roundup of Salient Joomla Template Features:

Responsive Layout
Custom Typography
Dropdown Menu
Mobile Menu
6 Preset Styles
Unlimited Positions
Block Variations
RokSprocket Styling
Coming Soon Page
Custom Particles
Social Icons
Font Awesome Icons
And Much More…

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