Cerulean Responsive Magento Template

RocketTheme has time and again come out with fantastic, powerful, stylish and feature rich Magento Templates. Some of its well known and highly popular Magento Templates include Metropolis, Graffito, Kirigami, Ximenia, Clarion, Momentum, and many others, as well.

If you are looking for a well designed, stylish and beautiful Magento Template for your shopping website then RocketTheme can provide you with a perfect solution in the form of its latest Magento Template named as Cerulean.

Cerulean is the 18th Magento Template release from RocketTheme. It has been empowered with lots of amazing features so as to provide you with a thoroughly professional Magento Template. Its layout has been designed in such a way which makes it an extremely user friendly Magento Template.

Cerulean Magento Template has a three dimensional style design which adds tremendous depth to the content. If you are particularly searching for a beautiful Magento Template, then Cerulean can be a perfect solution for you.

Cerulean Magento Template comes with six preset color variations, and you get to have as many as 12 RokMage Extensions which have been seamlessly integrated with it. Moreover, Cerulean comes as a fully Responsive Magento Template. Cerulean automatically adapts itself according to the screen resolution and screen size of your viewing device such as tablet, Smartphone or desktop. So you don’t need to have an extra mobile version for your e-store.

It also features an advanced jQuery powered menu together with a choice of display options such as MegaMenu. You can even run an integrated slideshow on your e-store, which is extremely easy to configure and quick to set up.

On the whole, Cerulean is a powerful, stylish, beautiful, and feature rich Magento Template from RocketTheme.

Cerulean Responsive Magento Template

Let’s have a look at the features of Cerulean Magento Template:

  • 6 Preset Color Variations
  • ProductScroller extension
  • ModalHeader extension
  • CmsCallouts extension
  • CategoryView extension
  • FooterBlock extension
  • MageMenus extension
  • HomepageGrid extension
  • ImageBorders extension
  • ContentSlider extension
  • ProductView extension

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