Five Best Joomla SEO Extensions

Joomla is one of the most widely used Content Management System (CMS).

It has become a preferred CMS Solution for numerous bloggers and webmasters all around the globe.

Joomla provides the facility to add Extensions so as to make your website more users friendly and helps to increase power of Joomla.

A SEO friendly Joomla website is the basis of a successful content marketing strategy.

You invariably want your website to be ranked high on Search Engine Results Page so as to get more number of clicks and user visits and hence high volume of conversions. You can readily achieve this cherished goal by making your website search engine friendly.

Joomla SEO Extensions provide an easy and competent way for optimizing your Joomla websites and making them search engine friendly.

Here, we showcase to you a vivid collection of Five Best Joomla SEO Extensions which you can use to optimize your Joomla site and make them search engine friendly.

This extensive range of Joomla SEO Extensions presents you an opportunity to make your website search engine friendly. If you are lagging behind in your SEO Efforts, just use these Joomla SEO Extensions, and see favorable results coming your way. As most of the Joomla SEO Extensions (listed below) are free you can always apply and test them for your websites. They are easy-to-use and can be easily integrated with your Joomla website.

Using these Joomla Extensions you can efficiently handle all of the metadata including Meta description, optimize keywords and Joomla Content, redirect 404s, create customized error pages, and can even be used for generating sitemaps. So, they help in the implementation of many of the Google recommendations for Search Engine Optimization of your Joomla website.

The Five Best Joomla SEO Extensions can prove highly beneficial for you in your SEO efforts.

So, just go through the presentation of Five Best Joomla SEO Extensions to realize their extensive usability in optimizing and making your website Search Engine Friendly.

5 SEO Joomla Extensions

1. Easy Frontend SEO

Easy Frontend SEO (EFSEO) is one of the most powerful Joomla Extension for SEO. Using the EFSEO Joomla Extension you can efficiently handle all of the metadata manually as well as automatically. Handling of metadata is made absolutely easy with EFSEO Joomla Extension. The Meta information like title, keywords, description, and generator can be easily added and changed in the frontend as well as with the component in the backend. The EFSEO Joomla Plugin remains active on every page of your Joomla website. You can store the entered data directly in the core tables.

The data being saved is independent of either the URL Structure or the plugin itself. Moreover, the metadata remains accessible even if you change the URL Structure or uninstall the Plugin. Another great advantage of using EFSEO Joomla Extension is the fact that it helps in automatic generation of metadata. It has been loaded with various powerful features which makes EFSEO one of the best Joomla Extension in business. The Extension is available in English and German languages.
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2. SEOSimple

SEOSimple is another very useful Joomla Extension. The basic functionality of SEOSimple is to take starting pieces of text from the content of a webpage and apply it as Meta Description Tag in the page header. Search Engines make use of Meta Description of the Web Page in the SERPs. Using the SEOSimple Joomla Extension you can customize the way in which front page Meta description is handled. You can even customize the front page title tag of your site in various ways. To avoid duplicate content, you can use the Joomla Extension to set “noindex, follow” to the category pages.
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3. Scribe SEO Content

Scribe SEO Content Joomla Extension can be used to optimize your keywords and Joomla content so that you can have maximum returns from your content marketing efforts. Using Scribe SEO Content Joomla Extension is as good as having the services of a competent SEO Consultant. It comes as a free Joomla Extension, however, you need to subscribe to Scribe for analyzing your content.

Scribe SEO Content performs three essential functions necessary for content marketing success. Firstly it performs a thorough research to reveal the language used by audience while searching and discussing on social media networks. It also comes up with profitable topics and keyword phrases. Secondly, Scribe analyses your content to tell you the tricks for tweaking it for better search engine rankings. Thirdly, it helps to crosslink your crosslink to increase the usability of your site.
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4. sh404SEF

sh404SEF – sh404SEF is one of the highly popular SEO Joomla Extension. sh404SEF can help you immensely in getting more traffic to your website and can help you to enhance your website search engine rankings by implementing many of the Google’s recommendations for Search Engine Optimization. It includes numerous security features too. It comes with Google Analytics integration together with support for social sharing. It can easily redirect 404s to suggested SEF URLS and you can even create customized error pages.
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5. Xmap

Xmap is a highly popular Joomla Extension which is used as a Site Map Generator component for Joomla. Xmap Joomla Extension helps you to easily create a map of your website employing the structure of your menus. It is capable of creating more than one sitemap. Moreover, it can generate XML sitemaps which are compatible with Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. It comes with a Cache System which supports fast sitemap generation. You can even exclude any menu item from your site map. For each sitemap, you even get some statistical information too. Xmap provides the option to compress the XML sitemap.
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These are just few SEO Joomla Extensions, but we will try to add some more Joomla SEO Extensions.

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