30 Brilliant Cinema 4D Tutorials

Cinema 4D is one of the most widely used animation, 3D & Motion, modeling, and rendering application. It is highly popular with film and motion graphic artists. Here under, we have shown an awesome compilation of 30 Brilliant Cinema 4D Tutorials. These tutorials will help you explore the modeling, graphical and animation capabilities of Cinema 4D in a more comprehensive manner.

As a matter of fact, Cinema 4d has been empowered with a very intuitive interface and a sound and logical workflow environment which makes it hugely popular animation software for beginners as well as for the professional graphic designers.

With Cinema 4D, you can do all sorts of procedural and polygonal sub modeling, lighting, animation, texturing and rendering.

To get a taste of the powerful application of Cinema 4D, just have a look at some of the top animation movies like Spiderman 3, Polar Express, Monster House, and Chronicles of Narnia. These movies have been created using the Graphical and animating capabilities of Cinema 4D.

In fact, tutorials are the best way for learning any application or software. With Cinema 4D, it is also very much true. These Cinema 4D Tutorials present you the detailed steps and techniques necessary to create a fantastic and unique animation. There are scores of techniques which you need to learn and master, in order to better utilize the capabilities of Cinema 4D.

Learning can be an endless experience with Cinema 4D. In fact, Cinema 4D has been designed with the perspective of supporting the graphic motion artists to produce some great digital, 3D, and motion graphic creations. Your creative juices are at peak when you begin using Cinema 4D. The 30 Brilliant Cinema 4D Tutorials will help you to learn and master various modern techniques of creating graphical masterpieces with Cinema 4D.

I have taken care to include the latest and the most vivid Tutorials in Cinema 4D. These 30 Brilliant Cinema 4D Tutorials can be equally good for beginners, advanced users, as well as for seasoned professionals in Cinema 4D.

So enjoy learning Cinema 4D with these 30 Brilliant Cinema 4D Tutorials.

30 Useful Cinema 4D Tutorials

1. Free Vampire Sculpting cinema 4d R15

In cinema 4d r14 it is easier to sculpt, and as they can see in the tutor the execution time it is less, Since the new tools allow us to create from this vampire teeth to the tongue,
that just looks amazing thanks to the new system of physical rendering of cinema 4 d training. The video tutorial is free and you can download it along with project files.
Cinema 4D Tutorials

2. Use Cinema 4D as a Time Based Animation Cache Sculptor

In this tutorial you are presented with a technique for using Cinema 4D’s built in tools to be able to sculpt on animation cache files. This can be a great workflow for adding corrective shapes to the deformation of a character, or altering the model by actually sculpting changes over time, directly from the animation cache.
Cinema 4D Tutorials

3. Cinema 4D Quick Tip: Using PSR Constraint Tag Targets

In this Cinema 4D quick tip you will learn doing character animation using Constraint Tags. You will learn to use PSR Target option to be able to morph an object from one target to another. For example, this can come in handy when you have a character picking up an object or placing it down, this option allows you to morph between the grasp of the character and the final placement of the object.
Cinema 4D Tutorials

4. Dynamic Valentine Day Animation in Cinema 4D

Create a Cool looking Valentine Day 3D animation using Cinema 4D. It all starts with creating a heart shape in illustrator and then working with Cinema 4D to set up an awesome animation using dynamic simulations. You add materials to the scene, render the animation, and finally use After Effects to give final touches to the 3D animation by adding motion blur, flares, particles, and color correction.
Cinema 4D Tutorials

5. Free Venom sculpting cinema 4d r14

In this Cinema 4D Tutorial, the character presented is from marvel universe, The number one enemy of spider man that is called ‘venom’ , In this tutorial we use more tools to sculpt , some knowledge is also necessary to model the mouth and tongue, but all that is made very easy with cinema 4 d tutorials. As always the project files are free.
Cinema 4D Tutorials

6. Driving X-Particles With Turbulence FD Fluids

In this tutorial, Mike Batchelor walks us through creating a particle animation using X-Particles for Cinema 4D, showing how they can be driven by fluid fields from Turbulence FD.
Cinema 4D Tutorials

7. Dynamic Catapult Animation in Cinema 4D: Part 6

In the final part of the dynamic catapult series, you get to add the camera to the scene and create a sweeping crane motion using key frame animation. Go onto jazz things up by modeling the hills in the background and add some clouds to the sky. Finally, wrapping the project up by discussing render settings for animation.
Cinema 4D Tutorials

8. Splitting Objects Into Animated Rotating Tiles

In this tutorial, Philipp Pavlov shows how he created and animated the rotating tiles for the intro of his demo reel.
Cinema 4D Tutorials

9. Cinema 4D Quick Tip: Freeze Transformation

In this Cinema 4D quick tip you will learn to Freeze Transformation.
Freeze Transformation is very useful when doing character animation as well as other workflows.
Cinema 4D Tutorials

10. Creating Wireframe Renders With V-Ray

Returning to expel the benefits of rendering with VRay in Cinema 4D, Josef Bsharah shows how to create an effect using the V-Ray Edges Shader and a rendering override to create the wireframe on clay look in his scene.
Cinema 4D Tutorials

11. Free How to make a Dragon in Cinema 4d

The dragons are mythical creatures represented in many different ways in the VFX world. Now you can create your own figure of a dragon with cinema4d .
Do a fierce dragon, with scales(flakes) and big canine teeth. Or create a version of a dragon in a fairy tale with small wings and a friendly smile. in cinema 4d
Cinema 4D Tutorials

12. Introduction to Greebler for Cinema 4D

The tutorial takes a look at the Greebler Cinema 4D plugin.
Once you get aware with the usability and functions of Greebler plugin, you will be able to achieve amazing results with just a few clicks.
Cinema 4D Tutorials

13. Free Tumbler Batmobile Modeling cinema 4d

Learn how to model some of the most amazing Batman cars in cinema 4d, This tutorial is over 15 hours performed for beginner and advanced.
Cinema 4D Tutorials

14. Creating Textures for a Free Arcade Cabinet Model and Screen

Rory provides a free model of an old upright arched cabinet for download, and shows how to create textures for it and it’s screen.
Rory also takes a look at a couple of methods for creating a video-texture for the tv screen of the arched cabinet, and takes the project though to lighting setup and render.
Cinema 4D Tutorials

15. Using the Align to Spline Tag with Xpresso in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial you will learn using Cinema 4D’s ‘Align to Spline’ tag or splines in general. You’ll get to know how to align & animate with the tips of an object created by a SweepNURB or a SplineWrap Deformer as one would when creating such things as a power cord with a plug, or a headphone cord with a headphone jack, or any abstract animation where you need an object to move perfectly with the movement/growth of the SweepNURB. You’ll go onto learn to use simple XPresso setup to have total control over the entire SweepNURB growth/object tip rig to animate by adjusting just one parameter.
Cinema 4D Tutorials

16. Free Assault Rifle – District 9 in c4d

In this Cinema 4D Tutorial, you learn advanced techniques for modeling a District 9 rifle,
This tutorial includes the model of the rifle in vray with its textures so that they can use in their projects
Cinema 4D Tutorials

17. Animated Holiday-themed Background in Cinema 4D

Learn to create a great looking animated winter background of falling snow. Starting in illustrator, you’ll prepare the snowflake vector shapes and export them into Cinema 4D. Where you’ll extrude and animate the snowflakes before rendering. From there it’s into After Effects, where you’ll harness the power of Particular to create falling snow and composite the elements together.
Cinema 4D Tutorials

18. Cinema 4D | Setting Lights for A Scene in Space

This is the third and final part to Shane Benson’s tutorial for building the lighting in Cinema 4d of a space scene. Shane took an interesting approach to this lighting tutorial, breaking it in three parts which covered modeling and surfaces as well, and when you think about that, it makes sense. The model will catch the light in a certain way that will be unique to the scene, and the materials play a huge role in how the lighting for the scene works, especially if you are NOT keeping “physical” render properties throughout your scene.
Cinema 4D Tutorials

19. Create Embossed Business Cards with Cinema 4D

In this tutorial Chris Schmidt will show you how to modeling using splines and extrude some embossed graphics on a card. Combining a variety of modeling, lighting, texturing, and rendering techniques you’ll create a series of subtle effects that when combined create a realistic image.
Cinema 4D Tutorials

20. Using the Align to Spline Tag in Cinema 4D

Offering a look at some time saving tips in Cinema 4D, EJ Hassenfratz shows how to use the Splines and Align To Spline Tags with Xpresso running a few practical examples.
Cinema 4D Tutorials

21. Free Seeker Gears of War sculpting cinema 4d

With cinema 4d you can create all kinds of models. Now with the sculpting technology, the possibilities are endless to films and games. This Cinema 4D tutorial is based on the game gear of wars; this character has two types of design, that are mechanical and organic and with cinema4d , both results can be obtained.
Cinema 4D Tutorials

22. Cinema 4D Tutorial on Using Mograph to Create a ‘Transparency Effector’

In this Cinema 4D Tutorial you will learn how you can use Mograph Effectors to change the transparency of objects. You’ll learn to use effectors to fade on or off MoText objects letter by letter. You can also use this technique to affect transparency of any object that you can apply an Effector to, like placing them inside a Cloner Object or Fracture Object.
Cinema 4D Tutorials

23. Free cartoon – Cube object

If you’re new to cinema 4d and you have no idea how to start modeling , we recommend you these tutorials. In this opportunity we will use some of the Basic objects in cinema 4d “the cube object”. As always include the project and the free tutorial in cinema 4d.
Cinema 4D Tutorials

24. Tips for Rendering Animations with Cinema 4D

In this Cinema 4D Tutorial, you will learn to render out animations. You will know about aspect ratios, the pros and cons of different file formats, and the benefits of using object buffers, and why they’re important when it comes to compositing. This is targeted at people who are just getting into animation, and is based on common mistakes people often make.
Cinema 4D Tutorials

25. Understanding the Track Operator Xpresso Node

Previously showing how the Time Operator Node in Cinema 4D will allow you to create animation without the use of any keyframes, MoGraphCandy’s Dan Conrad expands on that premise with the Track Operator Xpresso Node.
Cinema 4D Tutorials

26. Create a Fractured Text Transition in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial learn to recreate the Winter X-Games 2013 text fracture transition using Cinema 4D. First you will learn how to key frame the words going from one word to another using the MoType object, then add distortion using a Displacer deformer and other methods to get the a seamless, smooth, and organic fractured text transition. Finally, learn how you can easy change the words to create a new text transition quickly and easily!
Cinema 4D Tutorials

27. Using the Tracer Object for Easy Object Transitions

Creating an interesting transition between moving objects, Audio Visual Designer Miquel Rodriguez Estany shares how to use the Tracer Object in Cinema 4D that can yield an easy and varied way to create transitions.
Cinema 4D Tutorials

28. Stylized Snowman and Xpresso Driven Trees in Cinema 4D – Part 4

In this final part of the Snowman series, you will learn to harness the raw power of Xpresso to create a snow covered tree for our scene. We’ll use a series of Xpresso nodes to build a system that will allow us to dynamically change the tree’s size, scale and segments on the fly, without the need to re-model or manually adjust settings.
Cinema 4D Tutorials

29. Free Alien Basic Sculpting cinema 4d

This is one of the most basic tutorials to get you started to model IN cinema 4d,and is called kAMINO alien of star wars. With cinema 4d you can create from a complex structure to simple things, in this case as an alien. The results are optimal in cinema 4d, and anyone can start modeling with this tutorial in cinema 4d r14.
Cinema 4D Tutorials

30. Creating the Data Flow in Cinema 4D

FLOW explores a workflow experienced in a real life motion graphics & visual effects project. Please enjoy Part 3 where you will learn to create the data flow in Cinema 4D using the 3D tracking data. First, you will go over the importance of using reference images to help open visual conversation with the client on pinning down an approved concept. Then, you will see some of the R&D we went through to come to a polished data flow style. Finally, we will go over how to handle client feedback that can force you to scrap your original concept and how to stay on track despite large scale client changes.
Cinema 4D Tutorials

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