8 Best WordPress Ad-Management Plugins

The Ad-based revenue model is quite popular with bloggers and webmasters. Many blogs are generating a sizable portion of their income through banner ads and display advertisements. If you too want to channelize and use advertisements in your WordPress website then by using Ad Management Plugins, you can surely achieve your end.

Hereunder I showcase to you 8 Best WordPress Ad-Management Plugins with which you can manage ads running on your WordPress website.

These WordPress Ad-Management Plugins will provide an easy way for managing advertising on your WordPress site and will provide you an opportunity for maximizing your site’s earnings. They are powerful, easy-to-use, flexible and feature rich. They can be easily implemented and do not take much of your time.

With these WordPress Ad Management Plugins, you get absolute control over your ad space. They handle all the functions related to ad management. I have taken care to compile the best WordPress Ad-Management Plugins available in the online marketplace. Some of these Plugins are free while rests are paid. They provide you the best solutions for running and managing ads on your WordPress website.

So have a look at these 8 Best WordPress Ad-Management Plugins and I surely believe that you would get a suitable one matching your requirement.

8 WordPress Ad-Management Plugins

1. AdRotate

AdRotate is one of the most extensive WordPress Ad-Management Plugin. With AdRotate start managing ads running on your website and get an opportunity to make money with your website. Its dashboard allows easy Ad Management. You can add and manage Ads, show a random banner, edit banner code and can even delete, renew or add new ads. It even allows you to preview banner ads while editing them. Moreover, with AdRotate you get unlimited groups for banners which make it possible to tie banners in various areas of your website. And that’s not all as its Geolocation facility allows you to tie adverts to different areas of the world. With its easy to use dashboard, managing adverts becomes a child’s play.
Its well laid out menu structures and features makes Ad Management straightforward and easy.
Ad-Management Plugins

2. OIOpublisher

OIOpublisher is an Ad Management tool available as a plugin for your WordPress powered websites. OIOpublisher WordPress Ad Management Plugin gives you the opportunity to maximize your revenue, saves times and provides absolute control over your ad space. OIOpublisher eliminates the need of the middlemen and allows you directly to sell ads through your website. OIOpublisher handles all the functions related to ad management tool such as payments, reporting, tracking and much more. With OIOpublisher, you can have ad zones of different sizes and types on your WordPress website. Select the number of ads to be displayed in each zone, choose a price, rotation factor, targeting, and much more. OIOpublisher comes as an easy to use WordPress Ad Management Plugin. It has a sidebar widget which allows you to add ad zones into your sidebar. OIOpublisher comes as a premium plugin and provides lots of support options as well.
Ad-Management Plugins

3. AdSanity

AdSanity is a WordPress Ad Management Plugin, which makes Ad Management very simple. It is simple and lightweight and has been designed focusing the element of ease of use. AdSanity comes as a light ad rotator plugin for WordPress. Managing Ads with WordPress is really very simple. With AdSanity, you can create and manage ads show on your WordPress website. It has an easy set up. If you are familiar with managing posts and categories, you will find managing ads with AdSanity equally easy, as well. It has two custom ad widgets – One for displaying single ads and another for showing ad groups. It supports graphical stats which make possible for you to know how your ads are performing on your website. It even supports two-publishing options such as infinite and date-based.
Ad-Management Plugins

4. ADS PRO – Multi-Purpose WordPress Ad Manager

Ads Pro is another popular WordPress Ad Management Plugin listed on CodeCanyon. This WordPress Advertisement Management plug-in helps you to manage, sell and display advertisement on your website. With Ads Pro display banner ads, including Google AdSense banners in more than 20 ways! Ads Pro is 100% free from Ad blocker.

Some other features of Ads Pro are Geographical targeting, Schedule ads, show Ads in Specific Devices (desktop, mobile, or tablet), show / close Ads after X seconds, 25+ Responsive Ad Templates and much more.
ADS PRO - Multi-Purpose WordPress Ad Manager

5. WP Adcenter

WP Adcenter is a complete Ad Management Plugin for WordPress. With WP Adcenter, you get perfect control over every advertising aspect on your WordPress powered website. You get detailed statistics and come to know how your ads are performing. WP Adcenter allows you to place banner ads on your WordPress powered website by using a widget or shortcode or by editing your theme file. You can rotate banners and can even place multiple banners in one Ad-Zone. WP Adcenter comes as a complete, responsive Advertising Management Plugin. It has an easy to use plugin interface through which you can manage every aspect of your display advertising. It allows you to create multiple Ad-Zones around your website. It allows advertisers to directly sign up on your website and pay for an advert. WP Adcenter supports detailed statistics for each of your advertising campaign. Plus: you get access to dedicated support, as well.
Ad-Management Plugins

6. AdPress

AdPress comes as a premium plugin for managing advertising on your WordPress powered website. It is a fully featured and powerful plugin for selling and displaying ads for your WordPress website. You can create Ad campaign in few clicks with its AdPress Ad Designer. It comes with PayPal integration together with Sandbox mode and refunds support. Users are allowed to sign up and Purchase Ad spots from their profile dashboard. AdPress provides extensive statistics with CTR. It even records the history of purchases of each Ad. AdPress also offers extensive support in the form of forums, emails, and help file.
Ad-Management Plugins

7. WP PRO Advertising System

WP PRO Advertising System is a powerful Ad Management Plugin, which easily manages advertising on your WordPress website. It comes empowered with features to manage advertisements on your website together with managing advertisers, banners & ad zones, and campaigns. It even tracks clicks, impressions, and CTR in a matter of just few seconds. WP PRO Advertising System is a simple and yet professional Ad Management Plugin. It is easy, flexible and just perfect. With WP PRO Advertising System you can manage advertisers, campaigns, banners, adzones, and have an extensive overview of statistics for tracking performance.
Ad-Management Plugins

8. Banner Manager Pro

Banner Manager Pro is another powerful Ad Management Plugin, which allows you to manage and sell banner spots on your WordPress website. You can have different types of banners, sell them directly to advertisers, and can accept payments through multiple payment gateways including PayPal, InterKassa, Payza, Authorize.Net, Moneybookers, etc. It gives you the opportunity to work directly with advertisers. It is easy and flexible. Just install the plugin and you are on your way to making more money.
Ad-Management Plugins

Hope you liked this list of WordPress Ad-Management Plugins. Please share which ad management plugin you use.

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    Hey Ravi Ahuja,
    I use quick adsense that is best I think. It is simple plugin but I use it on almost all of my blogs.

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