RocketTheme Review and Discount

Perhaps the easiest way to create a website is to use CMS package like WordPress or Joomla.

They are easy to use, easy to manage, and easy to customize.

WordPress and Joomla enable you to do website management tasks without any struggle.

One of the salient features of WordPress and Joomla is their scores of themes and templates which help you to design your website the way you like.

Here, we have come up with RocketTheme Review which is one of the premier developers of WordPress Themes, Grav Theme, and Joomla Templates. However, RocketTheme is also known for creating Magento, phpBB, and Drupal themes and templates.

RocketTheme has been a leader in offering WordPress and Joomla Themes and Templates. They currently support 100s of WordPress themes and Joomla templates. They regularly release new WordPress Themes and Joomla Templates.

They are successfully holding a top place in the world of WordPress themes and Joomla templates from over eight years.

RocketTheme is the foremost premium WordPress themes and Joomla templates provider in the world, and now they have also started build Grav Themes.

One of the biggest highlights of Rocket Theme themes and templates is that they come studded with enriching features, so you get the best themes and templates for your website.

RocketTheme Review and Discount

Why RocketTheme?

Cost Effectiveness

All the RocketTheme WordPress themes and Joomla templates are not only feature-rich, but they are highly cost-effective.

Most of its themes and templates come with a sub $50 cost which makes them accessible even to small businesses and firms.

Their cost effectiveness makes them affordable for newbie bloggers and webmasters. Plus, you get all round support, in case you face any technical issue. That’s a big bonus for newbie bloggers and webmasters.

Design Variety

Every blogger and webmaster want to have a unique website design that goes well with their target audience. The website design should be eye-catching so that it quickly grabs the attention of the visitors.

In fact, Rocket Theme provides hundreds of themes and templates that are unique in every respect.

So, you get the freedom to choose the best theme or template that you feel comfortable with. If you are looking for design variety for your theme or template, then RocketTheme is the place that you should surely check out.

RocketTheme Review

Cross platform compatibility

Cross-platform compatibility is one of the biggest issues that’s up in the mind of every blogger and webmaster. However, Rocket Theme themes and templates come with a responsive design which makes them compatible across all devices and screen sizes.

So, RocketTheme themes and templates are viewable on Smartphones and tablets. They also support a wide range of browsers and support accessibility standards.

Customer Support

RocketTheme has a well-equipped support mechanism in place to help webmasters and bloggers when they face a compatibility issue or implementation question.

So, whenever you have stuck up some problem, you can approach their support team and get your problem resolved.

Their experts are ever ready to help you out with any technical issue. Plus, the support is quick and up to the mark.

The basic support offered by Rocket Theme comes in the form of User Forum wherein you get answers from other users, developers, and moderators. They offer Premium Support, as well.

Site building tools

Last but not the least, RocketTheme themes and templates come with site building tools which help you to maintain the site independent of programmers.

You can customize your site and can include images and text in various layout styles. The themes and templates can be modified to fit your purposes and business identity. It also helps non-technical Admins to maintain the site easily.


You get a fully responsive demo of each of the available templates on Rocket Theme. They even provide membership options for Joomla and WordPress.

RocketTheme Pricing

At RocketTheme you can choose a theme or template for the platform that you are using. You need to select “See all Templates” or “See all Themes” to access the complete selection they provide in their library. From there, you can choose the template for a single purchase.
A single purchase of a theme or template usually costs from $29 to $49 and allow lifetime access to that single theme or template for a single domain.

Once you have selected the template you want, you need to pay for it and get the right of using it for your website. You can go for single purchase for WordPress, Joomla, and Grav Theme.

RocketTheme also offers Joomla or WordPress Template Club wherein you get 3, 6, or 12-month subscription options. Price for Membership Clubs starts from $59 for three months and single site. They also provide access to user forums for all round support.

So, you get two ways to make a purchase of RocketTheme template or theme. You can either go with a single template purchase or choose their Membership Club.

If you are new and have only one site, you can go with purchasing single theme or template. It is a good option for small businesses or individuals who want a specific template for their website.

However, you will receive a one site license for it which means that you can only use it for a single site.

With the Club Membership option, you get complete access to all the templates in their libraries for WordPress or Joomla platform. It is best for those who manage multiple sites as you can use and change to any template within the subscription period.


RocketTheme turns out to be a reliable source of themes and templates. They have a good collection of themes and templates in their libraries. Their themes employ Gantry Framework, which is well known for its dashboard options and ease of customization. All its themes are responsive and conform to the latest web development standards.

They are rich in design elements and are suitable for all types of websites. With Rocket Theme, you get the option of having richly designed themes and templates and that too at an affordable price tag.

RocketTheme templates are suitable for individuals, small businesses, developers, and well as for large websites, and big entrepreneurs.

We hope that this RocketTheme Review has been successful in bringing out the core competencies of RocketTheme templates and themes.

Well, Rocket Theme deserves a try for sure.

RocketTheme Discount

RocketTheme is one of the leading providers of premium WordPress Themes and Joomla Templates. They currently offer single purchase option as well as club membership packages.

Now, with the RocketTheme Discount offer, purchasing themes and templates at RocketTheme have become even more lucrative.

So, if the price is the only barrier between you and RocketTheme template, then go with the RocketTheme Discount offer.

The Discount is available on a single purchase as well as on club membership packages.

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