Mining Technology Benefits Through PHP Development

Offsetting major drawbacks in technology, PHP has revitalized application and web development in its own unequalled way. An important ingredient for the successes of many businesses operating in the IT realm, PHP, offers advantages in spades and lets you utilize the technology to the best of its capability.

• Picking the Content you want
PHP Script comes with a special tool called Content Cycler. Whenever you have a well-defined content cluster, you can use this tool to make an arbitrary choice for the type of content you want and how you wish to arrange it.

• Lesser Budget Jitters
As much as you want your project to rule the market, the biggest consideration, while it is being build, is to create it within your budget and not rather overspend. PHP is just the right programming language for such expectations as it arguably has no equal when it comes to cost-effectiveness. The cost saving benefits begin well and truly from the installation step as installing PHP is free of cost for the fact that it is an open source platform. Then, its dynamic capabilities ensure that you have to invest less for gaining advanced features.

• Ease of Use
Be it a programming language or a washing machine, it doesn’t serve any purpose if it has operational specifics that are hard to decrypt. And when it comes to former, PHP addresses all such issues effortlessly. You can create several powerful PHP applications even without expertise in coding department. Add to it, the compatibility of PHP with different browsers and operating systems. It is supported by Windows as well as UNIX. PHP’s compatibility extends further to MySQL database. There are a smooth transition and an operational efficiency when you are working, and it also works perfectly with other business databases like Oracle and IBM DB2.

• There is always someone to help you out
As soon as you step into a PHP community, the realization quickly dawns that there is absolutely no scarcity of likewise individuals who love working on PHP. These communities are filled with people who have invested years in their attempt to master this platform. Any issues you face are promptly resolved just by calling out for help from the available communities.

• Better Equipped Against Intrusion
Hacking, intercepting and intruding are the major attacks to any application or tool that runs online. While there are measures taken to evade such threats, some loopholes always creep in inside the system. However, PHP boasts of enough robustness to keep the hackers at bay. Hacking can lead to major technological disasters, not to mention a serious dent on a developer’s confidence. Protection against hacking further leads to savings on cost as in an event somebody is successful in breaking into your systems, he/she can wreck technological havoc. PHP guards the applications against any such mishaps.

• Faster Websites
PHP majorly boosts website development for the fact that it has a bevy of in-built functions and tools that boast of ingenious features. PHP has been able to successfully meet the ever going demands of businesses and have enabled them create a niche for themselves through their online operations. The PHP developed websites have faster loading times, and they also offer other significant benefits like smooth navigation, peak performance, greater control over design, and amazing customization capabilities, etc. PHP derives its power from the fact that there are people who are working relentlessly to make this the most popular and dynamic of all platforms.

Mining Technology Benefits Through PHP Development

The Best PHP Frameworks for Your Business
• YII: For speed and sleekness, Yii can’t be beaten. And not to mention the buoyed security parameters.
• CodeIgniter: CodeIgniter is an excellent platform for operational ease and high performance.
• Cake: Owing to its features like translations, creating applications using Cake framework is a pretty non-fussy exercise
• Zend: Developing web applications using Zend makes for one rewarding experience as you can equip the app with some breakthrough features.
• Symfony: One of the lightest of all frameworks, creating apps using Symfony is a breeze
• PHPDevShell: It also comes with some great logics for developing an app characterized by high performance
• QPHP: QPHP manages to cover a lot of grey areas which sometimes are not addressed by other frameworks
• Prado: Working with Prado means you don’t need to be a code specialist, as writing code in this framework means you are also offered with a lot of assistances.
• Zoop: Because of its robust structure, Zoop ensures that you steer clear of critical errors
• Akelo: Akelo comes equipped with a host of library functions to helkp you create out-of-textboook applications.

Learning PHP

Once you become acquainted with the PHP benefits and the most popular frameworks PHP comes with for helping you create applications of the highest order, there are two ways to go about it – either you hire people if there is an urgency to build a PHP project, or you take your time in learning the nitty-gritty of PHP. The following section focuses on the latter. It doesn’t dole out PHP lessons, rather, it suggests you places which are most sought-after by people willing to make themselves familiar with PHP and get going with developing some impressive apps

PHP: A Simple Tutorial

For the beginners, this website is a learning haven where they are provided access to the most user-friendly and easy to understand PHP tutorial that starts from the most molecular level. This tutorial doesn’t twine you in the complexities of PHP and rather keep things pretty much simple, as the name suggests. It throws light on the essential PHP syntax you need to use in just about every PHP code and guides you to create your first PHP page without a lot of setups. Making your page compatible across different browsers is also something you can effortlessly learn through this tutorial. Moreover, the handling of HTML forms is one of the most resourceful use of PHP, and this tutorial focuses on this aspect in detail.


Tutorialspoint starts with the basics and takes the lessons a little further by introducing you to more advanced concepts of PHP like PHP arrays, strings, cookies, sessions, loop types, and much more. You get an understanding of how to upload the files in PHP and what are the different operating types in the programming language, apart from being introduced to the coding standards. This tutorial also elucidates the relationship between PHP and MySQL, PHP and Ajax, PHP and XML, etc. Thereby; you are guided on how you can integrate database with your PHP project.


If software development has meant anything to you in the past, you have probably heard of w3schools. For those who have learned some programming language or the other at some point in their lives and have referred to this amazingly useful website. W3schools cleverly amalgamates basics with the more convoluted concepts to give you a deep insight into the PHP world. The website has a huge line of elucidatory examples that give you a real-time view of what you are learning, as you know how a particular loop of operator is fitted into the PHP code.

Going about how significant these tutorials prove to be in your endeavor to learn PHP would be an exercise in futility if you don’t go ahead and visit them yourself. As someone who’s willing to dedicatedly learn PHP, it’s time to take the necessary plunge.

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