40 Best Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Adobe After Effects is the software by Adobe system. As its name, it is used after the production process in television and filmmaking as this is composting and digital explicit software. Adobe After Effects Tutorials will help you learn this amazing software.

So, Adobe After Effects is a motion graphics, visual effects, and compositing software used for post-production process for filmmaking and television production.

After Effects software is used to convert media in 3D and 2D by changing its animation, composition, and media.

If you are learning Adobe After Effects, then this post is for you.

Herein, we have listed 40 Best Adobe After Effects Tutorials.

These Adobe After Effects Tutorials will help you learn advanced techniques in After Effects and help you become Adobe After Effects expert.

These are the best After Effects Tutorials.

In fact, tutorials are the best way to learn something because it gives us a complete description of how to do a particular thing step by step.

Adobe After Effects tutorials is the best way to learn how to use Adobe After Effect software and make your video or image very creative and beautiful.

Adobe software is not very easy to use, so these tutorials help us a lot to use them.

With these After Effects tutorials, you will learn to create motion graphic from the beginning, adding effects in videos, 3D effects and much more. All of the tutorials are video based so learning will be fun, and you will learn them step by step.

These Adobes After Effects tutorials are very inspiring as after learning the use of Adobe After Effect software you can easily use them to create your own digital graphics.

With this, it helps to build beautiful graphics very swiftly and effortlessly as this software is very influential and smashing.

Below we have presented 40 Adobe After Effects tutorials from with their original sources from which you can easily learn how to use this software as well as how to give animated or digital effects to your video or image.

Have a look at all of them and learn how to use Adobe After Effect software and become a master in this field and feel free to comment and share your views.

Hope you will like these After Effects Tutorials.

These tutorials will help you become After Effects expert.

Go ahead and learn After Effects with these Best Adobe After Effects Tutorials.

40 Adobe After Effects Tutorials

1. Hollywood Movie Title Series – Dredd

This Dredd’s tutorial, you can gain knowledge of composite and animate your title by using 3D plug-in element.

Adobe After Effects Tutorials


This tutorial is based on NVIDIA OptiX technology to create CS6 raytraced 3D rendering engine.

Adobe After Effects Tutorials


This informative tutorial focused on creating the awesome paper cut an animated video for the Richard X mix of Belle and Sebastian’s.

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

4. Iron Man Interface Battle Widget

This after effects tutorial, you can find out, how to dive into creating Iron Man widget as well as the use of the various technologies.

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

5. 3D Truck Composite

This is the full informative tutorial of live 3D truck action and fake shadows and matching screen lighting with 3D elements.

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

6. Iron Man Interface Radar Widget

In this tutorial, you can learn to recreate the Iron Man radar widget by using a ton of shape layers with a lot of modifications.

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

7. How To Set Up A Color Control Panel

In this tutorial script based on creating color control panel and tips to improve your workflow.

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

8. The Jungle

You can create an overgrown jungle scene with the creative title and learn how to move 2D layers into 3D space with floating particles.

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

9. A Look At How To Use “Auto Lip-Sync.”

You can find animated realistic mouth on wood to talk about the after effect tutorial tool to make a car.

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

10. Linear Workflow For The After Effects User

You can learn to fix some problems due to working in sRGB color space by using a linear workflow.

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

11. Create a 3D Virtual Reality Video

Learn how to Create a 3D Virtual Reality Video With After Effects.

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

12. Replacing Broken and Cracked Wall in a Live Action Footage

In this Adobe After Effect Tutorial, you will learn Replacing Broken and Cracked Wall in a Live Action Footage Using 3D Tracking.

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

13. Element Animation Engine

This tutorial teaches you how to animate Pre-Fractured objects with 3D elements.

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

14. Creating a Retro Sci-fi Logo Animation

You can learn to create a Retro Sci-Fi logo by using this after effect tutorial.

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

15. Biohazard Logo

You can use the new plug-in to extrude 3D and realistic depth of field by this informative tutorial.

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

16. Studying 3D Camera Tracker

In this tutorial video, you can study to build-in 3D camera tracker in CS6 after effects.

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

17. Epic Shatter

You can learn in this video tutorial how to use 3DS Max to Create a ball shattering with RayFire.

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

18. 3D Set Extensions

This tutorial based on the creating a 3D set extension with fog using stock footage.

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

19. 3D Replicator

This Adobe After Effects Tutorial has clearly explained the 3D replicator to build complex particles.

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

20. Sketchy Stop-Motion Text Look

In this video tutorial, there are some quick tips and techniques for creating a sketchy stop motion look for text.

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

21. Building new FX from a Red Giant People Preset

This tutorial teaches you some quick tips to build a beautiful blue Plasma Fireball effects.

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

22. Kaleidoscopic Effects with Trapcode Form

This is the quick way to learn about the Kaleidospace features of Trapcode Form to create 3D mirrored kaleidoscopic effects.

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

23. Glassy Look with Magic Bullet Looks 2

You can get easy tips to build some recent tools in Magic Bullet Looks 2, to create a batter “Glassy look” by this tutorial.

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

24. Bokeh Blur in After Effects CS5.5

This tutorial helps you to create the new camera blur effects as well as ability to work with AEP file directly.

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

25. After Effects CS5.5 Workflow Techniques

This Adobe After Effects Tutorials includes new workflow technique in CS5.5, changing dual time display and enhances Disk caching.

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

26. Easy Way to Add Christmas Lights to a Scene

In this Quick-Tip, you will learn alternative ways to create realistic Christmas lights on buildings in footage and photos using Adobe After Effects.

After Effects Tutorials

27. 3D Pre-Compose Script

Pre-Compose 3D Aware effects with ease and link expressions.

After Effects Tutorials

28. How to Replace the Sky in a Video

After Effects Tutorials

29. Sci-Fi Weapon FX

Create a variety of futuristic weapon FX

After Effects Tutorials

30. Create a Paper Box Intro

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create an animation in After Effects using simple 2D shapes and export the animation to layers with an alpha channel to use in Cinema 4D as a texture.

After Effects Tutorials

31. Shockwaves

Create a powerful shockwave effect without 3rd party tools.

After Effects Tutorials

32. Create Particle-Based Explosion with FumeFX

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how I created the explosion shown in the preview above using 3ds Max and the FumeFX plugin.

After Effects Tutorials

33. Solar Atmosphere

Create a powerful sun effect in After Effects.

After Effects Tutorials

34. Using Sapphire Effect

After Effects Tutorials

35. How to Use After Effects for Web Animation Prototypes

Prototyping interfaces with After Effects is a great way of exploring complex animations, either for your own experiments or presenting to a client.

After Effects Tutorials

36. The Grid

Create an intricate grid design using built-in tools.

After Effects Tutorials

37. Optimizing Models to Use in Element 3D

In this tutorial, we will learn how to optimize 3D models before working with them in Element. Topics we will cover will be texturing, naming materials, UV mapping, and reducing poly count.

After Effects Tutorials

38. Advanced 3D Light Rays

Create 3D Light Rays inside After Effects.

After Effects Tutorials

39. Rigging and Animating a 3D Eye

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a stylized, animated eye that moves and blinks using only tools found in After Effects CC.

After Effects Tutorials

40. Color Vibrance Plug-in

Free Plug-in to create intense hot colorization in AE.

After Effects Tutorials

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