Five reasons to go for Cloudiro VPS Hosting is a great Virtual Private Server VPS hosting that will prove to be exactly what your business needs. To boost your online business, you will certainly need guaranteed resources and root access. Great news is that, you don’t have to search any further, for Cloudiro provides these crucial features at very reasonable prices and terms. You would have never thought that setting up your Cloud could be so easy and affordable.

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1. Affordable prices
Cloudiro’s services come at low prices, starting from $30 in US and Europe regions and $40 in Singapore, Asia Pacific. Depending on which region your target audience are in, you will just have to choose the right virtual machine for your business and pay a monthly fee for this package, via PayPal.

Cloudiro VPS Hosting

2. Full refund
If you are reluctant to go for Cloudiro’s services with a monthly commitment because you are unsure if this is really what you need, there is a solution for you. Sign up for an account and should be you dissatisfied with the service from Cloudiro, you may notify them within seven days after your transaction and receive a full refund.

3. Easy to use
Who doesn’t desire to go for services that will save their time? You should be happy to learn that Cloudiro is the brainchild of a team of an experienced user experience designers and developers, who loves to make their users happy. A clean and simple user interface is what you need to manage your hosting account details and perform upgrades with a breeze.

Cloudiro VPS Hosting

4. Easy to upgrade
When you are just starting up, you may begin by opting for the smallest sized virtual machine, which has definitely enough random access memory (RAM) and free bandwidth to serve the initial needs of your online business.

As your business grows and you realize that you need more to cope with the higher demands of your site traffic, you can upgrade your package in less than ten minutes.

Cloudiro VPS Hosting

5. Great support
When you have a burning question, all you have to do is to send a message to Cloudiro, and you can be well assured that Cloudiro’s support team will be there to attend to you in the shortest possible time. All your questions will be answered with prompt, and you will be happy to have a virtual yet very reliable support around.

Last not least, Cloudiro has data centers in three different regions, in US, Europe and Asia Pacific, and plenty of awesome features to offer, such as full SSH access, premium bandwidth, or free Anycast DNS. Be it features or location, Cloudiro should definitely be your choice of Virtual Private Server Cloud.

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