10 Best WordPress Theme Frameworks

WordPress is the best blogging platform with its high customizability options allowing you to change your blog as you like. Powerful WordPress themes increase its power and blog looks. WordPress Theme Frameworks will help you to give a look and feel as you like for your website.

There are thousands of free and paid WordPress themes available. You can get lots of themes as per your requirement, but sometimes we want few more features which are not available on a particular theme.

Here come WordPress theme frameworks, WordPress theme frameworks are just like other WP themes, but they are much powerful than regular WordPress themes.

Theme Frameworks can be best described as being the foundation of a WordPress Theme. The Theme Framework consists of code which has the basic features and design elements.

WordPress Theme Frameworks enable webmasters to create custom designs and are similar to parent themes. They are used as a starting point for creating a new theme. They provide the necessary code so that webmasters do not have to reinvent the wheel every time they build a new site.

WordPress Theme Frameworks can be categorized into two main categories. Firstly, there are in-house frameworks that are used by a specific theme shop. Secondly, there are frameworks that can be used as a foundation for any project.

Theme frameworks enable theme developers to get a head start on a project. It also enables webmasters to switch between themes without having to lose access to the core features and functionality of their websites.

When website owners retain the same framework during the change of themes they can easily keep their configuration choices, settings, and options. It makes the transition easy and straightforward.

Sometimes the theme and framework come as separate items. In such cases, a framework is used with a separate child theme that works with the framework. In other cases, frameworks come integrated with a theme as a single package.

As mentioned earlier, using a theme framework makes switching themes easier. The migration process becomes a lot easier when you choose a different theme keeping the same framework. Also, a theme framework is a good indication of the quality of the theme.

Plus, with popular frameworks, you get good support communities. So, when you run into problems or want to customize your theme, you can always look for support from the community. The best WordPress Theme Frameworks also provide additional tools that help to add new features and capabilities to your website.

WordPress theme frameworks come with many customization and layout options. You get many widgets locations and not just that a powerful control panel which let you change your blog features and look in just a few clicks.

You can also install child themes available for WordPress theme frameworks which help you to increase the look of your blog. There are many free and paid WordPress theme framework available, and we have shortlisted 10 of them here. Have a look at these great WordPress theme frameworks.

10 Powerful WordPress Theme Frameworks

1. Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework is created by famous WordPress theme developer StudioPress. Genesis provides the secure and search-engine-optimized foundation. The 35 Genesis turn-key designs give you an array of beautiful frames for your content. You can also buy premium WP theme developed on Genesis Framework from StudioPress.

Genesis comes as a highly secure, customizable, and mobile-friendly WordPress Theme Framework. It offers Custom Page Templates, elaborate Theme Options, Featured Content Widgets, and many other cool features. It has to be installed as a parent theme and then it can be customized by using a child theme.

Genesis is the market leader in premium theme frameworks. It is a safe bet considering its vast set of APIs, a large community base, and extensive documentation. It is suitable for developers as well as non-developers.

Genesis is built using HTML5 which makes it a highly responsive and lightweight solution for all sorts of WordPress websites. It strikes the best balance between affordability and power. It has a very active developer community which can be a great support to you whenever you are stuck up.

Genesis Framework - WordPress Theme Frameworks

2. Gantry

Gantry is an amazing free WordPress theme framework by RocketTheme. It is an extremely fast and lightweight theme framework for building WordPress and Joomla Themes.

Gantry framework is available for WordPress and Joomla. It is highly customizable; you have to install Gantry framework, and you can also use free child theme available for Gantry framework.

RocketTheme is the developer of premium WordPress theme, and their themes are developed on Gantry framework. You can buy premium themes or use some free theme from RocketTheme for Gantry framework.

The Gantry Framework provides a visual menu editor and an Ajax Admin for making the backend incredibly fast. It has a drag-and-drop layout manager and a content block builder known as Particle System. It has been empowered with many sophisticated visual design features like a font picker, an icon picker, an image picker and many others.

Gantry has a fully responsive design which fits into screens with any pixel size such as Smartphones and tablets. It can switch your website to maintenance mode when you are making changes. Gantry allows you to add custom CSS to existing tags for modifying the styling of your site. It also supports multiple templates for different page layouts and views on your website.
Gantry comes as an ideal WordPress Theme Framework if you want to build customizable page layouts for your WordPress website.

Gantry - WordPress Theme Frameworks

3. Divi

Divi comes with possibly everything that you want in a theme framework. It functions as an all-around solution for web developers. Divi comes as a flagship and multipurpose WordPress Theme from Elegant Themes. It features a drag-and-drop page builder tool and has an extensive collection of pre-built page templates. Due to its features and functionality, Divi can also be used as a framework for different website projects.

The Divi Page Builder enables you to easily create intricate web pages by adding sidebars, sliders, portfolios, and maps in a few clicks. It features pre-packaged layouts which make it easy for you to know the ins and outs of this powerful theme framework before you go on to build your custom layout. Creating custom website designs is pretty straightforward and code-free experience with Divi.

For getting access to Divi, you have to join the Elegant Themes Club. This Elegant Themes framework has been integrated into the themes themselves. Some of the common framework features consist of an intuitive control panel, search engine optimized code with impressive loading time. Using Divi theme framework, you get access to its drag-and-drop page designer tool.

If you want to create a custom website, then Divi is one of those frameworks which you should surely consider.

Divi - WordPress Theme Frameworks

4. Themify Framework

The Themify Framework is one of the most flexible and easy-to-use WordPress Theme Framework. It is an integrated theme framework, so you have to use one of the Themify’s themes to be able to use it. It features Themify Builder with which you can create amazing custom page layouts for your WordPress website.

It also provides an intuitive drag-and-drop panel with which you can add various design elements such as galleries, widgets, sliders, maps, and much more. It’s a blessing for webmasters who shy away from coding.

The Themify framework enables you to create visually stunning pages without requiring coding any page templates. Its Live Preview functionality enables web developers to preview the changes as they go on to build their WordPress Website.

The Themify Framework also provides a wide array of pre-installed templates and pre-designed page layouts. It comes with shortcode integration which enables you to add design elements to your pages.

Themify Framework - WordPress Theme Frameworks

5. Thesis Theme Framework

The Thesis Theme Framework is an elegant and flexible WordPress Theme Framework especially designed for bloggers and small business entrepreneurs. It provides social media and email subscription services right out of the box. Setting up a website with Thesis is simple and fast. It comes with drag-and-drop functionality which enables users for designing their website pages without requiring to code.

The thesis is truly developer friendly providing special built-in code editor for having finer control over their theme design. It provides tons of customization options and can be easily used by developers as well as webmasters. It provides editable Skins with which developers can easily implement beautiful designs. With its Boxes functionality users can point and click add-on functionality without requiring to code.

Thesis Theme - WordPress Theme Frameworks

6. PageLines Platform Pro

Platform Pro is premium Drag & Drop WordPress Theme Framework which helps you build websites faster and better using drag and drop, layout, typography, design-control. With its Draggable Layout Builder, just drag & drop to set up your content layout. Then select each of your five layout options on a page-by-page basis.

So, it enables you to build better websites with less debugging and frustration easily. PageLines Platform Pro is extremely fast, bloat-free and easy to work with. It is built for web professionals and their clients. Moreover, it requires no coding. Just drop in sections of pre-coded design with a single click. The best part is, it works with any standard WordPress Theme.

PageLines Platform Pro - WordPress Theme Frameworks

7. iThemes Builder

iThemes provides the powerful iThemes Builder WordPress Theme Framework that can be used as a parent theme as well as for creating custom child themes. It employs responsive design for supporting incoming traffic from different screen sized devices.

Its Layout Editor provides everything you need for building an elegant layout. It enables you to insert all kinds of page elements and modules for building your site. It goes on to offer complete flexibility without code.

iThemes Builder comes with a Style Manager Plugin which helps you to create a stunning website design using different color palettes and backgrounds. iThemes Builder comes empowered with Blocks functionality which enables you to create all kinds of niche specific websites, such as travel blogs, restaurant sites, event planning sites, and online music hubs.

iThemes Builder - WordPress Theme Frameworks

8. Headway

Headway is another very flexible and powerful WordPress Theme Framework. It features a drag and drop website builder together with many other elements such as colors, fonts, and multiple layouts.

It is coded in HTML5 and CSS3 and is automatically responsive. Headway features multiple blocks like header, image, custom code, navigation, social icons, slider, content, text, listings, widget area, embed, and listings. It comes as a drag and drop framework that enables you to control every element of your theme design.

Its Headway Grid enables you to create the layout of your choices such as one column, two columns, three columns, and a mix by simply dragging and dropping every element into place.

Its Design Editor enables you to style your site the way you want. It is a widely recommended framework for non-developers and designers who are not well versed in coding. However, developers can also modify or extend its code using its live CSS Editor. It enables you to create your own Headway child themes and Block Types.

Headway - WordPress Theme Frameworks

9. Canvas

Canvas is highly customizable theme by WooThemes. With its options panel and 100+ options, you can design layout and typography exactly as you want. You can also choose between 6 different layouts for and order of content/sidebars. Canvas also lets you specify individual layouts per post or page.

Canvas has a minimalistic design and is loaded with powerful functionality. Canvas is a highly flexible WordPress Theme Framework which enables webmasters to easily modify each design element so that it suits their business brand identity.

Its Theme Options Panel enables users to work with theme’s layout, color palettes, and fonts. Canvas can also be used as a parent theme. It’s a good choice for both WordPress newbie as well as professional web developers. It supports WooCommerce functionality and integrates seamlessly with the extensions and plugins. It also comes with pre-integrated templates.

Canvas - WordPress Theme Frameworks

10. Redux Framework

Redux is free, open source Theme Options Framework. Its primary goal is to help developers create and add custom Options to their themes. So, Redux is not for beginner coders. Redux makes existing themes more user-friendly and helps non-developers and webmasters to customize their theme.

It employs WordPress Settings API, custom validation classes, and import/export functionality. Redux fulfills Envato’s submission requirements so it can turn out a superb choice for selling premium themes on Themeforest. It’s already being used by scores of successful authors.

Redux Framework - WordPress Theme Frameworks

Hope you liked this presentation of 10 Best WordPress Theme Frameworks. Do share which WordPress Theme Framework you use.

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