Stylish and Responsive Magento Template Chapelco

A stylish, beautiful, and thoroughly professional Magento Template can fulfill your demand for a unique and highly user friendly shopping website. Well, you should feel glad as you have landed at the perfect place as here we showcase to you the latest release of Magento Template from world’s most renowned and highly praised Magento Template developers, RocketTheme. Here comes the new and the latest Magento Template release from RocketTheme named as Chapelco.

RocketTheme which has already made its name in the world of Magento Templates has yet again come up with a fantastic and extraordinary professional Magento Template in the form of Chapelco. In fact, with Chapelco Magento Template from RocketTheme your dream of a unique, stylish, user friendly, and beautiful shopping website can readily take a real shape. Chapelco Magento Template let’s you design a thoroughly professional, powerful, feature-rich, and advanced shopping website that your users and website visitors would love to visit again and again. If user attraction and retention was a problem for you then with Chapelco, it should no longer exist for you. With Chapelco Magento Template, your visitors will simply love to shop from your shopping website.

Well, Chapelco has been developed with the sole purpose of providing you a viable choice as far as Magento Templates are concerned. If you are worried as to the look and feel, and layout of your shopping website and look forward to designing a unique shopping cart for your visitors then you can take for granted that with Chapelco Magento Template you can come up with an excellent and highly professional shopping website. As a matter of fact, if you go by history then you would be glad to know that RocketTheme has been credited with lots of excellent Magento Templates in the past. Some of its most popular Magento Templates include names such as Graffito, Metropolis, Cerulean, Kirigami, Clarion, and many more. With Chapelco, this tradition of excellent and professional Magento Templates from RocketTheme takes a grand leap for the good of designing awesome shopping website.

As far as its features and functions are concerned, Chapelco dons numerous exciting and excellent set of features and functionalities. It has professional veneer and showcases subtle contrasts between patterns and background shades with the content. Chapelco supports as much as eight preset styles with the subtle combination of backgrounds, colors, and patterns. Moreover, Chapelco is a thoroughly Responsive Magento Template which practically means that you do not need any additional mobile version for your online store. The Magento Template has been equipped with the capability of automatically adapting itself according to the viewing environment or device or screen resolution such as tablet, smartphone, or desktop.

And that’s not all, as Chapelco Magento Template from RoketTheme supports numerous extensions which comes seamlessly integrated with the design. Using these Extensions you can have full control over how your layout of your store looks so that you can present and showcase your products in the manner you want. Some of the popular Extensions that you would get to see in Chapelco are MegaMenus, ProductScroller, ContentSlider, etc.

On the whole, with Chapelco Magento Template you get a stylish, feature-rich, advanced, and powerful template for your online shopping website.

Chapelco Magento Template

Here are the feature overview of Chapelco Magento Template from RocketTheme for you:

  • 8 Preset Color Variations
  • MageMenus extension
  • ModalHeader extension
  • HomepageGrid extension
  • CategoryView extension
  • ContentSlider extension
  • ProductScroller extension
  • ProductView extension
  • CmsCallouts extension
  • ImageBorders extension
  • FooterBlock extension
  • ProductVideo extension
  • FeaturedProducts extension
  • Recently Viewed Footer Thumblist
  • Smooth jQuery menu and other animations

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