Taking Video Screenshot with VLC Player

We upload videos on web or we make videos with our video camera. Many times we need to take a picture from that video. snapshot1Some time it is little difficult task to take picture from video.

You can use Print screen button on your keyboard to take picture of your desktop or current window but it is not a good way to capture image of video it also shows all desktop area not just image we need. You can take good screenshot of vides with VLC media player. vlc-pic

VLC media player comes with inbuilt feature to take video snapshot. To capture screenshot you must have VLC player or you can download it from here.

Capturing Screenshot of Video vlc-video-menu

1. Open your video on VLC media player.
2. Pause your video to the point for which you need to capture image.
3. On Video menu click Snapshot (Menu bar –> Video –> Snapshot)
4. Your image is saved
5. You can access your image from default store location.
6. To change default storage location go to Menu –> Tools –> Preference
7. Under Preference –> Video –> Video Snapshot section. Change your location.

It is one of the easiest ways to capture Video snapshot. If you know more ways of capturing video image then please share your expertise.

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  1. actually, the default shortcut SHIFT + S makes it even more comfortable…


  2. Thanks a Lot Ravi, for making us aware of this function – I like it very much
    can’t further elaborate on how to do this procedure for fixed duration of time ( say for 2 minutes )

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