How To Chose Right Hosting and Hosting Provider

Before setting up a blog, you need web hosting and domain name. Most of the bloggers use WordPress for their blog. Now the question is which hosting they need shared hosting, VPS or dedicated hosting, and from where to buy hosting and domain.

When you are just going to start your blogging journey and don’t know how far you will go than most of the people look for cheapest options.
They search for cheap domain and hosting to start their blogging career.

Choosing web hosting depends on how serious you are for your online business. If your are starting your blog or website for learning and testing then you can go with low-cost hosting providers, but if you are serious about your online business then you should choose more robust option.

How To Chose Right Hosting and Hosting Provider

Type of Web Hosting

There are a lot of hosting option you will find, but every hosting option is not suitable for your needs. So first learn types of hosting options.

Shared Hosting – If you are just starting and your business is not that serious then you should go with Shared Hosting. As the name suggests shared, hosting is shared the space on a web server. Hosting providers sell space on the servers to many clients thus server management costs get reduced, and they provide shared hosting for low price. This is most affordable option for hosting your website. You are sharing server resource with many other people and websites. Shared hosting can cost you about $2-$5 per month.

Virtual Private Server or VPS – On VPS, hosting providers virtually divide server resources with limited clients thus VPS owner get more power and more control, but on higher cost compare to shared hosting. Every VPS owner can host single or multiple domains on their VPS hosting account. On VPS hosting you get fixed CPU resources, RAM, storage space and bandwidth.

VPS hosting is good for those who get good traffic on their website or need more server resources and are ready to pay some extra cost. VPS can cost you $20 to $100 per month depended on how much RAM and other resources you need for your VPS hosting.

Dedicated Server – This is like having your server, no other person can use your server. This is your machine with full server resources, whole processing power, RAM, storage space and much more. Dedicated server is for those who get a lot of traffic on their website; they run shopping site or any other heavy work. On dedicated, server nothing is shared you can use your server with full resources. When you are getting full server then, you have to pay lot more than shared and VPS hosting, dedicated, hosting can cost you from $100 to $500 or more depending on server configuration.

Now you know what comes under your budget, and you may have chosen which hosting option is right for you, but still you have to choose which hosting provider.

Choosing Hosting provider is little tricky, if you chose wrong provider, and your site gets down on a regular basis then how will you run your business. You will waste your time on managing your hosting and will give less time to your website or blog.

What is The Solution?

Solutions for this problem don’t just go with any web hosting provider or look for cheap hosting provider.

Before buying any hosting plan do some research and read some user reviews. This will help you to find good hosting provider. If any reputed and good hosting provider is costing a little high then don’t worry go with it, because it will help you to focus on your business and don’t need to focus on server downtimes.

No hosting provider is perfect it may be good for someone, but maybe not for you because your requirements are different so check hosting provider who fulfil your hosting requirements.

Hope this article will help you to find right hosting provider.

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  1. If you design & develop a fabulous website and don’t select a good hosting provider or the wrong solution, the performance of the site will suffer badly. Downtime and any other server related errors and space / bandwidth etc plays a vital role. If your site is large and into eCommerce, it is best to go for at-least a VPS server or a dedicated one for maximum stability. Static websites can afford to be on shared servers and websites like youtube obviously should be hosted in a cloud server due to enormous content and traffic.

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